Friday, April 13, 2012

The European Union Is A Massive Failure

It is difficult to imagine greater incompetence. The easiest way to let it slide is to assume it has all been deliberate. If it has been deliberate, these guys are brilliant. If it has been accidental which is how it looks, not a single one of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels has demonstrated sufficient credibility to manage a pretzel stand, much less the economies of Europe.


Anonymous said...

The collapse IS deliberate and has been in plan for decades, since the EU's conception, and is a natural consequence of the 2008 US collapse (which was also deliberate).

We must not forget that since its beginnings the EU was much more an Anglosphere/US elite project, as part of the remaking of Europe after WW II, than pan-European one.

CIA: Father of the European Union

You also have to to remember that in regards to European Affairs the real accomplice of the US elites, and the one who is responsible for implementing the transatlantic policies in Europe is not Britain, as many people think, but Germany. Germany does the "hard work", Britain is just for the publicity, as diversion, it has no real power or say anymore.

It was US-Germany together that broke up Yugoslavia leading to the civil war - destined to serve as the model of the future break-up of Europe. This is why Germany exports its Federalist model like a virus, in order to replace political rule with the rule of global markets. Germany leads this process in Europe according to the "division of labour" covenant made between the Anglo/Jewish financial elites and Germany. The end game is the integration of the entire transatlantic system of Western Europe and North America (via NAFTA) into one entity with a common currency and a common market.

Anonymous said...


Instead of providing links to worthless recycled articles at the economiccopplapse blog, you could link to this one from 2006, a piece that shows how the doom that followed America and Europe was set in motion and why:

The context of this decision is the phenomenal level of indebtedness of households and firms in the US. The article shows that a "bail-out" of these debts was already in order in 2006. Then they created the US crisis in 2008 so that the US government via the Fed can bail-out failed banks and then the European crisis so that EU taxpayers fund the US deficit created by the Fed's printing press debt monetization.

Anonymous said...

The manufactured Iranian crisis and the embargo that followed is part of the plan to extend the lifespan of the dollar by limiting Iran's oil trade because it isn't done in dollars.

The EU crisis is also part of the same dollar propping-up scheme, and there is a good reason the globalist-zionist operatives masquerading as "elected leaders" and EU officials introduced through fraud the IMF in Europe:

George Papandreou, responsible for spreading the IMF in Europe like a virus, is the European and much worse version of Barack Hussein Obama, also sponsored and acting under the direct authority of George Soros:

and of former IMF chief, ultra-zionist pervert Strauss-Kahn

Since the domination of the US-Zionist empire is based on this failed and bankrupt monetary system they will foment anomalies and crisis' wherever they can in order to maintain as long a possible the supremacy of the dollar. For the Fed to be able to keep on using the printing press there had to be a Euro crisis and an Iranian (oil) crisis.

Ghostwriter said...

Very true. Its probably just because of sheer ineptitude, stupidity and greed. Interesting little trivia ; our new president here in Finn Land (sic!) is one of the guys who took us into the Eu-cccp. surprise surprise.