Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anglican Outreach Theology

I wish I was making this stuff up. Alas, no.

When I think of being raised as a Catholic, it makes me wince. I feel like my stomach is churning. The revulsion is quite real and instinctive. Where's that Catholic apologist who is always posting on here?

The right to abstain or even practice tolerance is being withdrawn. This isn't a struggle for "rights." It's a struggle for supremacy. Always, at the end of the cycle of civilization, this group emerges to assert their tyranny over everyone else. It is a second bolshevist coup, this time aimed at the entire planet.

They are worshippers of Baal and Moloch and their goal is always extermination and genocide. They are a death cult determined to exterminate as many human beings as they can until they are stopped.

It's no coincidence they are all "singles" without families or children, all with longtime companions. No coincidence. They are a death cult.


Anonymous said...

Globalism/post-modernism is the fundamental project of the Antichrist, and argues that in order for all individuals to be equal we must lose all of our qualitative characteristics and accessories to various forms of collectives.

Anonymous said...

Paul Oestreicher is an Anglican priest. You know, a protestant just like you. His church accepts gay clergymen and celebrates gay marriages, just like most calvinist churches.

Writing that article would be grounds for excommunication in the catholic and orthodox churches. You know, the last churches that still hold fast onto tradition like Paul of Tarsus urged us to.

At least google before posting senseless crap on your blog.

Anonymous said...

P.S: Anglican priests are allowed to marry since the 16th century. And yet most of them are sodomites.

Just goes to show how the whole baloney about "celibacy leading to perversion" is just that: baloney.

Anonymous said...

I am a traditionalist Catholic and I have been reading your blog for nearly a year now. Your comments about my religion are usually so ignorant and stupid that I don't even feel the need to comment on them. This one, however, reached critical mass of dumbfuckery. You should be ashamed.

Oestreicher is a protestant priest from the church of england.

Were you really raised a Catholic? Honestly, you don't know jackshit about the religion. You can't even identify who belongs to the Catholic institutions and you frequently say things that aren't true.

I can understand you being ignorant and too stupid to ef*ing google, but I think lies and slander are beneath you. None of the links you used here have anything to do with the Catholic Church and you should edit your post to reflect that reality if you have any shame or standard of truth.

- Greenbean -

Anonymous said...

Here, I will help you out a bit:

Just for you to see how "protesting" and "reforming" works. The Catholic Church is in dire straits after Vatican II, but it isn't nearly as debauched as the protestant institutions.

You know, I always did find it funny that you identify as a calvinist. You admitted once that you can't for the life of you find a calvinist congregation anywhere in the world that is worth beloging to. Prebyterians are as decadent or perhaps even more decadent than the anglicans.

- Greenbean -

Texas Arcane said...

You are very insulting to God almighty to suggest his church is the catholic.

Do Jesus and The Supreme Being preside over a godless collection of sodomites and baby-rapists?

You clearly are about organized religion and not faith. You want to tie the Lord himself to association with these black robed perverts and money changers.

The only reason the Catholic church even exists is that they forced themselves on Europe for over a thousand years. Until Luther anybody who spoke against them died in the Inquisition.

You know them by their fruits and their fruit is madness, murder and child rape. If you were a real Christian that is all you would need to know to leave the company of such degenerates.

Anonymous said...

"I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it."

*MY CHURCH*, not "my churches" or "just me and my King James". Yes, the Catholic Church is the church of God.

After Vatican II it has been infiltrated by all kinds of filth, but it will prevail in the end and it will survive, as Christ promised. These folks will see to it(I belong to one such congregation):

As long as we have good men, we will endure hope. I will fight for my Church and be loyal to it to the very end, no matter how many evil men defile it. That is the difference between a Catholic and a "Krischann" like you: Loyalty.

When the shit hits the fan you just leave your church to rot. You know, just open a new one or join another. That is a "protestant" for you. He is not brave enough to endure, he is not steady enough to fix problems and to fight evil. Tell me how is that working out for Christianity as a whole. The thousands of bickering heretical churches are easy pickings and can't organize a fart without fighting.

