Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dark Scienmajistics Edjamfacashun

The observations don't fit the theories but it doesn't matter with the power of scienmagistics.

What is more important is to believe, like with those old time religions. Oh, wait ...


Anonymous said...

I'm playing Fallout 3 and loving it. Had to check it out after you mentioned it so many times.

Can you reccomend more video games? You should do a post on the subject.

- Kochevnik

Anonymous said...

Not for the hoi polloi: Another discovery that the elites wish to keep only for themselves by imposing complete media blackout:

Bacteria tested on animals showed to have anti-aging effects, prolong life and boost the immunity system. You won't be hearing this on the TV anytime soon.

Eating meat contributed to human evolution; meat diet shown to contribute to the development of the brain (Neanderthals?):

Anonymous said...

The modern era scientists have sadly long since moved into "faith" and "morality" instead of what they should be doing and leaving those areas to religion and philosophy.

They will fake results and lie for "the cause" or insist something is right not because they can prove it but because they want to believe in it (or need to to keep those mortgage payments going).


Anonymous said...

Hawkings has been awfully quiet lately. His long process of mental deterioration and dementia must be coming full circle.

I wonder how long was science set back by the "work" of the likes of him. Probably centuries.

- aussiesurvivalist

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

April 25, 2012 7:12 AM

I can't believe that Tex, a guy with 180 IQ, can tolerate the shitty dialogue in Fallout 3.

I felt insulted and enraged when I played it. It was an insult to my intelligence.

IMO the only Fallout is Fallout 1. Fallout 1 is a masterpiece.

All other Fallouts, are shite by comparison.

Texas Arcane said...

Fallout 3 has plenty of flaws in the writing, the dialogue, the game mechanics. Anybody could nitpick at what is less than perfect in it.

That said, it is the greatest game of all time, hands down. Never have I seen a world with life breathed into it in this way. It comes into existence for you.

Anonymous said...

I share similar views as you on many issues, but not Fallout 3. I am convinced you are trolling, when you say it is good. lol

Anonymous said...

What, no love for Skyrim?

Anonymous said...

Fallout New Vegas was awesome. If you haven't tried it and the expansions you really should, Tex. It's the same sort of game but with the dialogue and attention to detail that the earlier Fallout games had. Great series. No wonder you pay homage to it here.

Anonymous said...

"Qwan-Tum Fizziks" is an entire field dedicated to funding charlatans and crappy scientists who couldn't understand physics, so they instead chose to write fiction about it.

Still looking for that Higgs particle, huh guys? Maybe if we give you more money, it will magically appear.

History has proven many times that true geniuses live in poverty and often remain dead for years before their brilliance is noticed.

By the way Kochevnik, Fallout 1 and 3 are great, but Fallout: New Vegas is so bad, it might actually ruin the FO3 experience for you. Don't buy it!

If you like Fallout, you should try the "Stalker" Series.
"Shadow of Chernobyl" is the best.

-Yippe Kai Yay