Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oz Is A Country Without Representative Government

Things are imposed on this nation from the outside by the globalists because they know that the people who live here are some of the most passive and indifferent citizens in the Western world.

It is not that the Australian people care but can't get motivated enough to say it - it is that the majority of them just don't care, period, about anything. They are so lackluster in all regards they just don't mind what is done to them. Footy and beer and not much else. Deep down they cannot even muster up any major emotions but ambivalence in all things.


Anonymous said...

I honestly wonder if our food supply is being drugged, to make people as stupid and apathetic as they are.

Anonymous said...

Ramzpaul demonstrates sound leftist/respectable conservative logic, in this video:

BTW, what happened to that idiot leftist, global warmer, Digger Banks, that was on here a couple of days ago?

Did he answer any questions about his leftist/Communist affiliations?

No? What a shock!

The above video best describes the inner workings of people like Digger Banks.

In the old days people like Digger, were our village idiots and everyone in town laughed at them.

In the modern age, they educate our children and are given positions of authority, so they can wreck entire countries...

Tex' comment about them sucking their own brains out and using their skull cavities as key and spare change holders, is the best suggestion I have seen for these folks.

Texas Arcane said...

12:18 PM

After I posted this last night I was alone washing dishes in the kitchen and I started thinking about this very thing.

Specifically, I was thinking "Could you absorb lithium through your hands washing dishes or through your scalp when taking a shower?"

Some patients don't respond well to these traditional tranquilizers. They have innate genetic resistance to their uptake. Could survivalists be part of this tiny class?

This is all conjecture but of course in Japan and parts of Europe the politicians have already admitted they deliberately add lithium to the water supply. The Japanese are so far gone they don't even complain. Some Japanese politicians have bragged about their low crime rate and said it was proof that other nations should (increase their dosage?) begin adding lithium to their water supply.

Some days, some Australians are like zombies. Not all of them. We'll say 95% of them are like the living dead.

I worked on a temporary contract two months ago and singlehandedly delivered the first working intranet application for internal use for this company. They'd had an intranet for years but despite having a huge budget for software development and ten guys working on it, no apps launched on it in a decade.

The CEO got back off vacation just as I was finishing up and he was deeply disturbed by the fact some actual work had been done, even if it was by a temp contractor. He ordered my app to be immediately removed until security and transparency issues could be "worked out." I didn't care, I got paid. Typical for Australia, though. They break out in hives whenever somebody actually accomplishes something in this country. The nation is like a static museum where nothing ever changes except coal is extracted and exported.

Anonymous said...

The post and supporting comments are wrong.

The majority of the Australian public were against a Carbon Tax before the last federal election. Labor got in, partly because Gillard promised that there would NOT be a Carbon Tax. When she did get in, and she said that she would introduce a Carbon Tax, the public overwhelmingly turned against her, including many die-hard Labor supporters, to the point where if another federal election was held today, Labor would be annihilated.

2-3 State governments (QLD, VIC and potentially NSW) are pursuing legal means to have the Carbon Tax blocked due to it being potentially unconstitutional.

Labor will be swept from power in 18 months, largely because of the Carbon Tax, as Australians make their anger known.

So how can you say that Australians accepted the Carbon Tax passively?

Anonymous said...

Tex, as well as lithium being soaked through the skin my concern is eating and drinking from receptacles that contain some residue which may not have been rinsed thoroughly.

Texas Arcane said...

I can only hope you are right, but I've lived here 20 years. I know these people too well. I don't think there is sufficient interest at any level of society to counter the globalists.

Even if 5% of the Australian population shows some ability to organize against them, their funding and resources are colossal. When you compare the 5% that drives the agenda (the internationalists working for global governance) against the loose collection of disparate objection there isn't much of a contest there.

The Australian people have never complained much about being disarmed back in '97 and this was kind of the acid test for observers around the world. Once they saw the Aussies drop their pants around their ankles and bend over for gun control, they knew they had found a large population in the West with a lot of dog in them.

Once the carbon tax gets a foothold here, the globalists will use it as leverage in all the other Western nations simply playing on the irrational, moronic nature of Sapiens to conform to whatever others are doing, assuming it to be okay if he is told some false consensus is behind it.

Anonymous said...

Katter's lot will be the real litmus test. Their policies are anti-globalisation and anti economic rationalism. They won't win government, but they may win the opposition from Labour. If they do, this country may have as chance. I don't look to to these people as saviours, but a sufficient swing to the Australian Party would indicate that we as a people are genuinely interested in rolling this globalist horror back. If we are, and are willing to at least vote that way, maybe we might consider taking other, actually meaningful action to turn things around. Its not much, but forlorn hope is better than no hoped at all. Otherwise, it truely is time for good men to go home and tend their private gardens, and wait for the world to shake itself out. Then we can begin again.

Anonymous said...

you just described 99% of european citizens. they don't care about anything but football, tv and games.

that's why i believe that democracy is an obsolete concept. those people not only don't deserve living in a democrazy, they are also incapable of maintaining it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the reason the conservative base in the USA is focused in the more rural counties ( is that people maintain their own wells and springs in rural areas for water because the "city-water" is just not available.

-Melonhead Anon 6:51

Anonymous said...

Former NASA Scientists, Astronauts Criticize Agency on Climate Change Position and Policy of Ignoring Empirical Evidence

Anonymous said...

aussies = brain dead and proud

Ghostwriter said...

Hahaaa LoL, your description of them Ozzies was bloody funny. They are apparently a bit like us, we too are very isolated whites and rather flegmatic.