Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Cheap Prescription-Free Medicine

Cinnamon - it's the food of kings for a reason.

I talked to a naturopath last year who told me "You know all those things that were common in your childhood but they have mysteriously vanished nowadays, like chocolate and cinnamon? They vanished because they are too good for you. Doctors painted them to be poisons and harmful to the human body because they cut down on their patient loads. If you want to be healthy, eat lots of fat and meat and indulge regularly in cocoa. Put cinnamon on anything that it tastes good on and mix garlic into every meal."


Anonymous said... info on cinnamon,

and the best-foods list:

Anonymous said...

Aside from the benefits of items such as papricka, pepper, cinnamon, garlic and so forth;

two words - paleo diet.

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

I second Paleo. Also, given the recent insight on Tex's blog about cheese, add real, cultured cheese from properly bred and raised cattle (a good source of K2, fat, calcium etc) to the list of beneficial foods.

However, I wonder about the benefits of chocolate, or what passes for chocolate in the modern day. White sugar and HFCS are the two most common sweeteners used in chocolate are both unhealthy, not too mention the additives, soy emusilfiers, and franken-dairy crap
Which begs the question, what is the original sweetener used in chocolate, or rather, what are the traditional recipes for chocolate? How did people make chocolate before it was mass manufactured?

Rowan said...

If you think Cinnamon is great, look up Coconut Oil or MCT Oil specifically.

Anonymous said...

Added it to my coffee today together with honey instead of sugar - also after your recommendation. Tasted 100 times better and is equally healthier. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I've got to recommend the Bulletproof diet for some well researched diet ideas.


Anonymous said...

I've not seen that cinnamon is hard to get... I buy iy by the pound from
dru Era from ceylon and it's shipped to me in texas in a matter of days.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I third Paleo. I think there's going to be a l lot of fat unhealthy preppers from eating all that wheat they're storing. There's better foods to store...