Monday, April 23, 2012

Decline Is Defined By The Loss Of Meritocracy

The best are lost very early on in most cases. These kinds of kids don't grow up to solve problems and create innovation. They tend to their own private gardens if they survive at all. Before you know it, the thin genetic wedge of the best is reduced to zero in terms of what gain comes from their quarter.

Without them, civilization doesn't stand a ghost of a chance.

A lot of people think it is the kids who do most of the bullying of Asperger children when they are younger. They're wrong. The kids do plenty. However it is not the kids who really crush the Asperger child at a young age. The higher their native IQs, the harder they are are crushed and the earlier by these agents.

It's the adults, in particular the teachers, who are the chief oppressors of these round-eyed, guileless children. From the time they leave home to the time they exit the school system.

I was sitting in a history class in Monacan High School in Virginia, back in 1979 at the age of 17 in Homo Sapiens years, more like 10 years old emotionally and socially for a Neanderthal. Probably around 200+ years old intellectually. Everything is relative, of course.

The history teacher was running us through the familiar rigamarole and classic agitprop about how the early colonists in America were starving to death from crop failures and how the Indians saved them by showing them how to grow food. The first Europeans were apparently like newborns, pink and helpless with no knowledge of anything when they arrived on America's shores. At least, that was the story the teacher was telling us.

Now at the time, I was not really conscious. Nothing like I am now. I just had some simple thought processes you would expect of a guy who would a few years later be scored somewhere around 183+ in clinical supervised intelligence testing conducted with an observer behind mirror glass.

I raised my hand and asked without any implied agenda, "What was it about the new world that made it so hard to grow food there?" At the time, I remembered thinking the soils and conditions must have been vastly different from Europe, completely unexpected by the colonists. The teacher halted and there was a long uncomfortable pause. He always looked at me differently from all the other teenagers in my history class. There was a barely concealed rage and simmering disgust in his face he had trouble containing. "I'm sorry, Cleve, what was that?" He tried to put a bemused smile on, as if he was humoring me by listening.

"I was wondering why agriculture in America was so tough they needed the Indians to show them how to grow food," I asked. A ripple of giggles and titters ran through the classroom in response to the change in the teacher's face. He rolled his eyes and took a long look around the entire class before he finally came back to me. "What are you asking?" he said. Some kids giggled again. A kid sitting next to me who is dead now (apparently from AIDs) snickered and whispered "Stop wasting the teacher's time, Cleve."

I was starting to blush. I was ashamed I had asked. I already wished I had just zoned out during his rambling speech and not even tried to inquire about anything. The other kids were staring at me like I had just stripped naked and taken a dump on the floor.

I tried to recover, apologizing for the inappropriateness of my question. "They had been mass producing food in Europe for over a thousand years. Their agricultural practices were the most advanced in the world at that time. They had invented a hundred different useful implements out of common items like sticks and rope that improved their yields many times over, like the shoulder plow and the drag trencher. They had learned all manner of composting and crop rotation in different soils. What was it that made the New World so hard to grow food in that they needed the Indians to show them how?"

This clarification made him angry. Now it was his turn to get a little red. "They didn't know anything. I just told you," he sputtered. He glanced at the class again as if to get sympathy for having to deal with a reprobate like me at all. "Keep your questions until the end of class, Cleve." He took a deep breath like this was all a very big deal to recover from and pick up where he left off. He launched back into his story.

Of course, I could take a hint. When class ended I slipped out. I didn't know what was wrong at the time. It has taken me many years to sort it all out. I was after all, very young emotionally and in my understanding of the actual way that the minds of other people "work." If you could call it that.

Something really important to understand in this story is that there are no jewish people in it. You could blame them all you want for the ideology involved, the propaganda or the social engineering but the truth is ... there were no jewish people in that classroom. These were white gentiles oppressing the best of their own kind. Like black people are often criticized for, they are crabs in a box pulling back anyone who seems like they might get out. When I think of the boot on my neck, I don't blame jewish people. Maybe they are mere opportunists who know how to take advantage of any situation in order to survive and this could hardly be construed as a vice on their part.

