Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not Even The Dead Are Safe In the 'Stain

Very similar to multiculturalist Egypt where the new immigrants began looting the pyramids for valuables. Not my ancestors, why should I care? A society of atomic economic units with every man for himself. The dissolution of even the smallest bonds between strangers all dwelling in a strange land, each about to discover that every man is suspect as his enemy.

All these political ideas were inferior foreign imports, long demonstrated to be substandard notions for organizing a society and a nation. They have demonstrated their worthlessness many times over thousands of years. Man is not a learning animal and all it takes is a few generations for men to forget every single lesson of history and decline to the level of animals, completely amnesiac about their own past.


Anonymous said...

There's good eating in longpig.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Tex. GREENSHOOTS! The economy is booming again! There is no Great Depression! Back in black! know the economy is doing great when people are driven to stealing and selling "scrap" metal from graves, of all places. Notice the news media keeps people complacent and even when something like this happens they ignore the cause and focus on the effect? They are doing everything they can to make sure the sheeple don't realise ITZ HITZ SOON. They should be highlighting every day the signs of economic Depression, tent cities, desperate mobs or gangs, etc.

People also forget with these sorts of thefts that the merchants they are selling this too obviously know where it's coming from too. There's no way you're not going to realise what that is when someone brings a sackload of them and the news of it will be going around. "No sir, Mr policeman. I didn't see no brass grave markers. Only brass I have are these freshly cut scrap and melted ingots"