Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Control Grid Is In Place

The U.S. government didn't order 450 million rounds of wadcutters for Homeland Security to plink at empty beer cans.

They know that dumb as the Yank may be (and he is incredibly, astonishingly, unbelievably dumb) that at some point he is going to figure out what has been done to him and her. Even the beasts of the barnyard know something is wrong when they are moving up that ramp to the slaughterhouse and can hear the sound of the boltgun.

Once they have nothing more to lose and the reality sinks in of what has happened to them, they are going to kick hard.

I pity you fools who think that war isn't always introduced at this point along with a draft. It is the tool of choice for the psychopath and sociopath since the beginning of time. Send'em out of the country to die on foreign soil for some meaningless cause and they can't give you any problems at home. Experience proves the technique works to stay in control and in power.


Andhaira said...

Australia starts to become a Kwan proxy to take on China.

This will not end well.

Anonymous said...

This article is on the same subject[link to]

Item: Your government is rushing to complete the build-out of infrastructure allowing it to record and permanently store literally all of your communications, as well as your physical location throughout each moment of every day, highlighted with actual photos of you as you go about your business.

via [link to]

Anonymous said...

@7:01 AM

There's three ways to go if you're an "ally" of the Kwa

1. The way of Canada
2. The way of Greece
3. The way of Georgia

Anything else is NazikilledsixmillionJewsHitlerStalinDictarorkillinghisownpeeple.

Anonymous said...

Let the race wars begin in Kwanzania:

Anonymous said...

Put your cell phone inside of a used metal cookie tin, and then put back on the metal cover. Your phone has now disappeared from the network.

Anonymous said...

from anon 3:41

Read the comments after the story. What a pack of brainwashed morons. According to them all conservative whites should basically be herded into cattle cars. Scary, these "tolerant"people are.