Thursday, April 26, 2012

John Titor Predicted This

Mad Cow Has Probably Infected A Hundred Million Americans As Of This Writing

I could make a cogent argument that most of the Kwa has Mad Cow right now and is displaying all the symptoms you would expect of a huge population in the grip of early onset dementia.

Titor said this was going to be one of the great global pandemics.


njartist said...

"In the United States, dairy calves are still taken from their mothers and fed the blood and fat of dead cattle."

The concept of and unclean meat is older than Noah. From what I learned, clean meat is that which is primarily an herbivore - eating no other animal,nor waste products. The above practice makes the otherwise clean beef meat unclean; therefore, this being a spiritual concept; and, understanding that the spiritual bears fruit in the physical: what is the unknown fruit of this deliberate defiling of the people; especially of those who may have an understanding - no matter how small - of such things?

And the practice of feeding dairy calves such blood corrupts the human children before they are even aware of the spiritual possibilities.

Texas Arcane said...

Too true, the spiritual ramifications are shocking, to think of people being defiled by their diet with food they would never dream of eating if they knew what went into it.

Feeding blood and fat of the dead back to the living. This is the way it happened in Britain, too. That whole country acts like they are in the grip of Mad Cow.

I am shocked that any rabbi is certifying this meat as kosher with these practices.

Graham Bond said...

I haven't eaten meat in 20 years. So I have nothing to worry about, when it comes to my own health.

My concern is if this spreads across the planet. I imagine myself and a few others, would end up like characters out of The Omega Man, hunted by millions of ferals, driven insane by their demonic produce.

lucid said...

How soon before this becomes standard in the human food chain?
"Soylent Green is people!"


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