Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aggravating Conditions That Led To WW3

As predicted here on Vault-Co over ten years ago.

They are trying to encircle Russia.

The stupidity of this strategy boggles the mind. It is a sluiced rail to the third World War. Does the Kwanstain really believe they can win that war? Or is it that they are so crazy they just don't care anymore and think that if the government and administration survives in their bunkers that is all that will matter? The other 300 million are extraneous now anyway. I expected that development ten years ago as well - the dismissal of the sheeple. Your services will no longer be required and it is not cost efficient to spend one penny keeping you alive a single day after your usefulness has expired. That $1.00 per capita that was formerly spent on civil defense for you is earmarked for far more important concerns.

It is for this reason that every minor, nameless peasant ... like myself ... requires a vault. Everything else is a luxury item in comparison.

UPDATE : Whatta shock, whooda thunkit


JimBob said...

They should re-open the Cuba missile facilities and sit back and listen to the whine of the hypocritical Yankees and Jews.

JimBob said...

Oh lol, this is funny.

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Sitara said...

I am pretty sure Georgia is going to get attacked again. They have not seemed to hjave learnt their lesson since 2008. Russia's fault, for being too fracking merciful. Now georgia is about to house 25000+ kwan troops for an iranian attack. Kwan troops, right on Russia's border. Stalin, a Georgian, must be spinning at mach 5 in his grave.

Anyhow, this time russia needs to make an example. No kiddie gloves, but a full fledged slaughter of anyone pro west-pro zionist in their yard.