- Greenbean -

Anonymous said...

Also: "And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea."

I am content in the fact that pedophiles will burn in hell and I lament the fact that the Church no longer follows this bidding of Christ to the letter.

I, as most Catholics, would gladly volunteer to tie a block to a pedophile's neck and throw him into the sea.

Saying that to be a Catholic is to think otherwise is wrong. You don't know what you are talking about. In the good old days abusers of Children would be burned to death as crowds cheered. Just like Gilles de Rais did.

- Greenbean -

Anonymous said...

Whow, Tex is such a generic limited minded evangelical kwanzan that it baffles.

The "fruits" of catholicism are western civilization and culture. It is the institution that has been around since its inception, for good or bad. I understand if you want to be a protestant for theological or practical reasons, but to deny that there is any good in the catholic church is to deny western civilization itself.

Remember, if it weren't for the "evil" crusaders and inquisitors the televitz keeps telling you about, we wouldn't even be here now. Well, maybe we would... as suicidal gnostic heretics, as pagans or as muslin slaves. If that suits you, it doesn't suit me.

Anonymous said...

"Where's that Catholic apologist who is always posting on here?"


At least try a little harder before summoning me again. Posting a link to an article written by a protestant preacher that thinks Jesus was gay just proves my point.

Seriously, it is as if you just conceded that I was right all along and that you lost the argument. Protestantism = shit. It is so stupid on your part that I don't think I have anything to say beyond this.

Anonymous said...

Erm... it is not hard to dig up dirt on catholics Tex. I have to agree with the apologists here that this one really makes you look stupid.

Also, I have seem catholics defend pretty outrageous ideas but never one like this. They are pretty conservative, even after the second council. I can't understand how come you made this confusion, specially if you were really raised a catholic.

Anonymous said...

You posted links about an Anglican priest and post-modern atheists/eugenicists. What does that have to do with catholics?

Anonymous said...

A dog that barks at the wrong tree is laughed at by other dogs.

Pro-gay protestants are not unusual. Most modern Lutheran and Calvinist congregations are like that now. What were you trying to prove by linking to an example of protestant heresy while whining about Catholicism? Prove yourself dumb or something?

Anonymous said...

As a devout Russian Orthodox, I have quite a few things against Roman Catholicism.

However, I have to say anglo-saxon evangelicals are the worst pseudo-christian abortions in our entire history and your stupid post proves it.

You should just delete/edit your post, apologize for your misunderstanding and start over. It is my opinion that if you want to make a case agaisnt orthodoxy and defend your evangelical heresies, you should actually make an effort to google links that actually pertain to the subject.

- Zemskov

Anonymous said...

"When I think of being raised as a Catholic, it makes me wince."

I'm sorry to be the harbinger of sad news, but you were actually raised Anglican. Either that or you just really made a fool of yourself.

Hell, one would think a lapsed catholic would be able to tell the denominations apart.

Anonymous said...

The fruits of protestantism: Secularism, liberalism, humanism, leading to the French Revolution and overtrhowing the order of God replacing it with the order of Man. The origins of every evil that you protest about lie right there. The NWO, globalism, postpodernism are the continuation of this "ideal".

Calvinism is the most despicable of its denominations. Turning Christianity into a dunghill of usury, reduces the concept of sin into mere taboo - making it thus a matter of merely conforming to external norms - effectively re-intoducing and bringing to the central stage the Pharisaic religion, making Calvisnism the forerunner of Political corectness which is based on the same principle. It broke the continuity of medieval civilization that was based on a hierarchy of values to bring forward tribal Jewish barbarism and the rise of old-testament-olatry, so prominent among the most Calvinist of nations, America. People don't have to wonder for phenomena like the Scofield Bible and the fact that America turned into a zog colony. It was Calvinism that enabled all these things to happen.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am fond of Catholics or anything of the sort, but if this were a newspaper I would be forced to say your editorial integrity sunk below the ground with this one.

