Tuesday, May 8, 2012

99% Certainty of Life on Mars

Fred Hoyle was right. There is life everywhere in the universe.

It is self-organizing. Given sufficient time, a multicelled organism will need complex limbs to manipulate it's environment. The simplest design is generic, with limbs able to fashion what is needed from surrounding elements without dedicated functionality. The simplest complex limb is a pad with an opposable thumb.

Complex limbs need to be distinct from locomotion in order to do both at the same time. This means walking erect and keeping some limbs free of the stresses of impact with the ground.

Now sexual dichotomy permits males to pursue food while females nurture young. Colder climates require greater intelligence, child nurture and group altruism than warmer climates.

Of course, what follows is most critical of all to improving the quality from here on in : What sexual selection method is best? Rape or female partnering? Obviously, female initiated choice will be superior to simply allowing the biggest males to rape at random.

Once they are bipeds with sexual dichotomy, you can go the Neanderthal route and end up with better people or go the Sapiens route which is a genetic dead end.

We are a freakish anomaly in-between. A race of genetic losers coupled with genetic winners. So we have traits of both. The Sapiens is outbreeding the Neanderthal, as always. So brain size has been shrinking for 20,000 years without any sign of a bottom. What was gained by splicing in the Neanderthal is being lost through Sapiens just being sapiens.

The biggest handicap of Homo Sapiens is that his tribe sizes are so large socially they actually permit the existence of specialized internal predators and parasites. Neanderthals had no psychopaths and sociopaths. Homo Sapiens is incapable of reaching a stable social configuration for this reason. The same social faculties that make such large tribes possible practically guarantee failure at the hands of internal predators.


Rowan said...

"What was gained by splicing in the Neanderthal is being lost through Sapiens just being sapiens."

Until, a sudden change in the environment occurs.

Sitara said...

Well, it appears Kwan TSA was feeling the heat from the people, so they decided to start making up ridiculous stories to justify body searching little white kids.

Seriously...little under 5 yr old kids being searched? Elderly on wheelchairs being searched? And these are white Kwans btw, who are also not Muslim.

Ave said...

"Neanderthals had no psychopaths and sociopaths."

Let's say they were not big on "normalcy" since they kept thinking out of the box. It's the Sapiens who cannot tolerate originality, and imposes dictatorships of various shapes and forms.

Neanderthal is probably too tolerant for his own good, since he expects Sapiens to be as himself. And, Sapiens is very good at making Neos believe that.

When you mix persons who cannot detect living automatons because they're accustomed to a wide variety of thought patterns (Neanderthal) with expert con artists (who often are not even aware they're conning, and believe to genuinely be what they pretend to be - "I wear a white lab coat so whatever I say is the Truth") and you have a tragedy.


I am currently reading Paul LaViolette's Decoding the Message of the Pulsars. This is mind bending stuff, given his premise that a stage II civilization, capable of engineering the output of stars, has set up Pulsars to broadcast their existence to our (stage 0) civilization.

A good summary is available at

The big question: why bother? Perhaps we are some starchild's antfarm.

JimBob said...

Texas Arcane said...

Ave -

You can't support psychopaths and sociopaths in tribes sizes less than 30 people originally.

They can only persist in tribes with hundreds or thousands of people and a high degree of information coming purely from internal word of mouth.

The psychopath and sociopath build their web on top of social assumptions that were never part of Neanderthal life.

You can imagine a tribe of 24 people and one of them begins spending several hours a day arguing the case they need to attack the people over the next mountain who have never caused them any problem. The females would probably point to their heads, the males would step in and send this nut on the long walk. If you ain't contributing actively to tribal survival, get out and take your crazy bullsh*t with you. Neanderthals social group size could not support internal predators, just as many low density populations of animals cannot sustain parasites in many cases.

Texas Arcane said...

Eric Trinkhaus has suggested that the exact same theatrical qualities that give an aura of glamour to psychopaths in Homo Sapiens societies would make them stand out as seriously damaged people in Neanderthal tribes.

Just imagine standing on a rock in the middle of the village and gesturing dramatically and shaking your fist at the sky whilst speaking of honor and the gods with a thousand people gathered around you. Now imagine doing the exact same thing with 8 people gathered around you. See? Neanderthal = Er, what the hell is wrong with that guy? Wasn't he supposed to be fishing today?

Ave said...

"Just imagine standing on a rock in the middle of the village and gesturing dramatically and shaking your fist at the sky whilst speaking of honor and the gods with a thousand people gathered around you."

This is true, but real Sapiens wouldn't come up with the idea.

Now I'm going to address a sensitive subject regarding religiosity, and I would like to state beforehand that it is not an attack directed against you.

I believe Sapiens to be superstitious (lack of understanding) but not religious, for want of abstract thought. It's neanderthal who made ceremonial burials, and Sapiens later, maybe only as an empty gesture of imitation of Neanderthals.

Sapiens are being taught about God as a sort of Super Alpha Male that can punish them arbitrary at any moment. Apart from that, religion is their metagroup (bigger tribe), and thus they're free to smite heathens and do horrible things to them. I find the old testament to be a lot like that.

In your exemple, Sapiens religion has organized religion, which is a social network/hierarchy, tribe in itself, and if you're good enough at networking then you're allowed to speak on behalf of God (usually to tell a lot of rubbish, and invade another country because God or the Holy Book says so).

Neanderthal would rather be on the spiritual side, and as you said would not tolerate someone speaking in the name of God, first because it's crazy, and then because in a very small group as you described, eveybody knows the "prophet" is full of flaws and his dellusions can be traced back to events or specific people.

Texas Arcane said...

That's what I think.

Nowhere for the psychopath to hide his madness in a smaller tribe and the people he is appealing to are not easily led by the nose. Homo Sapiens is such a gullible sort that if he feels group pressure to pretend he is hearing God, he will hear him.

When you can position yourself at the top of the pyramid of a social structure of a thousand Sapiens you can steer them by just pulling their mental leash in the direction you want them to go in.

"You know, come to think of it, I think I hear God telling us to attack the other tribe as well ... so obviously I am special like all of you guys too."

Neanderthals would just be doing double takes ... "Is he talking about that other tribe about two mountains over? I have not even seen any of those people in years. How long has that guy been claiming to hear God? Why would God speak to him and not all of us? I think the dude is off his rocker and trying to get out of pulling his own weight. Tell him to pack his day bag and get the fugg out, he is scaring the girls and the children."

Texas Arcane said...

I really like THE INVENTION OF LYING because I believe it shows exactly what happened in the Sapiens tribe when the first priests appeared. A guy said "I can talk to a man in the sky. I will relay his words to you. You go out and hunt and fish for me so I can stay here and listen while the man in the sky talks to me."

Homo Sapiens is such a creature of social structure he already takes so much information on faith passed to him from other humans. He is incapable of thinking for himself and often has no recourse but to trust a guy relaying what another guy said is happening. So this story about relaying stuff from the man in the sky falls on very fertile ground in the tiny walnut that is the Homo Sapiens brain. Before he knows it, the man in the sky and his priests have created a huge geography of the mind that doesn't actually exist anywhere and the next step is they start selling condos and duplexes over there in exchange for real stuff in the real world including sex and food. Before you know it the guy running this scam is having far more offspring than anybody else who are all innate scammers themselves and all his children go into the priesthood.

It all begins with Homo Sapiens being incapable of thinking.

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