Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bite On It Hard, Oprah Winfrey

Neanderthals were worriers and worrying is and always has been associated with high native intelligence. It is a cluster of genes and they don't come customized as individual plug-in modules - if you got the DRM and DRD clusters then you got the whole shebang, not just the ones that improve the quality of neurotransmitters in the brain. This is why I say the two species are mixed together like oil and water in the gene pool ... in other words, never really mixed at all.

I challenge the readers of this blog to find me one person with a clinical IQ over 160 who has not constructed an underground shelter. I will bet you that you can look all you want and you won't find one.

Linus Pauling had a vault. Robert Heinlein had a vault. Freeman Dyson had a vault.

All geniuses build vaults or desire to build them as soon as possible. You're in good company. All the genes involved in these things come in a package, along with sleep disorders, depression, alienation, hyperfocus, ADHD, compulsive hoarding ... it's all part of the same group because it is all Neanderthal.

If you're so dumb you never worry, wouldn't you disparage worrying as a character flaw? It only makes sense. Oprah Winfrey and her obsession with "negative" emotions couldn't build a civilization if she had a million years and all the money on earth. She is a static constant, which is a very diplomatic and tactful way of saying she is not really human at all compared to the sort of person who takes pride in worrying about the future and projecting him or herself into it in order to be ready for it when it gets here.

At least a half a million years they survived with these traits, in conditions that would have eliminated Homo Sapiens in a day. The most unimaginable catastrophic events rolled off the Neanderthal's back like water off a duck. He was so paranoid he always had a backup for his backup ... from all that worrying. It would be fair to say the only thing that ever blindsided him was Homo Sapiens the species, seemingly designed to exterminate the ultimate survivor above all other species.


njartist said...

All geniuses build vaults or desire to build them as soon as possible. You're in good company. All the genes involved in these things come in a package, along with sleep disorders, depression, alienation, hyperfocus, ADHD, compulsive hoarding [CHECK] ... it's all part of the same group because it is all Neanderthal.

Well then, I need a grant for my vault; I didn't say loan: I asked for a handout in a professional manner.

Texas Arcane said...

In other words, if you had the money, you'd build one. Probably if you could figure out how to build one for less than a $1000 you'd build one.

You do something naturally and you make it look easy. You project forward into the future, run scenarios in your head in this dreaming state (theta waves with eyes open, sounds so simple and yet it is profound neural phenomenon) and then you decide to act on your conclusions.

Here's the thing ...

Ordinary Sapiens don't do stuff like that. Ever.

They only act on group consensus - react to group emotional states. They do not act on conclusions derived from reasoning in these dream states. That's something that Neanderthals do.

That's why they never listen to predictions seriously unless you tell them it was a vision or you got it from a "god," because this is tied to a group collective assumption or emotional state.

This is all because Sapiens can't think. Period.

Koanic said...

Exactly, and profoundly put.

That is why my blog says "for introverts," and I screen mastermind group members via an application process.

I am screening for neanderthal genetics - precisely that ability to think.

I have a friend who is reasonably aware intellectually, having adopted many red pills, but yet not self-aware. Rather, constantly pinging off of others to define his reality. He lacks the neanderthal core. He can't think, despite an IQ well above average.

These people do not belong in Koanic Soul. It is effective on Neanderthal neurology only. A hardware requirement.

I think this dream state requires testosterone's dissociating brain formation altering effects as well. Even women with neanderthal genetics seem far less capable of these waking reveries.

To think - to waking dream - I've been doing it for years, but never fully appreciated what a unique act it was until now.

That is what makes us the children of Enkidu, whom the gods feared.

Anonymous said...

Of course the article is very careful about not revealing anything with regards to which groups possess the gene change and which do not.

But it's safe to assume it's not the group with an average IQ of 85, who coincidentally do not possess any neanderthal genes.

njartist said...

I think liberalism/socialism cancels the Neanderthal DNA because my younger brothers haven't a clue.

Seriously, you're planning to survive a nuclear attack and you probably will succeed; yet, how do you plan to survive the occupation by enemy forces: the east coast will be under the Russian thumb while the Chinese will be in the West; the slaughter will be huge.