When I look up with the boot on my neck, I always see my brother Jacob. Not a black person or a jew or a scientologist or a freemason. It's my brother Jacob who always has put his boot on my neck. That's why I don't blame these other people anymore because I can see clearly now who has always been stomping me when the opportunity arose for the past half-century. I consider it the final revelation.

There will never be peace between these two species of men, Jacob and Esau. Jacob has nothing to give his brother Esau. He can only take from him and will always envy and hate his brother Esau for this reason. Esau will always be his brother's servant until he can break the bonds his brother has placed on him and be free once again. There will never be a solution to this problem unless the children of Esau extricate themselves from a society that is not and can never be theirs. The two kinds of men are utterly different at the most fundamental genetic level.


Anonymous said...

Try to found your own country and live there independently with your kind, and see who will stop you, the average Homo Sapiens or the Jews & Masons...

njartist said...

U.S. History classes are where the Liberal mindset has free rein to oppress dissent from the narrative: my first year history "teacher" shouted down students with differing views; the second just snorted and moved on.

Anonymous said...

I can't find any record of the organization of Jamestown, but in Plymouth, the colonist's big problem is that they were proto-communist for the first two years of the colony [1]. (William Bradford's account of the Plymouth colony should be enough to convince anyone that Marx is an idiot.) Once they instituted property rights, they no longer had problems feeding themselves. Of course, your teacher either didn't know or didn't want to share that socialism causes famine.



Texas Arcane said...


So out of the two groups kicking the crap out of the gifted, I should side with the one who only cared when they began to realize they were losing? Those are my friends?

I don't think so.

The devil take both of you, sir.

Anonymous said...

Jews are the the highly visible tip of the spear, in this war on White existence and it is they that will get the blame from the masses, if it is allowed to go as it has always done in the past.

Never forget, someone is holding that spear, as Jews could do nothing without the willing assistance of millions of Whites.

As for people that rabbit on about "evil genius Jews and their wicked conspiracies", they have elevated Jews to the level of demi-gods.

These obsessives whisper superstitiously about Jews in the darkness, just as Niggers whisper about their own demon gods.

I don't care about Jews enough to hate them, nor do I care what happens to them. To me, they are irrelevant, because I am a White man and I know nothing happens on this planet, without the say so of my race.

It is Whites that are waging this war on White existence and it will be Whites that end it and punish the evil doers.

The Jews are finished anyway. They have no future among us, nor do they have a future in the Middle East. In the grand scheme of things, they are irrelevant.

Texas Arcane said...

The funny thing is that the numbers of the other are so few. How on earth could they control so many unless those people were already inherently very, very rotten? Very rotten.

Wherever you look in life, it's a white gentile sticking the boot in. What the hell is the deal with that? What is Homo Sapiens, a domesticated animal? The answer is, yes, he's a beast made in the shape of a man. Nothing but a beast would betray his ancestors and everyone else around him for some small advantage.

The reason the existence of whites was so precarious to begin with is that it was really two different races, 80% Sapiens (animal-like) amd 20% Neanderthal hybrids, who were responsible for everything that was good that was in the world. The Sapiens breed only allowed the hybrids to prosper during the first few years early on in their civilizations, simply so they would create something worth stealing and they could march through the institutions.

When the jew marches through the institutions, that's bad. When Sapiens marches through, that's a good thing, he tells the children of Esau. You're actually lucky we even let you flourish a little during the first hundred years.

Everywhere you look, it's the white gentle putting the boot in. Now all of a sudden he is sweating. For the first time in a hundred years he has taken a good look around him. Turns out all those people he has been putting the boot into for being so smart were trying to tell him in between kicks that he was about to lose everything.

... and so he has. Sucks to be him.

Anonymous said...

Brings back a lot of memories - and it starts VERY early. My father always tells of an altercation he had with my FIRST grade teacher where had to not so gently inform her that I was smarter than she would ever be. I learned right from the start to keep my mouth shut and to only contribute the minimum.

That whole death thing rings a bell too - as a kid I spent a lot of time considering the nature of not existing any more. It was very frightening. Now as an adult, not really worried about it any more.