Really Tex, it is not that hard to dig up dirt on any religion with the current post-modern jewish controlled media. This post was pathetic. I have to say, more pathetic than even the most flamboyant neanderthal rants you did. You reached a new low here.

Use google next time.

Anonymous said...

This blog is going downhill fast. Since the recent u-turn from linking every post to Neanderthal fantasies, there have been a number of posts that are flat-out wrong and easily disproven. Sometimes by searching for 10 seconds and sometimes by just following the link Tex provided. I'd rather read about Neanderthal fantasies than easily disproven bullshite.

Anonymous said...

"The only reason the Catholic church even exists is that they forced themselves on Europe for over a thousand years. Until Luther anybody who spoke against them died in the Inquisition. "

The only reason they are not still killing people, that reject their opinions, is they lost the stomach for murdering their own, just like the Russian Communists did.


You don't need no stinking Church or priest, to give you your opinions. Organized religion is yet another form of left wing mind control politics, for the sheeple.

All you need is the good book and to actually read it some time.

Any of you bother to read it? Or do you just listen to the rantings of your sodomite priests and left wing preachers?

Anonymous said...

How can there be poverty in the world when the Catholic church is so wealthy?

If God's Word and doctrine is perfect, why does the Catholic church believe it necessary to add bullshit man made dogma to God's word?

Why does the Catholic church promote a non-biblical Sunday (pagan) sabbath?

Why does the Catholic church promote a mere human (Mary; righteous as she may have been) to godly status?

Finally, what is up with the queer dresses and hats? Seriously, the year is 2012. Not 1012 when knowledge and reason were hidden from the masses.

Whore of Babylon indeed.

- deadman.

Texas Arcane said...

The church is the body of believers. It has no hierarchy and no palace in Italy and no human king with a cone on his head.

Wherever more than two are gathered in my name, there also am I.

Baby buggering and witch burning is just Catholicism unleashed without accountability. Luther and the printing press shattered this organization with shame, because men began to realize the horror of the things they did.

Catholics since Vatican II who remain in the church do not have the holy spirit and lack a basic instinct for right and wrong. They serve their church, not God.

I think statistics show that since Vatican II the average Catholic has an IQ 20 points below average. It is mostly Mexicans and old women who continue to feed their coffers and of course they are always hungry. They always get widows to sign over their estates on their deathbeds, promising to save them from purgatory.

If hell opened up and swallowed every priest on earth, the next morning would be a grand day.

Anonymous said...

Haha people are making fun of Catholics for wearing robes. Why can't they just wear trousers and shirts like normal people?

Anonymous said...

"The church is the body of believers."

Yes. And that body of believers always had a hierarchical organization, with Bishops(i.e: apostles), a church leader/pope(i.e: Peter), and a strict and universal comprehension of doctrines and dogmas. This was commanded by Christ himself and has been the rule since the inception of Christianity. What is your basis for not accepting it? Do you have anything good to show for it?

"They serve their church, not God."

It is the folly of protestants to think both things have to be separate. Remember, I belong to an ultra-conservative congregation that isn't even currently acknowledged by the Vatican.

My loyalty consists in remaining truthfull to my faith and fighting for the Church to remain truthful also. My loyalty does not consist in condoning modern heresies or the abuse of children.

Tell me, is this not serving God?

- Greenbean -

Anonymous said...

"I think statistics show that since Vatican II the average Catholic has an IQ 20 points below average."

Coming from an american evangelical, this really has to make me laugh. Yeah, protestantism is really teeming with gifted minds. Specially in your beloved Puritanical nation:

- Greenbean -

Anonymous said...

Why do you cheer up to Luther as some kind of hero?

He was a drunken heretic and rabble rouser. In Russia you can still read old sermons about how people like him should be righteously burned at the stake.