The kicker? The Chinese will have legal right of ownership of our resources - they will merely be clearing off the current occupants who are also indebted to them.

Solsys said...

But it's a bit preaching to the choir, since this is a survivalist blog. Of course we like to hear that we're more advanced and that *eventually* we are going to be proven right.

I'd like to point out this aspect before saying I actually agree with what is been said here.

I'm reaping benefits from my past worrying (and acting upon it) everyday. I don't need any Life Extinction Event to prove my point, every living day I enjoy having dropped out of the rat race.

I don't drive, don't own a car, and live 10 min. by foot from my job, supermarket, and railway station. I see people all around me getting into debt to get a vehicle that will be worthless even before it is amorticized, and which costs them vast sums of money every month, not counting the harrasment of unexpected breakdowns.

People that have chosen a life dependent on cars when they had other choices are not thinking things through.

The really bright people (notice how well I include myself in the definition now) do odd things, because as a matter of fact it's all the others who are acting oddly, following manufactured trends etc.

When mothers judge their potential son-in-laws by the car that they drive, you can tell that her whole family is made of slaves. Status-obsessed people are utterly enslaved, until they get rid of it, and this is also a teaching of Christ. (The money changer for instance)

Anonymous said...

Not say'n I don't want a place to retreat to (I started realizing things were going very bad in January of 2010), but did any of those guys use their vaults? Did those vaults save them from anything?

Anonymous said...

According to my father, our family name (southern Europe) literally translates in 'Worrier'.

That last part about eyes open dreaming state for running future scenarios - I do that all the time, I can lay there staring at the wall and come to an hour (or two) later having gone round the world in my head.

I think if you look at Enneagram stuff, you see a type 5 person. And the biggest problem with us, is simply that we are overloaded with so many ideas, and plans and scenarios, that we find it very hard to actually FINISH anything because, after all we already worked it out/ built it in our head, what's the need of doing it in real life.

- kochevnik

this guy

and this guy

built by a doctor and an electrical engineer - I'm sure they're IQ was very low (LOL)

Rowan said...

A vault is at the top of my list, right after acquiring land to put it on. I'm moving to a beautiful remote place this Summer, hoping to get a nice quarter acre block.

I've started making money from my software company, but I had to invent an entirely new market segment. I tried telling a few people to get into my new market segment but the response is the same 'no one does that', the fact that I'm making money with it doesn't register.

It's lonely. I'd like a cave overlooking my private valley, a wife and children, possibly a cheese cellar on the side.

Anonymous said...

Rowan, do you post on the Back Shed forum? Maximite? (Tech board). I'm checking out the thread for Modcom GUI for the Weedtech boards.

Anonymous said...

I have wondered about myself in years past, but now many things seem a lot clearer because of what I've read here. For instance, my distaste for the maneuvering people perform just to get attention (especially the denizens of "urban areas"), and the difficulty I had discerning the sociopathic motivations of most people. My mind never worked that way, I never constantly schemed to hurt or undermine others as so many seemed to.
Now, of course, it all makes sense. The marked lack of empathy or capacity for independent thought that most others have. Truly, these people have no soul. Now, I know this is so, without question.
They are shells, "empties floating by" as I've heard it expressed.
Oh, and maybe a little off-topic, but what about lifelong interests in things no one else seems to give a damn about? Is this notable?
I was always the "march to the beat of my own drum" without question, and I remember from a young age paying attention to things like buses or street lights. I was also likely to have been the only 9 year old in the neighborhood who had a microscope....

Sam said...

sleep disorders, depression, alienation, hyperfocus, compulsive hoarding...uuhhh...
I got that.
I bought an old decrepit backhoe. I'm repairing it now. I'm going to build an underground shop/garage and put the shelter UNDER the underground garage. I've got about fifty telephone poles so far.
You should be able to build a small shelter for well under a thousand dollars. Won't be in the vault range of capabilities. Better than nothing. Look at nuclear war survival skills. It's online and it has plans.

Solsys said...

kochevnik, you're right about the Enneagram stuff, but MBTI is a more precise system.

