Monday, April 30, 2012

World War III Will Be Very Interesting

Exciting new technology replaces boring old human soldiers with some serious ass-kickers.
Cleanup staff already being trained to root out civilians from their hiding places.

Remember, this stuff is just the unclassified leftovers we get to see ...


JimBob said...

And this body armor for the near future. Looks like something out of a scifi movie.

Rowan said...

I like how the infrastructure of the West and Russia is decaying, but all the best Engineers are building machines designed purely to kill people.

Raw cognitive ability alone won't save a man.

Matthew Richter said...

Can't remember if you posted this insane Robot Hand Tex, the demo where it flicks a mobile phone so it spins and catches it with two digits neatly on the phone edging is downright scary.

JimBob said...

Breitbart's coroner poisoned to death?
Police probe mysterious demise of L.A. medical examiner

Melonhead said...

Open source self-targeting system:


Texas Arcane said...

Rowan -

It is clearly an inefficient use of resources if your infrastructure is falling apart and your best engineers are working on killbots.

This is the nature of a declining society - resources are not allocated wisely. Meritocracies do not steer people towards problems they can solve. Men do not devote their energies into activities that yield global rates of return for the civilization around them.

Melonhead said...

All this talk of robotic killers reminded me of some research I discovered about elite Special Forces members (specifically in the US).

Folks who are (mostly) direct descendants of the Pilgrams tend to have a specific and peculiar heart problem known as a "metronomic heartbeat". The upside is that they literally remain calm under pressure. They do not break a sweat when stressed.

This is useful in situations like interrogations, being stranded in the middle of the sea, or repeated drowning attempts (

The downside is that people with a metronomic heartbeat tend to fall over dead from sudden heart failure.

My hometown, a community of only several thousand, happens to have a high portion of ancestry from the Pilgrims. Coincidentally, from my small hometown there have been about a dozen SEALS, several dozen Rangers, a handful of Delta Force members, and (I suspect) 3 CIA operatives.

I wonder how the future warbots will fare against people like these.


P.S. Note that this adaption helps to explain why the US Special Forces have such a high proportion of White members.

Sitara said...

Robotic tech is still very basic, and unsecure. Iran easily took over a Kwan drone, and Iran is not known for it's cyber warfare capabilities.

Future robots will need to work without sattelite links, as they are way to unsecure. Anyone could hack and take them over, or destroy the sattelites.

IMO the future is bio-tech. Cloned human brains with artificially enhanced IQs implanted into robots, allowing them to make all necessary decisions with NO human input.

But it will take a really strong economy to be able to afford building these things.

I would love to know what China and Russia are building to counter these things. Human piloted mechs? Nanobots? Or maybe they are just quietly chuckling while enriching more plutonium, knowing nukes are the ultimate trump card?

Rowan said...

Jim Rogers calls New York City a third world country. I'd like to add Sydney to that list too.