Friday, April 27, 2012

I Have No Talent and Must Flim-Flam

"Atonal music" isn't music. It's garbage noise dressed up as sublime.

Classical music sounds good in the human brain because the human brain is designed to recognize music that sounds good. It is also designed to recognize junk sound that isn't music at all.

No matter how much agitprop you cram into the mouth, nose, eyes and ears of the sheeple, deep inside they still know that this dreck is awful. Period. You can't beat a million years of evolution with a couple of shows on Oprah.

Rap music is atonal music that tries to conceal the lack of musical ability with a beat and voice-over. Atonal orchestral music attempts to hide the fact the author had no musical ability by pretending he wanted it to sound discordant and horrible. All this stuff is solipsist, self-referential logic for people too lazy to show up at real day jobs and try to do honest work.


The Great and Powerful Oz said...

I happen to like Shoenberg.

I also happen to like many different styles of classical music.

Lately I've been watching a lot of anime and I find some of the music to be captivating, a Western scale but using Eastern harmonies. It really fascinates me.

njartist said...

Very interesting article on the brain's need for patterns. This applies to painting as well.

Texas Arcane said...

The absence of patterns in artistic expression used to mean you had no talent as an artist. Under bolshevist new think, the absence of talent actually meant you had talent.

It is really sick, really crazy and really beyond the pale. A guy can retire a millionaire and many have by just firing random gunk at a wall and calling it art. Somewhere a real artist is starving while this guy's work is being auctioned at Sotheby's. It is truly the victory of the botched and bungled.

Matthew Richter said...

"Mr Ball believes that many traditional composers such as Mozart, Bach and Beethoven subconsciously followed strict musical formula to produce music that was easy on the ear by ensuring it contained patterns that could be picked out by the brain."

Easy on the ear is the only way to recruit an audience, there is not much difference between The Beatles and Mozart in terms of strict musical formula. It is likely that the major players were the tastes of the ruling class of the day and a lot of composers just could not get a break.

An interesting example of a composer being recruited by the ruling class is Francesco Zappa

Matthew Richter said...
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Unknown said...

They did the same thing to the art scene, to dumb it down.

They only bought from each other. They only wrote favorable reviews for each other. They attacked anything that was not made by each other and did fit their new paradigm, as anti-intellectual. The history of it is well documented.

The West went from producing art, that took extreme effort to learn to create, to the absolute turds we see today.

Political changes like that don't just occur naturally. It takes a concerted effort.

ray said...


rap was, at best, a transitional form that should have lasted a few years, then morphed into something more interesting musically

instead, rap is now another Identitiy Institution . . . Affirmative Action Music (except w/o melody, of course, which makes most rap "music" mere lyrics with the same boring tribal beats underneath)

on my sixties transistor, i heard REAL diversity, unique and delightful song after song -- it better be GOOD to make the airwaves, even with payola

now. . . endless zero-talent, pathetic gangstas and dumbass divas braying out the same atonal "songs" that vanish into irrelevance ten days after release

the songwriters of the old Brill Building might spend five years to pen just ONE great, unforgettable, timeless song

but why do that now? why produce merit, when merit and excellence are punished and ignored?

any dork can write a "rap song" in fifteen minutes and make a million selling it to braindead teenage girls and the faux-rad chicsters

and of course nobody objects, cuz that = discrimination, sexism, racism, misogyny, ad infinitum

hitfan said...

So I assume that Vault-co is not a fan of Lou Reed's epic, "Metal Machine Music" ? :)