Monday, April 16, 2012

Ring Of Fire Coming To Life

Quakes of epic proportions coming for the West Coast of the United States.

Sheeple still trying to figure out what is happening. We told you this was coming and why on Vault-Co a long, long time ago.


Anonymous said...

I read this morning that a cluster of quakes around Hudson Bay have been .... "wiped" from databases including the USGS. MiniTru

A line from Inuvik down southeastward through Lake Winnipeg, and the Great Lakes blends in nicely with the Mississippi, the complete New Madrid Fault SYSTEM, and extends all the way down to the Lower Mississippi Canyon where Macondo burped.

Show-stopper if just this scheisse happens.


Andhaira said...

Good news: Taiwan, longtime baby of Kwa finally wakes the fuck up and realizes who the big boss is going to be this century. Hint: It ain't gonna be Kwa.

Taiwan proposes unification with China!

In other news, Japan seems to be trying hard to reclaim it's old Samurai spirit. Sadly, they seem to be picking the loosing side yet again (or maybe this is a Sun Tzu inspired trick. Kwa does have a habit of arming it's own future enemies to the teeth, and only a 'tard would believe all Japs have forgiven the atomic bombs.)

Here is the translation: "Japan's defense minister is urging the parliament to discuss and codify the "mutual self-defens rights", the idea that Japan reserves the right to preemptively attack hostile forces(ie PLA) if its ally(the US) is threatened. In other word, the SDF will attack and destroy PLA warships and fighter jets if they threaten US warships.

In addition, the defense minister called for data sharing with Korea and a framework to cooperate with ROK military, because the expanded sensor coverage by radar and sensor data sharing is in benefit of Japan's defense."

Japs better pray this is a trick cuz if not, and if they go ahead with this, they are in for the ass-raping of their lives. China would love to even the score of WWII, and test out it's new toys on a weak nation of anime/loli loving faggots. Think of it as a warmup to "WW3: Ass raping of ZOG, Freemasons, Illuminati, and all the rest of the scumbags who have fucking with everyone for the last 150 plus years!"

Anonymous said...

Tex, If you haven't already: The art of Wayne Douglas Barlow.

Not since Gustave Dore illustrated Hell, for print copies of Dante's Inferno, have hellish images been rendered so forcefully; better even then Dore.

King Crimson. Crimson: wrath. Crimson: blood.

King: God.

The God who bled. The wrath of God.

Anonymous said...

A more direct lineage might be found by comparing Wayne Douglas Barlow (today) to Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516).

(And others in the gallery.)

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32

Agreed; China has not forgotten the Rape of Nanking.

If TEPCOs reactor wreckage gets further liberated, buhbye Nippon.

Makes all those ghost cities in China seem prescient. They get Nipponese engineering/design tech and a skilled workforce all in one fell swoop. On the cheap. Plus the West Coast of NA gets cleansed

Digi-tech and robotics will be the wholly owned subsidiary of the East. Amerikwa will be in charge of entertainment, nothing more than a breadbasket for New Powers. A race war would simply do the East and Banksters the favor of cleaning out the trash.