You're an INTO, just like me, and this is why once it's finished in your head you don't bother doing it in real life.

Tex is an INTJ, and this is why he gets things done. He is also obsessed with the world evolving to a point where things will eventually be as they should be, which is a very big INTJ driving force. As an INTP, I consider the "should be" part highly flexible, as Tex often demonstrates himself in the plasticity of his views. (Whereas the INTP is rigid in his view of the plasticity of the world).

I get things done because reality doesn't work like I thought it would, and physical production has fascinating aspects on its own.

You have to make the completion of the project palatable to your own characters. As for myself, as I work, I imagine ways to optimize the production and reduce the necessary steps. This is why at first I have a collection of pre-standard prototypes.

NOTE : all prototypes must work properly right from the start, from their very design. "Concept studies" are a waste of time, it's only cosmetics to satisfy your ego.

Koanic said...

There are two interesting thing about the "too many ideas" / "too many thoughts" problem.

The only solution to the hoarder/thinker problem is a powerful digital info organization system. I has one. = brain permanently cleared.

The other problem, the constant worrying/thinking, is more an emotional issue, once you've got the logistics of thought storage and management out of the way. That's why Koanic Soul emphasizes "void mind". Your subconscious can handle all that BETTER than your audible overmind inner monologue.

Then you start unlocking real neanderthal power - you're free to process social interaction in real time, but you still have a functioning deep brain.

Anonymous said...


The United States is different from most other countries when it comes to the land ownership laws. In most countries, a form of feudalism still operates where the sovereign crown or the uppermost level of national government is the land-owner of record for the country. For example, The Queen owns the United Kingdom (and many other Dominions and Commonwealths as well), the Russian Federal government owns Russia, the King of Saudi Arabia owns Saudi Arabia, the Chinese national government owns China. (Google "Who owns the world" for more details.)

In the United States, except in cases of eminent domain where there are very clear rules, the Federal government is at legal parity with other land owners in the country and only own approx. 1/3 of the land of the United States. Since it is the Federal government, through the Treasury Dept., that is in hock to the Chinese and not the several states or the people respectively, the Chinese could only legally take ownership of the Federal lands as debt payment. (I know it gets complicated since the FHA owns so many home mortgages, but you get my general point.) They could take your local Post Office, but not your home (if you own it).

Now, the Chinese occupiers (uniformed or not) could try to take your home through the ancient rite of force of arms. But, if they attempted that route they would then be an invading army. If you are a US citizen and an able-bodied male between the ages of 17 and 45, you are a member of the unorganized militia of the United States (, and it would be your duty to repel the invaders. (Note that the United States has a long history of fighting un-uniformed armies; see the Indian Wars.)

-Melonhead Anon 6:51

Texas Arcane said...

My big problem is obsession with prototyping and the desire to "make it perfect." The only way I ever complete anything is to just look at it and say it's sh*t and it's not going to get any better by further tinkering so I will just call it finished. The instant I think I can improve it I start off working on proof-of-concept spikes again.

Texas Arcane said...

Sam -

I have seen other shelters built with nothing but railroad ties or telephone poles and they were absolutely awesome, beyond belief cool. Very strong and also built by only one or two people.

Solsys said...

"My big problem is obsession with prototyping and the desire to "make it perfect." The only way I ever complete anything is to just look at it and say it's sh*t and it's not going to get any better by further tinkering so I will just call it finished."

This is also a reason why I saved a lot of energy back when I was in Project Management, many projects were initiated without a precise need.

When you work to satisfy a need, or a very specific function, then the project is going to work in the end.

If you're building your own reloading press for instance, either it works, and you can reload with it, or it doesn't. Sometimes the creation process is more important to us than the end result in itself.

As I repeat every day I teach "the first tool of the engineer is the chair". When ressources are going to be scarce, we will spend a lot of time thinking things out beforhand, and only touch the tools when every minute detail has been addressed.

In the end, it means we have to be a serious in our free time as we are at work. (I know, it sucks)

Anonymous said...


Have you read _The Einstein Syndrome_?

Apparently the very brightest children think and develop differently from a very early age.