Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Billion Dead After Limited Exchange

It's not an exaggeration and probably a conservative number.

The think tanks quietly concluded this thirty years ago but it is a figure which has never been widely publicized until now.

There is no such thing as nuclear winter. Ash from atomic detonations is not projected high enough into the atmosphere to stay afloat for much longer than two years at the outside, no matter how many went off. Only volcanic eruptions can do things like this because they can accelerate ash to nearly escape velocity.

For that two year period, however, it would be nuclear winter. If enough nukes went off, it might be darkness at noon for two years. Such conditions would never persist twenty years as described by Carl Sagan and his soviet handlers. It is impossible.

Two years would be sufficient to kill a majority of the people on the planet from starvation and extremely cold temperatures.

Ordinary people cope with this reality by avoiding thinking about it altogether.

What if it isn't a limited nuclear exchange? What if it is a cobalt-60 death shroud surrounding the planet for a long time destroying everything topside, plants, animals, anything not inside a vault?


Anonymous said...

How large would the exchange need to be to trigger this effect? Between 1945-1962 there were an average of 26 above-ground nuclear tests per year, with an average yield of about one megaton each without causing crop failure anywhere.
Just wondering.

Solsys said...

Anon 12:17

The above ground tests took place in deserts and islands.

The devastation of a nuclear weapon is limited to a few kilometers around the detonation point, the real value of an atomic weapon is to trigger a Superfire (a fire encompassing a whole urban area) like those who destroyed Hamburg and Dresden for instance.

Superfires can last for days, and urban areas are concentrating a lot of flammable matter.

If you have several simultaneous superfires, then it could indeed bring enough smoke and dust to the upper atmosphere to cause a limited nuclear winter (but as Tex said, nothing as large as for instance the 1815 eruption that caused the 1816 "Year Without Summer")


In the late 1960's, my father gave me an incredible book that showed what a Soviet attack on Los Angeles would be like. Six 550-kt air bursts at 500 meters would turn the entire basin into a massive firestorm. Other targets in California for similar treatment were listed as including San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento. If I recall correctly, the major dams would be hit with much larger devices. This was ostensibly based on intelligence from within the Soviet Union. Living near the aircraft industries, I was at ground zero. This was the scenario for one state, California.

With the power grid destroyed, there would be no pumps for agriculture (or drinking water), the refineries could not operate and therefore farm vehicles and the trucks to carry the produce to the cities would have no fuel. I believe the nuclear winter story was cover for the fact that infrastructure collapse would cause the death of the majority of survivors, by starvation. Our government never took civil defense seriously (except for themselves), instead giving us such jokes as "duck and cover" drills. Texas has the correct vision: shelter and food supply.

toastypostingpuppet said...

I guess you've never thought about the possibility that "Nuclear Weapons" are a scienmagickalist hoax, right up there with Relativity and Global Warmism? You should check out, tex

Anonymous said...

April 25, 2012 10:18 PM
I guess you've never visited Nagasaki or Hiroshima and spoken to the locals.

Anonymous said...

Kwanstain preparing for war with China

Tiger said...

No, check out Bruce Combie. He says nukes can only explode at certain places and times, which can be calculated long in advance. Bruce says that is why Hiroshima and Nagaski were bombed, instead of a superior target.

Yes Arcane, do check out Bruce Combie. Be interested to see your evaluation of him.

Andhaira said...

What if someone detonates scores of nukes in the atmosphere right above a target nation?

At the least, it should cause the ozone layer to rip apart, thus roasting the entire nation underneath with UV rays.