Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cheap Credit Is A Fiat Money Ponzi Scheme

The worst part of it is that you can prop the economy up for an even more severe fall in incremental steps by issuing more cheap credit by printing fake money. It is amazing how many times people will stand by while the same scam is run over and over again on them.

Fiat currency is a blight on the planet like athlete's foot of the wallet. It eventually ruins everything it touches.

Sane money is money backed by metal. Insane money isn't backed by anything. All fiat economies are bridges built over thin air using dreams and lies. Sooner or later, gravity will take over.


Anonymous said...

This is why Jewish Usury sucks and their book tells them, they can lend to gentiles, but not to Jews:

Imagine there is $2 in the economy and a super rich guy, owns $1 of this $2 economy and loans his $1 out at 50% per year, interest rate.

That means in 2 years, his borrowers must pay back $2, because by Jew magic, his $1 has transformed into $2!

So where does the extra $1 come from, to pay back rich bastard, if it does not exist in the economy? Remember our economy has 2 real dollars in it, plus 1 imaginary dollar.

Government prints the additional $1, so there is now $3 in the economy. 1 counterfeit dollar + 2 real dollars.

This printing devalues the original $2, thus decreasing everyone's buying power, except for the rich bastard who lent $1 two years ago.

This is what they mean when they say, bankers create fake money out of thin air. This is what causes inflation.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense, there's not enough gold (or silver) in the world to back the major global currencies. Should economic growth be stopped because we can't dig any more precious metals out of the ground?

Rowan said...

Out of purely scientific interest Tex, what are the attributes of a neo Sapian/Neanderthal women? And... where would men go to meet such women?

Anonymous said...

Wake up to some of the best articles on bankster activites and impacts published at

See why your superannuation and pensions are illusions to be plundered by governments and the banks.

Understand the ponzi-usury scheme that is modern banking finance and credit. It is all smoke and mirrors people. Metal shackles of slavery exchanged for financial shackles of debt (yes the banks' only product for consumers is debt - credit is an illusion).

Texas Arcane said...

I have been in Australia for twenty years and never been remotely attracted to a single Australian woman. They seem so flat and lifeless they are like men except with wigs on. There is nothing more unattractive in my estimation than the Australian woman, who is almost 99% Anglo-Saxon Sapiens downwinders. None of the key genes to be found there, according to research on the subject.

Last year I saw a woman and in the first five seconds I felt like I was going to faint from her beauty and poise. I could barely speak to her and whenever I saw her again I felt as if I were under the influence of a mild hallucinogenic. Being a married man, I did my best to avoid her and not make eye contact with her. I felt if she asked me to leap out the window I'd have done it without any questions. First time in two decades I have so much as glanced at any woman with those kinds of feelings.

She was completely unconventional and of course seemed so sublimely beautiful to me. It was obvious why to me when I was away from her I could sort through my impressions intellectually and examine them one at a time.

She was round-eyed, with the periorbital socket of her eye drawing back sharply on both sides of her head, the classic Neanderthal look. This is where they get their wider field of vision and better acuity at night. She was lean and extremely muscular. Beneath what looked like fragility on the surface you could see she had very strong bones, better athletic grace than ordinary women and a sort of liveliness in her features and emotions that is entirely missing in the Sapiens hag. Her eyes communicated a vivid range of emotion that ordinary people that don't have. She was attracted to me and instead of being coy, contemptuous and sneering she simply made overtures that were obvious, without any prevarication or attempt to protect herself from rejection or any manipulation. There was a kind of purity, honesty and simplicity that emanated from her like a glowing aura all the time.

Unfortunately, I am a married man and Neanderthals do not betray their loved ones.

She looked a lot like Rachel McAdams except about ten times as beautiful, more or less. She always seemed to be on the verge of laughing and even though she appeared a bit depressive you could tell she was very well adjusted.

She was highly placed in the company and commanded a lot of respect. I was happy for her she had found a way to fit in with them so well and was not alienated from them like I am.

I wished the very best for her and hoped she would find someone. I cannot betray the persons I am responsible for, I am Neanderthal and not treacherous like Homo Sapiens. I do not do the doublecross as they do.

Anonymous said...

"She was attracted to me and instead of being coy, contemptuous and sneering she simply made overtures that were obvious, without any prevarication or attempt to protect herself from rejection or any manipulation."

Wow Tex, this is one of the qualities that the Neanderthal female I met years ago also had and it made her even more irresistible, simply because it was so uncommon. She would initiate moves spontaneously and throw innuendos all the time with complete disregard of what people around her would say, including her target. The opposite of the secretive, defensive, manipulative, predictable, passive "waiting for the male to initiate the move" sapiens female who calculates her response. Although she was probably the most well-adjusted and exciting person I've ever met she wouldn't mind revealing to people she barely knew her dark side and things that for sapiens females were taboo. When see told me that she suffered from severe depression after her father died and wouldn't go out for 2 years, I could simply not believe that this was coming from the well-adjusted ultra-confident girl I was seeing in front me. She had a wicked sense of humor and sarcasm - another trait completely absent from sapiens girls - but could be really mean and aggressive when angry and far more fearsome than most males.