He lived to see his little revolution spawn a war that exterminated 2/3 of the germanic population. Afterwards? The fruits of Lutheranism: Nietzche, Bismarck, Hitler, Nazism, Illuminati... the list goes on. The man single-handedly ruined all of Germany save for the south and for what is now Poland. His evil and pride spread far and wide.

I say it is a pity the romans didn't kill him when they had the chance. Lots of people died and lost their way because of his alcohol fueled ramblings. Lots of Russians did too, once his insane revolutionary mindset reached my country and caused a lot of insanity and bloodshed.

- Zemskov

Anonymous said...

Tex, you might be a Perennialist/Traditionalist, at least partly, without knowing it. Your rejection of the modernist belief that the world is in a continuous process of ascension and hinted conviction that the world is rather a corruption of the primeval highest order from which it emerged (" In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" ) continuously descending towards its inevitable self-destruction is at the very core of traditionalists like Rene Guenon. Postmodernism, globalization, consumerism, loss of the sacred, are all symptoms of the impending doom to befall upon the world.

Anonymous said...

Christianity: The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

Makes sense to me!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What an embarrasment this post was. It made me cringe. I don't even understand why the catholics and orthodox are bothering arguing with Tex on this one.

With the content of his post, he lost any and every argument relating to it before it ever began. A true protestant would argue on facts and values, not use phony links and lies and then pretend nothing wrong was done. What are you now tex? The blogging equivalent of Fox news? The online version of Bill O'Reilly?

Anonymous said...

Tex, personally I come to this site because I find qualities in your writing and perspective on things that are simply unmatched and agree with you most of the time.

However, if you choose to go down the path of underestimating the intelligence of your readership (as you've done with this blog post) then this is something I cannot accept. I know that you probably don't care about what me or anyone else thinks or does about this, which is fair enough, but just to let you know.

Your post had many links that could offer opportunity for good discussion on a wide variety of subjects yet your insistence in merely provoking Catholics, no matter what, ruined any possibility.

For instance on why the Star Wars movies are the quintessential expression against secular globalism, postmodernism, materialism, and their success being proof that still exists in modern western society a latent tendency to reconnect with what lost during modernity and postmodernity. In fact, I believe that all great art, music and films of our era express that same latent tendency that still remains under the surface , from Star Wars to...Office Space. It's basically a fictional, visual account of what Carl Jung explores in the Undiscovered Self. It is interpreted as a battle in the ongoing historical war between secular and religious forces ("The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force"), with the former representing the forces of enslavement and the latter the forces of freedom, and not as the current social construct has it that religion spreads war and terror while secularism spreads peace and freedom.

I was intrigued to explore this aspect of movies and culture after reading how representatives of the Globalist/Neocon/imperial agenda viewed the Star wars movies:

A faithful reader

Anonymous said...

Since when does Tex care about what his readers think? Do you think he's more worried about offending some inflated Papists than he is about offending liberals or niggers?

Anonymous said...

Damn, you catholisists are crazy. You don't really seem to understand what's being discussed here.

Tex is right, Catholisism in a nutshell, is a hierachy. Heck, it's a corporation.

A corporation dedicated to pedophilia and warping and twisting the words of the Bible to serve their own ends.

There's no "other side" to it. There's no "ignorance" about this subject. What else do you need to know?

The fact that you even try to justify your church shows that you're beyond help.

You want to "fight evil" in the world, Greenbean? Burn down the Catholic Church for starters.

(Que spamming of batshit counter arguments)

-Yippe Kai Yay

Anonymous said...

It is like the mafia except they claim to be sanctified by God. They are from the same country and they do things the same way.

They are the mafia except they hide behind the bible whenever their evil deeds comes to light.

Luther told the truth. If you don't like the truth then maybe you want to burn the man who says it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Luther wanted a bigger piece of the baby butt pie.

The Pilgrim said...

Jesus said that no man on earth should call himself or be called Father or Rabbi. (Mat 23:9)

And catholics bow down and kiss the ring of a man calling himself pope (meaning father).

That should be case closed right there. The catholic church is a complete apostasy from the word of Christ, from its very foundation.