In regards to the evil-JOOS - consider that if your people had been singled out and exterminated for centuries, in the end you would expect that those left would probably be quite smart based on selection pressure alone. Consider that before the Nazi's began their insanity, there were more than a few evil-JOOS who saw the handwriting on the wall and tried to warn the rest - not like there wasnt a lot of warning signs there. So the dumb perish again, and the smart move on. Is it any wonder Ashkenazi Jews as a population have the highest IQ on earth ?

And as I pointed out here a long time ago, while the brown people have an average IQ of around 85, it wasnt the brown people that slaughtered each other by the hundreds of millions in WWI WWII and all the other ancillary events (holomodor etc). It was white people genociding EACH OTHER. You can argue the evil-JOOS were behind it all, but what kind of people are those that can be so easily convinced to annhilate each other, to follow in lockstep into chaos and bloodshed. Are these good people ? Or are they fools and sheep ?

Yes, the Jews may control a lot of things, especially related to money matters - but that's only because they were initially only allowed such roles in society and because there IQ's were pumped up by the actions of those who hated them the most - they came to take full advantage of their situation. They play the cards they were dealt, and they do a great job at it.

Don't you see ?

God has an absolutely wicked sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

Funny the round, big-eyed thing. I remember some people would tell me that my eyes were striking in some peculiar way. I thought it may have been because even though I am fair-skinned and with reddish hair, they are dark, almost black.
For some, they felt as if I "were looking right through/into" them.
Or something to that effect.
It really bothered me that people said things like that. I'm as gentle and harmless as they come.
I do remember girls (most of whom of course did not understand me at all) specifically say that my gaze unsettled them in some vague way. The males of course, probably felt threatened by me, which led to either physical threats or verbal ridicule.
I surmised much later that most people just don't like to feel that someone else can effortlessly see through their layers of internal and external deception. Oh, so clever, these dullards see themselves. There may be irony here somewhere...
By adulthood I had since learned that a ruse of mental mediocrity and a thin patina of conformity was the easiest way to not frighten these sheeplike mental midgets.

Anonymous said...


The neanderthal rants are back.

Texas Arcane said...

Spot on, Melonhead.

I read what really happened in the early colonies in several libertarian classics including Murray Rothbard.

The quakers and others were ruled initially by central authorities who organized everything around proto-communist schemes to grow crops. Of course everything failed miserably and nobody worked or accomplished anything, as is always the case.

Certain pragmatic individuals advised marking off plots of land for individual ownership and urging every man to rely on the sweat of his brow to eat as scripture says. Within a short time there were substantial surpluses and they even began growing crops purely for export back to Britain.

Sorry I have not replied to you, yet, Melonhead, your last email was so interesting I kept thinking about my reply. Will get back to you soon.

Sam said...

Tex said,"The reason the existence of whites was so precarious to begin with is that it was really two different races, 80% Sapiens (animal-like) amd 20% Neanderthal hybrids, who were responsible for everything that was good that was in the world."

I've been reading you for a while and have seen no evidence that these type statements are true. It could be these ideas are above my head. Maybe, as in the links you provided, you can't be bothered to point out intellectual steps that lead to these ideas. It would make for better understanding for the less gifted if you would explain somewhat how you came to these conclusions.

Anonymous said...

There's no rush.


Anonymous said...

Us whiteys do a good enough job of wrecking ourselves without the help of the joos(though it IS a big help). Tex has a point and it applies to all of human condition.

To -kochevnik: I can't believe someone else uses the same nick. Is that your real last name? I already posted with it, guess I will keep using capital K to differentiate.

Maybe we are related? Is your family from Ukraine as well?

- Kochevnik

Anonymous44 said...

Tex, have you ever read "Revenge of the Mutt People", by Joe Bageant? I think you'd enjoy it. Very relevant to this discussion.

Anonymous said...

That pesky vitamin D is at it again:

Docs are coming into the bandwagon now.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, first post ina long time where you actually made sense again. I'm gload you had the sense to drop that neanderthal/sapiens retardation you had going.

Anonymous said...

What kind of name is "Cleve"? A nickname?

Anonymous said...

This one made me laugh. A Black man that knows a race hustle, when he sees one.

Treyvon Martin & black slaves

"A Black life only has value, when that life is taken by a White man."

Anonymous said...

Tex is ever timely ...

Anonymous said...

