Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are You Seeing Yet?

I honestly don't understand how it is possible at this point in time for somebody to miss it.

Okay, sure maybe ten or twenty years ago it was only your fringe weirdos and very strange outsiders who knew something fishy was happening. As always, it is the people the farthest from the center who have the perspective.

But now? I just can't imagine it. A person still insisting this is just wild speculation? Nobody is that slow. You'd think such a person would regularly forget to breathe.


hitfan said...

I actually might be somebody who could be persuaded that global governance might be a good thing if it were a model of good government, transparency and accountability. Imagine a world government based on the model of Switzerland or the origins of the US constitution. It's possible that a techno future that's solved many of humanity's problems would make it evident that a simplified government of the world would be most efficient. Call me a conservative internationalist.

The NWO is none of that--they're a bunch of self-interested greedy bastards who strike me as saboteurs who seek to undermine the very project they claim to espouse. Rather than wait until humanity is ready for it, they manufacture crises and then claim to be the saviors.

So I err on the side of the anti-globalists by default. World government would just add another layer of corruption for the pigs to feed from.

JimBob said...

Why would you want people in another land, that you have nothing in common with, making laws that are binding in your land? Global governance is a recipe for tyranny.

hitfan said...

JimBob: I have more in common with white europeans than I do with the Third World immigrants streaming into my country.

If there should be internationalism, then I'd rather have one that is white european in character, and not the mystery meat polyglot that's being imposed on the West for the past fifty years.

I was speaking of a system that is politically impossible to implement today because of the multicult. We can't have nice things (like public transportation) because of the multicult.

Patriotards like Alex Jones speak of some grand globalist conspiracy to reduce the world population and that they're closet Nazis. That is BS--the globalists are hardly Nazis--they're anti-white. At least the Soviets never really bought into the multicult theory (save for external propaganda purposes), especially after Stalin purged the Trotskyites.

hitfan said...

I posted my views here on world government in 2009:

"I would have no problem with world government if it were gun by the likes of Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan.

Personally, I'd like to see the 2nd amendment expanded on an international scale. In fact, if law-abiding people are too poor to buy guns, the UN world government should help provide these."

Obviously, my argument for subsidized guns for the poor was said tongue-in-cheek.

But a Ron Paul-led United world government is a shibboleth anyhow, so I concur with the anti-globalists.