Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kwanstainian Economy Collapses, Controlled Press Neglects To Report The Event

Hard to believe but it's true. Major credit rating change to U.S. debt occurs nearly invisibly with no reporting of the event in the media.

Yes, I know is it Sorcha Faal or whatever the hell this propaganda outlet calls itself. The fact is, it's a great collator of news and information if you don't attribute much credence to the author of the site.

I reckon Sorcha Faal is really a Russian funded news site that gets to post the obvious news items that the formal Russian government has to pretend it doesn't notice.



Actually, Sorcha Faal is one of the original disinformation sites. It's operator, i.e. "The Sisters", is David Booth, who operates off servers in Virginia. Classic Psyop, some event currently in the news is spun into absurdity to confuse the issue, and then often attributed to "Russian sources". What is sad is how these stories are proliferated in the counterculture on the Web, until they are taken as fact and eventually used as the take off point for countless related stories and YouTube clips. How about "The Brothers of Texas Arcane"? You could do psyops on the NWO, attributable to "CIA and MI6 soucres".

Anonymous said...

Lots of issues here:

A) It was widely-reported in financial media.

B) It wasn't a major ratings agency - it was Egan-Jones, they are tiny. When S&P, Moodys or Fitch adjust their rating, it will make the mainstream news.

C) A credit rating downgrade on government bonds from AA+ to AA is not a financial collapse.

Anonymous said...

Sorcha Fail is trash.

Read Zerohedge instead.

Anonymous said...

"Read Zerohedge instead."

Zerohedge is trash too.

Anonymous said...

China is an entire nation of mobsters (

Unlike Capone though, there are no back taxes that we can arrest China for.

Anonymous said...

"A credit rating downgrade on government bonds from AA+ to AA is not a financial collapse."

No, but two credit downgrades in less than a year is a big red flag that even the shleepiest sheeple should notice.

That's the type of financial instability you'd expect after a coup d'etat or in a third world nation.

Anonymous said...

Treasuries (US govt bonds) will still be seen as one of the safest global investments, if not the safest. A 2nd downgrade by S&P might even work counter to what you'd expect, as investors see it as a sign of further global financial insecurity and flock to buying even more Treasuries.

Anonymous said...

Anon 01:04,

Good luck with your stawks, and that 401k then.
Be sure to grab up all the Government and Muni bonds you can find too.

Anonymous said...

@7:46 AM

Tyler Durden and his cult get almost everything wrong all the time. It's a disinfo/misinfo outlet. These guys are so stupid that they actually believe the IMF is about saving countries and that the Greek people should be thankful their newly elected government cooked the data in 2009 to make the deficit appear bigger and justify the pre-decided IMF intervention. No bigger proof to wise people up that the entire thing was a scam and a con-job, and that they just waited for the right man (ie traitor) to come to power that would facilitate the whole process, but not good enough for zerohedge. Seems this info didn't fit well with their "socialism is the cause of all evil" paraplegia.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me sir, but either we are discussing two different sites, or perhaps you have difficulty understanding sarcasm as written by the Tylers.

The focus of the site is to point out the inherent corruptness of Central planning at the national level, the heinous acts of intra-national organisations like the IMF, and the lengths that TPTB will go to in order to remain in control of a debt slavery cattle drive. They also provide analysis covering the involvement of TBTF banks in the ongoing, but mathematically inevitable destruction of the econonic system.

Further, they take great pains to point out that it is all designed for the extension of .gov control over the people by a select few who have no compunctions about starting wars, toppling regimes, robbing you blind in a rigged casino market, or conning you into surrendering your rights in exchange for fiat.

Who cares if the site admin never comes out full-bore and names an overarching cabal that jibes with your view, they're running a business and have their own fish to fry.

Take it FWIW... Or don't.

Anonymous said...

@5:00 AM

Ugh, their "sarcasm" just like their "analysis" is as juvenile as it stupid and is exemplified by their clueless report on the deficit data cooked by Greece's government as another "typical" fraud committed by PIIGS to present themselves weaker than they are in order to secure funding by the "poor" IMF and the EU who they present as the victims. Basically, apologists for both the IMF and the EU. Clueless Durden could never grasp the fact that this cooking of books was done for the exact opposite reasons, meaning to rape the PIIGS countries on behalf of the IMF and the EU who are the perpetrators and that those who cooked the data did so under the direction of both organizations as part of their globalist agenda to take away the sovereignty of these states, and it wasn't an act of "patriotism" that would justify a medal for securing "funding", as the moronic Durden has it. Basically the same usual crap the MSM are ciculating 24/7 in order to convince the rubes that everything was done in order to "save them".

