Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Wealthy Elites Know ITZ COMING

... and they are paying big bux to isolate themselves from the peasants when it happens.

There is nothing quite like clinking champagne glasses together and reclining in air conditioned splendour watching a TOY STORY marathon on the big screen whilst the ragged starving masses pound desperately on the outer vault door begging to come inside. More strawberry mousse over here at poolside, please. Thanks so much. Next time, bring the whipped cream. Can we eat dinner while we watch the movie? That would be swell.

Dominos lining up across the planet. Russian troops in place, American Marines in Australia (guarding their favorite resupply carrier continent in Pacific?) and China and U.S. moving further warships in for the big brawl. Some people will sleep right through global thermonuclear war.

The general air in the world is one of disintegration and madness, the collapse of the international order and a feeling one encounters at the outset of a free-for-all.


Anonymous said...

Anders Breivik made a youtube vid. It's pretty interesting. I did not know that Marseille France is now majority muslim. Being as we mostly concentrate on the collapse here in the USA and Aussieland, it was illuminating to see how screwed Europe is.

Here is the kind of propaganda the left puts out :

"Daring pack of kids raid SE Portland store"

no - a bunch of BLACK asshole thugs flash robbed then assaulted the hispanic clerk.

These kind of total lies and fabrications are why people like Breivik have begun to fight.

Long ago when I was young, I never could have believed how completely insane things have gotten - and now I find myself a relatively old person on the verge of the biggest and most vicious war in human history.

All because people are monumentally stupid, short-sighted and unwilling to face reality.

God is a hard being.

- kochevnik

Anonymous said...

China issues veiled threat of WW III if Iran is attacked behind western style jargon

Anonymous said...

Kwanzanian Fail: China Military Growth vastly underestimated says report

Anonymous said...

The Ascendance of Sociopaths in US Governance

Anonymous said...

I have the conviction that the so-called Iranian nuclear threat to Israel's existence is the cover story of the real and much wider agenda which is the encirclement and destruction of both Russia and China. It is clear from the US's moves on other fronts on the fringes of its two rivals like eastern Europe with the missile defense and the accelerated encirclement of China in the Southeast Asia/Pacific region, all of which culminate in Iran as the decisive strike in the heartland and in both Russia's and China's immediate vicinity. US in recent months has been rapidly beefing-up with arms the states considered to be its allies in strategic locations, like Japan, South Korea, Australia in Asia/Pacific, Azerbaijan and Georgia (again) in the Caucasus and this week they have given 500 M1A1 battle tanks to Greece in SE Europe for free (!) making it the the biggest battle tank force in the entire continent after Russia. Yeah I'm sure all these are just random events, with no deeper significance, like for instance that a regional war could break any time soon in one of these regions that would escalate to global thermonuclear war. No way, the TV told me so.

Anonymous said...

Russia deploys radar and S-400 Missile Mefence in Armenia to block attack by US/Israel on Iran

Russia Deploys S-400 Missile Defense in Kaliningrad

Andhaira said...

This is like that thing Cleve was talkin' about:

Anonymous said...

After tex has seen it coming he makes it look easy by now. Everybody wants to say they saw this all of course they did not. What do you say to people who see all these tenpins lining in rows and still think people like tex have lost touch with reality?

Hint losers its not tex that is out of touch with reality. ITs you.

Anonymous said...


Breivik is a zionist Manchurian candidate shabbos goy out to defend the cause of of his zog overlords by convincing you their enemies are your enemies. Someone opened the door to muslim and other african asian immigration and guess what! It wasn't muslims who did it but Jews with their liberal lefty multicult shabbos goy. Look out for the video David Duke, a true white nationalist, made about him. Breivik and every zionist white-killing traitor scum like him should rot in prison.

Anonymous said...

As a commenting community, we've got to stop celebrating predictions of events that haven't occured yet.

Also, as someone whose day job is to manipulate financial markets for the Elites, I know well that a prediction without accurate timing is worthless.

People have been predicting WW3 since the end of WW2. Let's start slapping a prophet on the back if he got the date right when the missiles start to fly!

Anonymous said...

"Anders Breivik made a youtube vid. It's pretty interesting. I did not know that Marseille France is now majority muslim. Being as we mostly concentrate on the collapse here in the USA and Aussieland, it was illuminating to see how screwed Europe is.

- kochevnik"

This is why I've been telling people all over the Internet, this is being done in all White countries and only White countries.

In the real world, "Diversity" means only White people will disappear.

As for Anders Breivik, I do not trust him. All he talks about is Muslims and ending multiculturalism. He never mentions the basic human right of White people to exist and have self determination.

Multiculturalism is having different cultures within the same state. So it seems if he wants to end it and will not talk about White people, he is pro racial assimilation and would be happy to see Whites replaced with non-Whites, as long as the brown replacements are NOT Muslim.

Sorry Mr Breivik, mixing and blending identifiable national groups out of existence, using massive immigration and forced integration is Genocide.

Anonymous said...

To the mongoloids coming here saying that none of Tex's predictions are coming true, all they have to do is search back this blog and will see that it is full of posts this like this one:

The Kenyan started a war in Libya, he tried unsuccessfully to start one in Syria that if successful would almost certainly start a new war in Iran. The claim that he "didn't get the dates correct" is made by idiots who would rather focus on superficial details because they lack the perspective and intelligence to understand what made these predictions come true in the first place, and is typical among sapiens.