Friday, April 13, 2012

Enemies of The Preconditions of Life Itself

Where would you find a more accurate method of identifying the children of the devil himself? They despise human life in its essential simplicity. They despise the family and desire to replace it with something inhuman and monstrous.

The left hates marriage, romantic love, families, children, motherhood, birth, life and existence. They don't make much of an effort to conceal it. It is at the bedrock of their politics.

They work openly against destroying all mankind and they are no longer ambiguous or misleading about it.


Anonymous said...

Pretty broad brush you're painting with there Tex

Anonymous said...

Bob Brown resigns as Greens leader

Anonymous said...

Ah, perfect poetic justice. The Obama "War on Women" nonsense just blew up in their face. Poor Hil - thrown to the wolves. Wish I could draw caricatures. I'd draw one of her as a fat lesian baseball player swinging wildly and missing. "Lesbo strikes out".

ray said...

the left hates fatherhood far more than motherhood

theyve sold women the antithesis of their own nature, and almost destroyed masculinity in the fucked bargain

'those who hate the father and the son, these are the antichrists' - paraphrase