Zerohedge is identical to petulant teenagers certain they are smarter than anyone else and defiant for no other reason than to be defiant. It's the kind of puerile, empty, sterile coverage aimed to impress underachieving financial sector "professionals" with a preponderance for breasts and penis jokes and it is hard to imagine a reason for your affection towards it other than it offers quick access to both at once.

Anonymous said...

Sir, we are in agreement. Zerohedge is not for you.

Admittedly, the level of humor exhibited by some of the commenters there can be rather low. If your sensibilities in that area are so delicate, you are cordially invited to seek news and information elsewhere.

After re-reading the articles you cited, (and availing myself of the search function), your dilemma becomes apparent.

It is as if you had stumbled onto one of a series of articles detailing the latest developments in an ongoing war between rival criminal gangs, yet you need a prompt to remind you of the intention of the players (and the damage they inflict on society) contained in every paragraph. I would deem that to be the fault of the reader, not tbe writer.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

"Zerohedge is not for you."

Wow, what a connoisseur of the financial press you must be.

"Admittedly, the level of humor exhibited by some of the commenters there can be rather low."

Admittedly, the level of everything there is too low and humor is the least of my concerns when it comes to coverage on financial matters. You are getting defensive and try to change the subject.

"If your sensibilities in that area are so delicate"

If my sensibilities are delicate how should we call the sensibilities of someone who takes as personal insult an anonymous comment made about one of the thousands of financial news websites on a survivalist blog? Faggy would be the right word. Perhaps you shouldn't be attached to it the way a little girl is attached to her teddy bear, and you would be less shocked to find out that not everyone thinks highly of or is interested to join your "exclusive" club, where the only conditions for joining is being clueless and a failed financial industry "professional" having too much free time in his hands and looking to spend it casually joking with his "peers", intead of getting informed. Zerohedge is not for me but anything beyond it is out of your depth. Send my greetings to Plato from your cave.

"you are cordially invited to seek news and information elsewhere."

I see. So according to your zerohedge logic you are not allowed to call someone out for his bullshit, see... it's not him who is wrong or lying, it's that this site isn't suited to your personal preferences. It's a website, not a car paint.

Now let me break this down for you. When for the last two years their entire coverage on the subject was based at taking cheap shots at PIIGS countries - and failing even there since others do it much better - waving the "corrupt, socialist, mismanaged shitholes" shtick (much like the corporate press from which zerohedge likes to pose it differs from) and a news story comes out that proves this isn't exactly the case, and this wasn't the reason they had to be "bailed out", what do they do? They reverse the slander saying yeah ok it seems things weren't that bad after all but since they're are corrupt thieves anyway they came up with this scheme to suck money. Pathetic. So yeah if you count yourself among the enablers/apologists of the EU, the IMF, the banksters and the Fed and you only care about covering-up their involvement in all this, then obviously zerohedge is for you.

As for the evasive tone of your full of solipsisms and vagueness last post, ending in a miserable attempt to portray Durden's poor understanding and paraplegic reaction being a problem of "the reader", it reeks the kind of defiant cluelesness, confusion and egocentric hysteria that Durden and zerohedgers are associated with and you seem to be so proud of and so good at.

Anonymous said...

Very well, sir. We are at an impass.

My original suggestion was not intended as a declaration that ZH was the end-all be-all of the economic press, merely better than than the one Tex linked.

I still hold to that claim.

Rather than continuing a futile attempt at defending those you will forever see as dastardly cretins, perhaps it would be more efficient for me ask after your suggestions for more suitable venues.

Anonymous said...

"My original suggestion was not intended as a declaration that ZH was the end-all be-all of the economic press, merely better than than the one Tex linked.

I still hold to that claim."

Dude, seriously. I mean suggesting that Sorcha Fail and zerohedge are in the same category and offering the one as an alternative of the other is something that even I wouldn't think of as an insult to zerohedge. I would understand it if you were offering as alternative to Sorcha Fail say the Alex Jones or the David Icke sites, but zerohedge? You seem to have trouble distinguishing between whacky conspiracy websites and financial coverage - no matter how unreliable - ones. What is wrong with you? These two sites are so unlike that it's like substituting vault-co with a website about gourmet cuisine.

"Rather than continuing a futile attempt at defending those you will forever see as dastardly cretins, perhaps it would be more efficient for me ask after your suggestions for more suitable venues."

If I was to follow your logic in replying to your request for a suggestion as an alternative to zerohedge, I would recommend this: