Sunday, April 8, 2012

Maturity Rates Different For Neanderthals

It's taken them 150 years to conclude what the real thinkers did nearly as soon as the first Neanderthal bones were found.

Neanderthals developed more slowly than modern humans for the exact same reason that modern humans develop more slowly than apes. They have a longer adolescence which results in a superior finished product.

Bigger brains, bigger muscles and judging them from their artwork, bigger souls. Any comparison between Neanderthals and Sapiens is going to result in the study being suppressed or else reformulated to make it seem that the gulf is not as great.

Sapiens was good at breeding, killing and at spear chucking. He was also better at running on cheaper energy sources than the high quality protein that Esau required.

Neanderthals were good at everything else.


njartist said...

Why do you say Esau and not Jacob his brother; hence, why not Isaac; and then Abraham?

What is being overlooked is that mankind had a different lifespan thousands of years ago, which has shrunk considerably; but to acknowledge this is to affirm biblical information: that something the world does not want admit.

If there had been a longer lifespan, wouldn't there be such evidence in skeletal remains?

Anonymous said...

Tex, I was reading that the Lascaux cave wasn't merely a place used as a shelter but that it had a deeper religious significance, possibly even initiation rituals were taking place. This conclusion is drawn not only by the famous painting depicting a bull, whose religious significance must be assumed by the similar paintings and use of symbolism found in temples dating much later to the Minoan period in Crete, but from the very architecture of the cave itself. Having to go through the dark from a maze of corridors, narrow entrances and low ceilings where you have to crawl, in order to finally get to the hall with the paintings. Many of the artefacts found suggest a religious purpose as well and almost all the footprints found belong to adolescents (the age when initiation takes place).

Anonymous said...

I know you love your Neanderthanls, but I know you also love bunker content :

Inside the Army’s Secret Cold War Ice Base

- deadman

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fair to say that this blog isn't about survivalism at all now? Aside from the occasional short commentary on news, you seem to be focused on "new age" or "alternative" anthropology.

Why not change the title of the blog to something else? For instance, last time you have actually written about nuclear survival was 3 months ago... honestly, you lost me here. The baloney you have been coming up with isn't helping anyone to survive anything, including yourself.

Texas Arcane said...

Or maybe I have changed over the years, learning quite rapidly where the genes for survivalists come from, why the human condition is self-limiting and what the real bedrock of mankind's motives are.

So after over fifteen years, I have grown so much intellectually I have in many ways completely left the Kurt Saxon "Let's make a solar oven and shoot intruders" far behind.

You see, I am a learning animal. I understand so much more than I did over a decade ago. For people who never change and never learn it could all be a bit disconcerting.

Anonymous said...

Sophistry at its finest. Congratulations Tex, that is a whole new level of baloney you got going there.

Keep it up. While you do that, people like me will be finishing their vaults, storing provisions and praying to God. Surviving... it takes sanity to do that, and you obviously don't have enough of that left anymore.

Anonymous said...

Translation: I've found something to focus on to feed my never-ending procrastination. The best thing about self-diagnosing myself as a Neanderthal super-human is that I can claim that procrastination is in their genes!

Rowan said...

Why would anyone keep coming back to vault-co for nuclear war survival information? They can find everything they need with google.

Long term readers come here for new IDEAS.

Anonymous said...

So ITZ hasnt come, and will not come any time soon, and you've gradually turned this blog from apocalyptic doomer porn into a site for bizar neanderthal theories.

Smart. This way you still get to feel special and smarter than everybody else without acknowledging the fact that you've been a false prophet since 1998.

Wake up people. I have, so can you.


Anonymous said...

I liked that link, do more of that rather than raving about how much Neanderthals kick ass over sapiens.

Too many Kurt Saxons. Only one Vault-Co.

Anonymous said...

Only Vault-co tells you what you are and why you want to survive. I believe tex is correct. The desire to survive independent of the group comes from the neanderthals. Knowing this gives me motivation since they survived a million years almost and while men have lasted only around 30000 years tops. Who would you be proud of your ancestors? Who would you be foolish to adhere to conformity?

Anonymous said...

Here is the KWA we do everything wrong! The new ice age has started according to Tex but we've just had the warmest March in record, and the last three months have been six degrees warmer than the average!

Some ice age!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rowan, this blog is about interesting ideas. There's nothing useful here for pre- or post- apocalyptic times, but there has been some interesting posts that have sent me off to do my own research - the best research a man can do solely over the Internet anyway.

The Neanderthal stuff is entertaining. Predominantly conjecture, but certainly entertaining.

