Friday, April 6, 2012

Orwell Is Always Relevant

Read Orwell. This guy understood human beings. They are rotten and it is when they pretend to want to help others they are usually the most rotten of all. It is those deluded halfwits throughout history who claim to be motivated by altruism that are responsible for the most bloodshed.


Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated to the blog post, but I recall you having an interest in this sort of thing. It may even have been the same pictures. Stunning shots from 1940's America:

Anonymous said...

Orwell was an informer and a war-time propaganda mouthpiece employed by the state and the secret services, useful due to his leftist (Trotskyite) credentials in spreading the "anti-totalitarian" message.

Anonymous said...

The mistake people make when reading 1984 is thinking that, because it was set in the future, it was intended to be a warning.

It wasn't.

Orwell was writing about the world he observed around him. 1984 could've just as easily been 1684, the only thing that would change is the technology.