There have been no recorded history of famine in any European nations because those white people are so smart. It's inconceivable that white pilgrims coming to America might have struggled initially. They came from a Europe where no one ever went hungry!

Anonymous said...

"The quakers and others were ruled initially by central authorities who organized everything around proto-communist schemes to grow crops. Of course everything failed miserably and nobody worked or accomplished anything, as is always the case."

Not really. It worked with the monastic communities set up by the Church after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Texas Arcane said...


The genes to think at all about anything come from one species.

It isn't two sets of genes with one slightly enhancing the other with it's contribution. One of the species cannot produce any evidence it could ever think going back 200,000 years. It could chuck a spear, kill people and take their stuff, breed like flies. Thinking was not in their repertoire.

Just listen to what I've said and recognize that if it is true it is not the sort of thing you are likely to hear on public television any time soon. I've heard them skirting around the subject delicately a dozen times, trying to avoid mentioning that Homo Sapiens camps before 38,000 years ago had sleeping mats and a place to lean spears. Nothing else but a campfire with human bones in it.

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2012 11:05 PM
"There have been no recorded history of famine in any European nations because those white people are so smart. It's inconceivable that white pilgrims coming to America might have struggled initially. They came from a Europe where no one ever went hungry!"

Good point comrade. But it doesn't fit the ANTI-WHITE memes, we have been spreading for the last 50 years, now does it?

Texas Arcane said...

Great popular summary of more than 60+ monographs on the recent evidence. I admire this guy for compressing so much into a short blog.

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2012 11:48 PM
"It worked with the monastic communities set up by the Church after the fall of the Roman Empire."

It worked for sterile religious fanatics that produce no children, have no personal possessions and think all worldly desires should be purged, so they beat themselves with thorns?

Communism hasn't worked for any country with populations that have normal desires, like wanting a family, comfort, the right to own possessions, etc.

Well the party members got all that... The general populace, they were told to go to hell.

Texas Arcane said...


Famines in Europe originated with feudalism taking 1/3 of crops in the good years and 2/3s in the bad years. For the Irish, 3/3s of crops.

Once Europeans escaped Europe and could keep their own harvests they never starved to death again for the next four centuries, unless with government intervention to "help" them.

Like it or not, Europeans just don't go hungry like other peoples, unless their own government deliberately starves them or hobbles them to the degree they can no longer do anything. Sorry about that whole egalitarian history thing.

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2012 11:05 PM

No one starved in Europe, unless their own elites wanted them to...

Africa has half of the world's natural resources, half of the world's most productive farmland, they get billions of dollars in free aid from White countries and yet...

They starve regular as clockwork.

Whites are not Blacks.

Anti-White, don't you know Whites invented 95% of the modern age?

If we allowed ourselves to be eliminated by anti-Whites like YOU, the loss to the world would be irreplaceable.

There would be no recovery from a loss as great as that. Just stagnation and death for the remainder of humanity...

Anonymous said...

"Sorry about that whole egalitarian history thing."

Ah, come on Tex! You gotta get with the anti-White narrative, if you ever want to be respectable!

Don't you know that Whites are dumb and evil?

Whites don't exist as an identifiable group (just a social construct). While not existing, we are uniquely responsible for all that is evil in this world!

And Whites never did anything good, like for instance, this computer you are typing on!


Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Tiger said...

Wait, Tex. The DRD4 gene; I found an article that showed some Africans have it. And the ones that are herders/nomads do quite well when they have it, but their settled farmer cousins do poorly.

And since you didn't comment on it, here is the link to "Revenge of the Mutt People"; the guy says similar things (in greater detail) about whitey keeping himself down.

Anonymous said...

"These were white gentiles oppressing the best of their own kind"

It is bad custom to flatter yourself. Specially THIS much.

- Zemskov

Texas Arcane said...

Zemskov -

Claiming to be the best of that kind is like running around the block bragging about the gold medal you won in the special olympics.

Anonymous said...

Zemskov, self-congratulation is the normal state here for the poster and commenters. Everyone here is "special". The assertions of specialness are invariably based on factless arguments, wild hypotheses and groundless accusations.


Anonymous said...

"It worked for sterile religious fanatics that produce no children, have no personal possessions and think all worldly desires should be purged, so they beat themselves with thorns?"

