Monday, May 28, 2012

Absolute Premium Vault

You have to see it to believe it. My next shelter is going to be farther from a target zone and more luxurious.

Looks like a superb long term stay in this shelter.

UPDATE : Unfortunately, this is what real shelters usually look like, built for practicality instead of rendered on a desktop. Nevertheless, we can dream.


Ave said...

These are bad 3D renderings, Tex.

Have a closer look, especially at the pantry and the living room.

You above anybody else knows what shelter reality looks like.

JimBob said...

That's how the elites will be sitting it out.

Texas Arcane said...

They look like renderings. My next shelter is going to look like this anyway. :)

Ave said...

I think you will fell like in these pictures in your present one, when you'll be reading the Geiger counter on your screen...

As a comparison : I visited a cold war shelter in Berlin unter Kurfürstendamm a couple of years ago :

It was made for 3600-odd people. It felt absolutely nightmarish, like the movie "the divide" multiplied hundredfold.

Imagine yourself being crammed with 3600 Sapiens for two weeks. I guess you would have seen at the bottom of Nietzsche's Abyss before you died, like a lovecraftian protagonbist.

This is why, as long as you have your loved ones and good books, you will feel absolutely comfy in your own.

Texas Arcane said...

I've stripped out part of the lighting and infrastructure while cleaning it up and have been buying LED waterproof stripping to go throughout it, which in combination with new antifungal padding I have been buying in rolls is going to give it a whole new look and feel in my retrofit. So I am hoping if something happens this year it is going to be a lot more livable and friendly than it has been.

LED stripping makes any place look like the enterprise. I have already added it to one of my storage silos and it makes the place look amazing when you walk in.

JimBob said...

"It felt absolutely nightmarish, like the movie "the divide" multiplied hundredfold.

I never figured out what those guys in the high tech suits were doing in that movie. Why take only kids? And who were they? Secret government conducting experiments? What is the survivalist's opinion of them?

Also that bunker was pretty useless. By the end, everyone was irradiated and losing their teeth and hair.

Texas Arcane said...

I think those guys were supposed to be Red Chinese troops examining the youngsters for radiation studies after their first strike.

This was a pretty brilliant element added to the movie, totally out of left field.

I thought the point of the film was that Kwanstainians were so divorced from reality they didn't even understand they had survived a nuclear war, it was almost by accident.

They didn't know enough to filter their air. They probably had enough overhead shielding but there was a large, obvious air shaft in the middle of the basement that was likely a chimney to the upper floors sucking in air saturated with fallout.

I found it a believable flick about the sadness of the Yanks and their sad deaths in their sad country after the Chinese put them out of their dumb animal suffering with a surprise first strike.

Ave said...

The "sci-fi" element in the movie, in form of the unknown invaders, is the difference between, say, "Threads" in 1984, and the 2010's.

We know an atomic war would only be the first step now, it would be followed by bacteriological attacks (these can be made by very few and little vectors) and other things, chiefly of the robotic kind. And this is only on the physical side.

Moral and propaganda aspects would include some seriously disturbing things such as new forms of religiosity, sects, or even anomic situations (i.e. the usual rule of logic don't apply anymore : advanced technology as magic, artificial creatures, "aliens" etc.)

If you think this is Nibiru-style BS, here is what I have to say about it :

Up to a certain point, that is already what has happened last century with totalitarian regimes (new religiosity), the destruction of religions in the mid 60's, the destruction of the family in the 70's, the "Opium War" of the 80's (suddenly, hard drugs everywhere), the networking into a single system of the 90's and from then on attack on reality (9/11, Iraq war etc.)

We are entering the anomic phase since 2008 and the lost of any financial logic. Everybody should have dumped the US dollar as the disease-ridden confetti it was, but instead everybody pretends it still has face value, and with this the US can break economies at will (Greece etc.).

The recent intervention of Ms. Lagarde makes it clear that the future of Greece, and the unwashed masses, is Niger ( )

In "The Divide", the people in the shelter were already considered as Nigerans by the "Subcontractor" force and used not only as samples but as living guinea pigs ("one life saves thousands"... where have I heard that one again ?)

Ave said...

One of the major weak points of "The Divide" is that the Survivalist choose, of all place on Earth, New York. Who would stock up a cellar in New York ???

Actually, in a real nuclear attack, the place would have been literally an oven (like it happened in Hamburg and Dresden, to name a few) because of the "Superfire", but "fortunately" the people would have died from asphyxia before being cooked.

But it's a good psychological drama nonetheless, apparently the french director is known to be on the brutal side.

I can hardly imagine what a non-survivalist would thing of Survivalism after having watched this movie. I think, just as with "The Shelter", that it would even be a deterrent against survivalism : these movies say it's too hard to try to survive.


Where are the fire ports and turrets? The starving zombie hordes must be defended against, if they locate the redoubt. Here are some examples from WWI: Fort Douaumont
I imagine an integrated battle management system utilising such components could run on Vault-OS. Should protect you. unless someone rolls up with a 15" Krupps seige gun.

Texas Arcane said...

It also showed from the beginning that Kwanstainians lacked any ability to pull together even after a disaster, being nothing but consumer units under fire. They were all distant from each other, no common context, it is as if the Chinese had really destroyed the world's largest mall food court, not a nation.

Texas Arcane said...

"Take Shelter" tried to say that even if you build a shelter, what are the odds you might be away when you need it.

Typical Hollywood morbidity/fail indoctrination. Why own a gun, you might not have it in your hand when you need it? Why eat food, it might not make it all the way to your belly? Why wipe your ass, the toilet paper might be faulty? Why get up out of bed in the morning, you might get into some kind of trouble? Best to just sit quietly watching televitz while the State wipes your lips with a napkin and feeds you gruel out of a styrofoam cup.