Anonymous said...

hear hear bro I second that

Anonymous said...

I think most protestants don't really understand what Catholicism is all about. No surprise, since much like Tex, you don't even know what your own version of Christianity is all about.

Tex is a non-trinitarian who has admitted several times in the past to accepting the heresies of Arianism and Unitarianism. Calvin ordered the burning of Servetus for precisely these two heresies. Why on earth Tex associates himself with Calvinism? Same reason every protestant babbles incoherently when getting into an argument: They are lost within themselves and their phony doctrines. They are unknowingly and helplessly ignorant.

"Child abuse" this, "Papist" that, "funny clothes" those. Hey, I have a television at home you know? I can turn in on CNBC, CNN or Fox news when I want to hear some fool speaking without merit in childish and meaningless babbling. Nobody needs sheeple repeating.

I have a suggestion: Read, research, open your minds. Christianity wasn't invented in the 16th century with scum like Calvin and Luther. What they helped invent is precisely what turned our little western world to shit. Vatican II and the liberalization and simplification of Catholicism stems from that crap. The corruption inside the church now is no valid argument against the Catholic religion. It has nothing to do with the Catholic religion and never has.

* A Belgian Catholic reader who felt compelled to comment.

Anonymous said...

"Since when does Tex care about what his readers think?"

You think he would care about lying and making wrong associations if he were honest.

Much like the people he claims to despise, he cares about the sides. Not about the facts.

Anonymous said...

"Luther told the truth"

He was a known liar and was caught red-handed several times. Read about the Philip of Hesse affair if you doubt. The only commitment this madman had was with his quest for power.

He was an opportunist and virulent populist who caused anarchy and mayheim throughout Europe. His Theology was wrong.

Being right about the simoniacal abuses committed in his days doesn't mean he wasn't wrong in everything else he did in his worthless little life. It was precisely so.

Anonymous said...

"Damn, you catholisists are crazy."

P.S: Learn how to read and write. Get an education. We "catholisists" may be crazy, but at least we are literate. :)

A man that writes like you is ignorant and has never read a book. It shows.

Anonymous said...

Tex acted dumb and posted meaningless and disassociated links. What are you people arguing about?

"His church accepts gay clergymen and celebrates gay marriages, just like most calvinist churches."

This is a good point. I can forgive rogue priests commiting abuse without knowledge of the roman curia, but what makes you evangelicals so high and mighty? Specially considering such decline and absurdity you have begotten?

- Kochevnik

Anonymous said...

"Since when does Tex care about what his readers think?"

His post is filled with lies and disinformation. A man with honor would care about such things.

"Damn, you catholisists are crazy."

Stopped reading right there. Like I said, protestantism seems to attract the most gifted minds.

"Jesus said that no man on earth should call himself or be called Father or Rabbi. (Mat 23:9)"

Fail. Don't you call the man who begot you biologically "father"? Or the man who would adopt you and raise you also? I don't want to throw pearls to swine here, but read and research about who and what Christ was referring to, from unbiased sources. Also check these: Gen 45:8, Job 29:16, 2 Kgs 2:12, 2 Kgs 6:21

Put things into context and be honest in your argument. Christ commands that nobody should to be called "teacher" in Mathew 28: 19-20. Yet he later commands the apostles to teach religion, and in no place of Christendom the word is taboo. Why? Because of the context and meaning of what he said, which is lost in the ignorant like you, but is not an imperative.

"Luther told the truth."

About what? Of Simony? He lied or was wrong about everything else. Don't idolize men. Specially scum like Luther.

His tree bore no good fruits, and if you know your Bible, you know how to judge such persons.

- Greenbean -

Anonymous said...

"Luther" and "Truth" don't mix. The man was known to compromise everything as long as it helped his ascent into power. Just like his little buddy Calvin. I agree with above posters, pity this sub-human trash wasn't burned before the damage went done.

Anonymous said...

Seems Tex kwanzan upbringing finally got the best of him.

