Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't Trust Your Six Senses, Trust Us Instead

Baffling article on the BBC describes the entire natural cycle and then tags onto the very end "the CO2 did it." Obviously, the CO2 is just a side effect, as we said on Vault-Co about 8 years ago. Carbon dioxide is a trace gas that mirrors changes in climate but otherwise has no effect on it whatsoever.

One supervolcano eruption is going to shut all these idiots down for good.


Rowan said...

I have friends at IBM.

Anonymous said...

Francoise Hardy, the definitive Neanderthal female?

From her wiki bio:

"Because of her difficult upbringing Hardy became painfully shy — a trait which is still part of her character today...I didn’t enjoy at all everything, the trappings, when all of a sudden you become very was work, things I had to do, a chore - I didn't enjoy it at all...It is quite impossible to stand — to be admired too much — it is not a normal situation...I don't like that at all...I am not comfortable with my professional life really, so the word 'icon'- it's as though you were talking about someone else, it's not me really...I feel
happy when I'm on my bed, in my room with a good book."

Anonymous said...

Crude sciemmajific types attempt to explain Neanderthal personality/mind. Fail miserably for the most part, though they do manage to get a few things correctly:

Texas Arcane said...


Legendary bullsh*t. I hope the goofball academic who wrote that ridiculous article gets his tenure now. "I hope everybody on the committee saw my article in New Scienmajist."

Texas Arcane said...


You're right, though, by dumb luck he managed to get at least two things right.

Neanderthals would have been terrible at prizing the values of commodities in market systems (requires huge tribes of crappy low quality people) and terrible at cheater detection, having almost no cause to ever lie within the small groups he inhabited.

Otherwise, two pages of crap.

Anonymous said...

They did get right two more things. That they were organized in a way that resembles our own family unit and that they had a highly developed sense of empathy towards their kin, while they were xenophobic and not equipped to interact with mere acquaintances and strangers. Otherwise the article is full of crap.

Texas Arcane said...

The evidence is that the Neanderthals had those they loved and those they hated and feared, with none of the guile present in huge tribal species like Homo Sapiens. None of the facile qualities, no ambivalence, no multilayered lying where part of the brain believes what it is saying even as it is plotting a completely different scheme. This practically defines Homo Sapiens. He is a socially gregarious, ambiguous, dubious and inherently dishomest creature. Guess what? This is Sapiens achilles heel. When you can be connived into situations where you are expected to pretend to like/accept strangers for some possible future gain (multikult) you are also vulnerable to complete and utter destruction.

Neanderthals would have been impossible to manipulate into sitting by idly while millions of unassimilated strangers poured into their living space. Impossible. Against the fundamental grain of his entire nature.

Turns out the same social skills that make Sapiens good at dwelling in colossal social groups are the exact same weaknesses that can be used against him.