It made me wonder how an incredible and unbelievably beautiful woman like her at the age of 33 (I was 31 at the time) was still unmarried, but your insight on the standards of the Neanderthal female when choosing a partner to reproduce makes it perfectly clear now, and how difficult it was for her to find it in a Sapiens-dominated world.

Sam said...

Benjamin Franklin helped set up a money system before the American revolution. They issued currency based on land. Pure fiat money in truth. There's an article on it by Franklin. They limited it to the amount of commercial activity going on. It worked fabulously til the British made them stop. Fiat money could work if it was not over printed and everyone knew EXACTLY how much was in circulation.

KWJ said...

Sane money is money backed by metal. Insane money isn't backed by anything.

Insane money is backed by a monopoly on force to extract taxes even if it is not from the original debtor (Greece, Ireland, Spain, etc).

Anonymous said...

Nonsense, there's not enough gold (or silver) in the world to back the major global currencies.
end quote

at current prices you would be correct. without scams and market manipulations, thus allowing metals to reflect a truer value against corrupt paper issue then metals (not just gold and silver) would make a much more honest currency.

Anonymous said...


Neanderthal women also age a lot slower. For example, I know a woman who fits Tex's description. As a 26-year old doctor, she had a tough time with patients because she was often mistaken for a 14 year-old. Now as a 30 year old mother, people ask what her major in college is going to be.

I have no tips on where to find them except that, in crowds, you notice them first.

Also, if you are a regular guy, don't be surprised if she can bench/squat more than you.

Now, I think melonhead women are even more rare. I've seen one in a B&W newspaper photo from the 1860s.

-Melonhead Anon 6:51

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice how all the neanderthals that find Cleve's website think they're the winner neanderthals and not the more common exile neanderthals?

Texas Arcane said...

Isn't it nice how the Sapiens who find the site think they are the winner Sapiens and not the universal loser Sapiens? It's like, yes, I am a Sapiens. I like football, masturbation and beer. This is just part of my victory formula for life. The rest is a bunch of pride in stuff I can't seem to qualify before they put me in a box and drop dirt on me.

Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs promotes child prostitution and child sex trafficking:

Koanic said...

For what it's worth, my mother is essentially the archetypal neanderthal female. I think I might have a better handle on the resulting psychology because of that.

But I'm looking for something lower maintenance. At least right now, with my health.

If I didn't have a health problem, then yeah maybe. I could see getting sick of weak chicks.

Anonymous said...

Money can be anything. All that matters is who controls the supply. With gold it will not be the people. That is certain. It is already controlled by too few for it to work. In the past it may have had a chance, but certainly not in the modern era.

Everything from wooden sticks to cocoa beans have been used successfully, so long as the supply and movement wasn't corrupted by the elites. This is what causes the final death spiral of economies, societies or nations. The parasite classes move in at the top and no matter what your monetary system and form of government is it will be destroyed from within over generations.

Gold, like diamonds, is too easy for the same elites to control. The market in the past has even been cornered at least once in the not so distant past through manipulations. Imagine what they would do with the modern computer age to fool the goy. The public would be fleeced again and left naked and confused.

The idea ends up impractical and does not solve the real problems and roots of it. Make your money - the means of exchange - whatever you like, so long as the supply and regulation of it is in the hands of the people, just as the government should be.

Everyone here is right and has identified the problem - the current system is insane, countries in debt is insane and a DEBT BASED system is the worst of all. The "Fed" (as federal as Federal Express) should not be allowed to manipulate the strings. The monetary system is just as important as any governmental system. Allowing private monopolies or a handful of elites special powers to control either will lead you to despotism and slavery. When it happens to the government it is blatant and fast. When it happens to the monetary system the buffer or veneer of elections makes it take time to show up the disease and for the people to notice, but the same grim end awaits.

When people give up the rights that were fought for hard by brilliant men and women of the past and hand it over to shifty liars and snake oil men it is no wonder it ends up so bad. First the idiots that make the public abdicated any responsibility or interest in the money supply and left it in the hands of thieves and then the same thieves say now they need the rest of the power to solve the problems with the first half they were given and ruined.

It'll be barter before long and gold and silver are fine choices for that. Especially old jewellery, etc.

The quality of people (in the majority) needed to make the political part of America work properly is long gone. For the same reason I expect Tex will be right and the economy of America and others will be cratering with a very likely follow-up crater to form right where the aforementioned people were.

It really comes right down to the issue of the quality of a nation's people determine its future. With high quality people monetary systems or bases of all sorts work sweet for hundreds of years and governments can quietly tick over like a well oiled machine you can trust. When that quality of people is no longer there (and a shrug is the best answer you can get for the major problems of the day), there is nothing around to keep it in check and any system will fall apart. This is probably a good thing. If the system was so well designed it would work no matter how low quality the people became you'd be headed for Eloi type people and future (and likely the Morlocks to match). I'd rather see Tex's vision come true, frankly. At least then there's a chance for a new and better future than eternal decline.