Nothing wrong with lying and posting bullshit links as long as it is done to harm your particular nemesis, right?

There never was truer amerikwanism.

Anonymous said...

"Damn, you catholisists are crazy. You don't really seem to understand what's being discussed here."

Hey, at least we can spell "catholics" properly.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, why is it that the stupid posts are always the ones that create the hottest arguments?

Fucking religion man. Bringing the worst in men since like...EVER.

Anonymous said...

Anglican = Catholic?

Erm... no. Why is it that kwanzan krischanns are always so ignorant? I know anglicanism was the big daddy of amerikwan krischanity, so I though you guys would be able to recognize your own on this one.

Just like mainstream calvinism and lutheranism, anglicanism celebrates gay marriage and diversity.

What is that the good lord said about judging a tree by the fruits it bears? *knock on wood*

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2012 4:59 PM
That is what happens when leftists hijack Churches.

Around the same time they start preaching about social issues, instead of God and the afterlife, their church pews empty.


Anonymous said...

Leftists have their origins in priests, that lost their faith.

They filled the empty void inside themselves with PC.

Political Correctness is not like a religion. It is a religion.

The Pilgrim said...

"Don't you call the man who begot you biologically "father"?"

No, I don't. And I don't say that as if that fact alone will be my golden ticket into heaven, it's just a fact.

Lukewarm Catholics always kibitzing about "context" to justify their own hypocrisies. There is no "contextual" meaning in Matthew 23:9 that will magically change its meaning to anything else but exactly what it says in plain language: there is only ONE Father, and he is not of this Earth. To call any man "Father" is a display of ignorance and blasphemy. To worship and kneel to him like God himself, as catholics do the Pope, is beyond the pale.

Hate your "father". Hate your mother. Hate your family. Hate your whole life. (Luke 14:26)

Recognize this world and everything in it for what it truly is: The Eternal Recurrence known as Hell.

Then and only then are you ready to follow Christ into Heaven and join your true Father. The rest of you "Christians" are lukewarm wretches that God will spit out on Judgement Day, because you are too in love with yourselves, your families and this material world to follow Christ into Heaven and leave any of it behind. And so you will eternally return to that which you love most. Is God not just?

Period. No further Catholic-style "context" required.

P.S. those of you who believe homosexuals and pedophiles are going to hell, I would laugh if it wasn't so sadly pathetic.

They may in fact make it to Heaven before you ever do. Wouldn't that be a kick in the nuts?

You are ALL sinners. Get that through your thick skulls first and foremost. Oh, you didn't take/give it up the bum? Good for you! Surely, that's enough to forgive your phonebook-sized list of other sins and shortcomings!

Anonymous said...

The polygamy thing with Luther was a mistake he did and he lived to regret it deeply. he never apologized, off course, proud man he was. I always find it funny how some krischanns santify people like him and Calvin. They did fight tooth and nail for power, glory and money. They were corrupt.

All organized religion ends that way. You are stupid to be arguing the merits of your little sects and fighting each other.

I guess the only merit of the roman church is that it tries to be universal. Other than that it really stinks.

Anonymous said...

"That is what happens when leftists hijack Churches. "


Show me an unscathed mainstream church. I would join it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Luther and the printing press shattered this organization with shame"

Delusional evangelical is delusional. The Catholic Church has a tough road ahead and a big share of problems, but it is still going strong. It is the only Christian denomination still alive and kicking.

Where is Luther and his protestantism, btw? Churches that celebrate sodomy? Religious gay marriage? Gay clergy? Evangelical zionism? "jesus camps"? Televangelism? Creationists? Thousands upon thousands of shitty heretical churches?

Go ahead, tell me again how Luther "won" this big elemental battle you imagine. Everybody lost with Luther, that is how much of a shitty excuse for a Christian he was. With people like him, everybody loses. Born loser he was.

