Friday, April 27, 2012

No More Anonymous Thread Posts

Sorry if this inconveniences you, it's always a couple of people who ruin it for everybody.

I believe in free speech for everyone and am extremely interested in viewpoints of people who disagree with me on almost any subject. I read those kinds of replies with as much or more enjoyment than posters who agree with something I wrote.

Kind of like Will Smith in I AM LEGEND, I was accidentally followed home to Vault-Co one evening by a bunch of monsters from another forum and it has never been the same here. It's just a cascade of irrelevant posts from this same group of assholes - I would not be surprised if it is only a handful of people but they are constantly junking up the threads with ad hominem generic insults, both at me and anybody else on the thread.

I want to at least discourage these guys by making them enter a registered name. I figure that they realize that it is not worth posting if they even have to go to this much trouble because they never have anything to say. Again, sorry if this inconveniences the majority here, who usually post an invaluable series of interesting links, ideas and counterpoints that makes the central subject just a starter for a great thread. Some of the most fascinating things I have ever posted up here I got from somebody else who linked to it.


Greenbean said...

You could just censor the posts which you think are offensive. It would be more effective.

JimBob said...

Leftards are fanatics. They won't stop coming, until you stop approving their posts.

And don't worry about their free speech, Tex. They are free to say whatever they like on thousands of websites.

They are the ones demanding we be silenced. They call what we say "Hate Speech" and have criminalized it in many Western countries.

Why should a group that has a long track record of attacking free speech, have the right to free speech on your blog?

deadman said...

The L.A. Riots: 20 Years Later

AKM. said...

Damn. Forced me to sign up to blogger now. Oh well.
Leftards, rightards........they are still 'tards.

hitfan said...

I think that moderation can be turned off if everybody posts as registered users at this point. But it's your sandbox.

I make posts here that sometimes run counter to some of the sentiments here, but I always try to do it in a respectful way.

Yes, I tell people to vote for the Kenyan simply because President Romney will hardly make much of a difference. Better have a black face as the symbol of the decline than a fake conservative one that the left can pin their blame on.