The doomerism can't be sustained indefinitely - 14 years was a pretty long run at predicting the imminent collapse of civilisation - you would need to give that a rest for a bit for credibility reasons.

The commenters on this blog can be pretty entertaining too, though anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white is tiresome.


Anonymous said...

"Only Vault-co tells you what you are": Err, no

"Only Vault-co tells you why you want to survive": Umm, no

Seriously, if you're coming to this blog to trace your origins and discover your will to live, you're in a whole heap of trouble.

Anonymous said...

I just love reading the comments of you morons suggesting that Tex has taken a turn from his doomsday predictions because he thinks he might have been a little wrong when a close inspection of comments and links by both Tex and certain posters show exactly the opposite. Actually, you wouldn't even need this blog to tell you so if you had basic grasp of history, politics and economics or ever bothered to actually read the links and try to understand them without being dismissive. You are morons so oblivious to what's happening around you that it's almost comical.

Anonymous said...

Tex has turned out to be a bigger prophet than anyone on the internet. The hobgoblins argue over the dates as if that means Tex is wrong. Tex predicted nuclear war in the Middle East in 2006. He was wrong, it is building in 2012. Otherwise, Tex is more accurate than anyone pretending to be a prophet on the entire internet.

Anonymous said...

Because he predicted a nuclear war in 2006 and it didn't happen and still hasn't happened that's proof of the accuracy of his predictions?

How Orwellian of you!

Anonymous said...

Tex, I posted recently about this Neanderthal girl I used to know and how much I was shocked when she told me that she was depressed and wouldn't leave the house for two years after her father died. I wanted to ask you, is this behavior typically Neanderthal? I mean sure, anyone is devastated when they lose a loved one, but isn't such a reaction from a beautiful healthy young woman a bit too much? Does it have to do with the completely different kind of bond Neanderthal people have with their family members and also with the depth of feeling you described that makes their emotional reactions to such events more extreme? That they live and feel all important events in life, whether happy or sad, on a completely different level from sapiens? Where people usually feel embarrassed to talk about such things regarding their past and try to hide it, it stunned me that she never seemed to mind mentioning that she's been through such a condition because she never cared coming out as a "winner", although she sure was one if you understand what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Everything Tex has predicted so far is wrong, otherwise he's more accurate than any other false prophets on the internets.

Anonymous said...

April 10, 2012 7:39 AM
You can't predict exact dates for obvious reasons, what you can do is look at trends.

The trend has been for WW3 beginning in the Middle East, ever since the Nazis and the Anglo Elites, started forcibly inserting Ashkenazi Jews into Palestine.

Anonymous said...

Well done Tex, You've become The Messiah to a horde of morons. Who've adopted your silly names for things, and enjoy peppering their comments with them. "Kwa" this, and "Itz" that.

This is how cults start. Fear-mongering and codewords. See you on 60 Minutes.

Anonymous said...

April 9, 2012 3:19 PM
"anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white is tiresome."


So called "anti-racists" shouting racist at White people, over and over for the last 50 years, was tiresome, yet it got them everything they ever wanted and a whole lot more.

But you aren't complaining about that, are you?

Only an anti-White would say, fighting White Genocide, must be "entertaining".

Anonymous said...

April 10, 2012 7:39 AM

Yeah the hobgoblins hate Tex, but numbers don't lie.

524,000 hits.

It was only a couple of weeks ago it was 500,000, so he is doing something right.

So it seems people want to read what he has to say. Even the petty, jealous types, that hate his guts, can't stop reading him.

How pathetic is that? LOL

Anonymous said...

Tex does not have magic powers. He is however a very cluey person who sees things in plain view that others miss. I feel sorry for you wankers that keep coming back to tell us how you know more about what is going on than he does. You should link to your site since I visit vaultco every single day. I assure you if your own site is 10% as good as texs I will add you to my required daily read.

Texas Arcane said...

2:21 PM

That girl's behaviour is absolutely typical of Neanderthals, who take emotional pain far harder than others and take much longer to recover.

I could describe for you the biological game theory in cold climates, in which nature imposes much tougher penalties emotionally in regards to kin and mates. When you lose one, nature wants you to suffer badly to make sure that doesn't happen ever again.

Sapiens by contrast is a kind of empty, shallow, feckle creature who crosses the road without holding their own child's hand. If the child is then creamed on the grill of a passing truck, they just shrug and have a couple dozen more by accident.

With Neanderthals, the pain is very severe, lasts much longer and is intended to keep you much more vigilant after that to the remainder of your days.

Anonymous said...

Tex has 500000, but has 8 million. Does that mean in5d is 16 times as smart as Tex?