He wanted a woman, he wanted power and he wanted to shake things up. He threw shit in the ventilator. He was a wrecker. Don't flatter this little hero of yours otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Tex, this was your most stupid post in the year, but the comments are actually interesting and thaught me a lot I didn't know about the christian denominations and how they consider each other. As an atheist I find the whole thing fascinating.

Living and learning.

You should talk about religion more. Are you really non-trinitarian as someone a few comments back mentioned? I would be interested in knowing how do you match that particular belief with calling yourself calvinist/lutheran. As far as I know, very few christian sects accept unitarianism.

- aussiesurvivalist

Anonymous said...

Read the excellent article by Thomas Fleming and his replies in the comment section.

Then notice the rabid anti-Catholic troll who defends Breivik and acts as apologist for his actions. It tells you a lot about the mindset of all Catholic-haters

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it feels so good to be an atheist.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes it feels so good to be an atheist."

Indeed. It's an excellent excuse to come up with in order to hide the shortcomings that do not allow to to participate in this or any kind of conversation. The more silent you are the better for you and for those around you.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes it feels so good to be an atheist."

It should, that's what fantasies are for, no?

ah, I remember my years as an atheist. So carefree. So oblivious.

Had to grow up sometime, though.

Anonymous said...

Russia doing the right thing again.

Where in the zog occupied West Christianity is purged, in jew-free Russia enemies of the Faith and the Church are purged:

Anonymous said...

Better than sitting around worrying about which gang of baby-buggerers is the one not lying to you.

Anonymous said...

Anom 1:35: Yes, you have to put things into context, otherwise you can't comprehend then. Just like in any other book, every word in the Bible needs to be placed in context in order to have meaning. Do you also believe the world was created in 7 days and we all descend from Adam and Eve? No? Then you must have enough brain left to understand my point.

If you took Luke 14:26 to *ACTUALLY* mean that you should hate your family, then you are helpless. You are actually stupid enough to turn the Bible into a bad book.

People like you should stick to reading comic books and playing with legos. The Bible is serious business.

- Greenbean -

Anonymous said...

Wait a second...

"P.S. those of you who believe homosexuals and pedophiles are going to hell, I would laugh if it wasn't so sadly pathetic. "

Seems to me you take the Bible literally only when it suits your fancy. Let's see:

- Hates his family and thinks this conccurs with scripture: check
- Does not call his parents father and mother: check
- Thinks buttbumpers and pedophiles won't go to hell: check
- Selective interpretation of scripture: check

Let me guess: You are either a raving homossexual or a proud member of one of those "rainbow congregations" of lutherans and calvinists, right?

I won't waste more of my time with you, but I must apologize for implying you were a retarded fundie. You are just a sodomite seeking justification through obfuscation of religion after all. Much like the fake priests who wreck my Church.

Just become an atheist and get it over with. You will be free to wreck your sad life without taking more people down with you.

- Greenbean -

Anonymous said...

"To worship and kneel to him like God himself, as catholics do the Pope"

Says who? If you want to be an ignorant fuck and post bullshit then fine(it suits this blog), but it doesn't strenghten your point. He is the earthly leader of our church and sucessor to St.Peter, we show him respect for that alone. We don't pray to him, worship him or believe he has special powers.

In fact, after this string of bad popes, the most the position receives is complaining and bad press both from within and from outside.

As for the rest of your post, just whow... if you really take scripture to mean you should hate your family and your life, and even stupid shit like making the words "father" and "teacher" taboo... then you are helpless.

Morons like you shouldn't even read the Bible to begin with. It is like giving explosives to special needs kids.

Anonymous said...

Shithead at 1:35:

This is why evangelicals can't have nice things. The whole idea of "sola scriptura" falls to pieces when the Bible falls into the hands of an idiot and there is no dogma or dedicated clergy to guide him.

Next thing you know this poor guy will pluck his eye out after seeing an attractive married woman. Or cut his dick off like Origen did.

- Zemskov

Anonymous said...

@"deadman", I can reply:

"How can there be poverty in the world when the church is so wealthy?"