What does that have to do with with being succesful, moron man? Monasteries was what kept society form falling apart in the early Middle ages, contributed to the surrounding communities in time of need, and were the only centers of innovation, intellectual activity and preservation of knowledge. They worked whether you like it or not, dumbass.

Texas Arcane said...

Trebuchet, what is the irrational drive in you to prove strangers wrong? Why is it so important to you to believe in the religious theology of genetic egalitarianism? That is a fantastic mythos that Christianity pales in contrast to.

The idea that all men are born genetically equal and identical is possibly the most inferior idea in all of recorded history. Only an animal could be so deranged as to believe in such things.

As long as your kind is good at random sexual promiscuity and being bitchin' cool talking about sports, what do you care of some strange little breed of subspecies who excel at reasoning, observing and innovating? Why are you so eaten up with envy you cannot permit anybody to be capable of something you aren't?

It's such a strong perogative to you that you prove such people to be deluded.

The reason that my ideas have resonated so strongly with so many people on this subject is that these ideas provide coherent explanations for phenomena you not only never noticed, you never even proffered any kind of rationale for.

"You guys talk like fags and act all retarded." Thanks for your input but I think it may be a little more complex than that.

The neanderthal hybrid is not a theory or conjecture. It is hard fact backed by hard reproducible genetic analysis. Nothing speculative or delusional about it.

Smart. People. Are. Expressing. Neanderthal. Genes. No theories here of any kind. Hard scientific fact.

Anonymous said...

"That is a fantastic mythos that Christianity pales in contrast to."

I always knew you are a faux Christian, and that you still deeply are fully atheist and secular. You have my congratulations and support.

Anonymous said...

The theory part is that the people who think they're smart that post on Vault-Co are actually smart and therefore expressing Neanderthal genes.

Anonymous said...

Both of you can correct me if I'm wrong(I don't know his comment history), but I don't think Trebuchet implied that all races are equal. He just implied that you and your readers indulge in self-gratification and often concoct "theories" merely to stroke your egos.

Often these theories are absurd enough to elevate you above the human condition. Classifying yourselves as members of special bloodlines or last remnants of lost powerfull races is surely a convenient way to intellectually masturbate and feel better about yourself.

I personally prefered the days when you were proud and egotistical about being prepared and conscious for the impending apocalypse. That made sense. Jacking off to being a neanderthal and claiming to be smarter and better than everyone else without ever achieving anything of note surely reeks of fail.

- Greenbean -

Anonymous said...

"The reason that my ideas have resonated so strongly with so many people on this subject"

There you go again. The 30 or so people currently commenting on your blog are surely impressive, but you should get back to earth. Most of them don't seem to think very highly of your amateurish scientific inquiries on anthropolgy.

"The neanderthal hybrid is not a theory or conjecture."

Imagine that. Guess I missed the scientific evidence. Send me the lab results when you have the time. Specially the ones that prove you are a neanderthal overman living in the modern era.

I don't personally believe in genetic egalitarianism. I just believe you dive headfirst into bullshit when you deal with this subject.

- Zemskov

Anonymous said...

Or you could just link to an IQ certificate and post a picture of a young bodybuilder. Since the whole point of these theories is self-praise, this would be more convincing to your regulars.

Specially the brainless american ones.

- Zemskov

Anonymous said...

Whow, so many neanderthal ├╝bermenschen! All in the same blog! There is even a melonhead!

How magical. So many special people, all of them bullied by teachers and classmates, and all of them underachievers.

I do believe it is no coincidence at all.

Anonymous said...

According to wikipedia, Monacan HS was founded in 1979:

Sorry, I always get suspicious when people mention too many details when reminiscing. It usually means they are lying or making up stories.

- Kochevnik

Texas Arcane said...

I think a lot of you should stop coming here. If any of you acted on your convictions instead of coming here and posting about how much this is all retarded and I talk like a fag and we should all just put brawndo on plants and stop complaining, you'd never be missed. My hit counter would continue to climb into the millions.

The fact is, if you could explain anything concerning anything, you'd get your own blog. What's stopping you?

Anonymous said...

because some people are such drags they cant even start a blog, thats why. Thats your fault too tex.

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