Friday, April 13, 2012

Sparkgap Walls Topped Off At 8 Ft High, 9' wide

I capped the corridor walls of my Sparkgap quonset on Tuesday with another 10 inches of concrete to bring them to their full height.

It's been a long haul to pour these walls by hand but it is going to make for a great book on low budget shelter construction with salvaged and reclaimed materials.

The walls are not just solid, they are strong. I decided to throw caution to the wind and just smashed one side of the frame with the end of a log to see if I could break the wall. I figured if the wall doesn't survive it wasn't worth building. The log broke but the wall was unphased.

I reckon I have so overengineered them with reinforcement it would be very difficult to damage them. The foundation of the wall goes a foot into the ground (dug with a pneumatic hammer) and the rebar runs through it top to bottom overlaid again and again with rods diagonal as well as horizontal.

The idea was for the quonset to move as a whole during a quake without collapsing. I am planning on the roof being wired right to the walls as a continuous pour as well so it will move in sync with the walls.

Originally the quonset was intended primarily as a safe housing for the diesel generator and a place to charge batteries and store fuel and water. This remains the priority function of this installation until it is finished. The addition of a vertical decon chamber and marine door is just a bonus but I really need it to house the electrical systems safely away from living quarters.


Solsys said...

It's an amazing thing you made here, Tex. One bit after the other.
I'd like to say that there is a moment when it's really sufficient, and it needs no further investment.

Speaking from my own experience, and that of relatives, there is such a thing as "more of the same", with ever decreasing ROI.

Once the whole thing is running, perhaps overinvesting time and effort in improvements is not that beneficial, except for recreational purposes.

There may be other fields to explore (I'm thinking medical care, but it could be other topics), as long as time and ressources are available.

Sooner or later, we will be on our own for everything ; we can do everything but not everything well.

Anonymous said...

I love it, Tex. Well done. You deserve to feel a pinch of pride looking at that and getting to this stage with it.

These pictures are like survivalist porn.