There will be poverty in the world no matter what. Human nature. Communist idiocy like you suggest has been tried in several countries and it has failed. Burning churches to the ground and selling religious works of art didn't help poverty at all.

You should also know that for the last 1400 years or so, the Catholic Church has been the largest and most active charity institution in the whole world.

"If God's Word and doctrine is perfect, why does the Catholic church believe it necessary to add bullshit man made dogma to God's word?"

It doesn't. But if you believe any dogma it has is man-made, you have to at least mention which one is it.

"Why does the Catholic church promote a non-biblical Sunday (pagan) sabbath?"

I suppose you don't celebrate Christmas in december? Or easter? Those were also pagan holiday dates that were taken by Christianity. It was convenient and it was decided that the meaning and spirit of the day was all that mattered.

"Why does the Catholic church promote a mere human (Mary; righteous as she may have been) to godly status?"

Not "godly" status. Not at all. She receives special place among the saints as mother of Christ, and therefore honorary mother of the church and all the body of believers. Like every faithful mother, her prayer before God for her children is a powerful intercession. That is why we ask for her intercession in times of trouble.

"Finally, what is up with the queer dresses and hats?"

Tradition. After Vatican II many priests dress casually, though. Whoemver cares about clerical fashion like you do can go to their liberal churches.

theepilgrim said...

Hilarious. Sad and depressing, but hilarious all the same.

The catholic beaner talks to ME about "context" and then proceeds to completely butcher the context of what I wrote.


Clear? Do I need smaller words? Pictures? A pop-up book and hand-puppets?

Your earthly father is a sinner. Your mother is a sinner. And most of all your pope is a sinner, and beyond that he is blasphemy personified.

Whatever supposed "virtue" you think you possess will not be enough to get you anywhere NEAR the gates of Heaven, let alone passed them. "With man, it is impossible. But with God, all things are possible." (You wanna try and put that into "context" for me, too?)

It is not that I am saying sodomy is not a sin; I am saying that you are just as deep in sin as any sodomite who ever lived.

Beaner, let me just say it plainly: you do not understand the meaning or implications of the words and actions of Christ.

At all.

Not even close.

You're a confused, lost sheep, following a self-aggrandized, earthly shepherd. He is doomed, and so are you if you continue to follow him.

You can put your faith in the Word, or you can put your faith your "pope". One or the other. Not both. They are demonstrably and historically incompatible.

Texas Arcane said...

Ditto all.

Greenbean said...

"You can put your faith in the Word, or you can put your faith your "pope". One or the other. Not both. They are demonstrably and historically incompatible."

No. Again, you don't have any idea of what you are talking about. Catholics don't "believe in the pope". We believe in God. The pope is merely the head of the earthly church.

There was a recent research that showed most catholics don't trust the current pope. That goes as an example. I wouldn't put my hand in the fire for any pope that came after Vatican II for that matter.

Catholics nowadays don't even trust the pope and you think they worship him as God? Stop being so ignorant and falacious. he is the head of the church. Period. Just like Luther and Calvin where the heads of their churches after their schizms.


Off course we are all sinners. Have I ever refuted that comment? Catholics also believe in the fall of men and the original sin.

Not my fault that you are ignorant about it.

"With man, it is impossible. But with God, all things are possible." (You wanna try and put that into "context" for me, too?)"

Men is saved by faith and works. God doesn't cherry pick the "elect" before birth as you evangelicals think. (see: 1 Tim 2:4; 2 Peter 3:9; Matt 23:37; Ezek 18:23-32; 33:11; etc).

And off course, there is the Epistle of St. James, which your idols Calvin and Luther attempted to have removed from the Bible but failed:

"As the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead."

Yes, being virtuous and avoiding sin will net you favor with God if your faith is steadfast. Being a sodomite heretic like you won't, regardless of whatever phony faith you claim to have.

- Greenbean

P.S: My name is Sergio Roccino Jameson. While I was born and live in South America, I don't know if I qualify as a "beaner" being that I am blonde and blue eyed.