Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quadrupolar = Maunder Minimum ?

Is this configuration associated with a cooling cycle? A drop of 0.6C today will have people fighting in the streets over food. The agricultural system in most of the world could never cope with this kind of drop in temperature and continue to supply food at the current rate to it's population. It is likely most of the food will be swiped off them by the Western nations due to competitive pricing (another bonus from globalism, you may not get to keep the food you grow for your own people) and would add incredibly to regional tensions and the potential for warfare.


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Unless your a Farmer is South East Queensland Tex, trust me, the Northern Hemisphere could become buried in snow, the Farmers in SEQ are growing anything at any time of year, of course market price dictates the choice of crop. Try a 5 degree drop then it might be Tomato and Spinach Soup for a while.

In fact a 5 degree drop in temp and opium would grow perfectly in SEQ :) We have the easterly winds to keep the soil moss free. :)


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Another article about it. Not much more info though.

People are saying May 20th will be a day of change

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