Sunday, April 8, 2012

Awesome Cold War Greenland Facility

Link courtesy of reader.

Too cool but I don't know if it was the best medium to build in.


Anonymous said...

Israeli Letter-poem to Grass: If We Go, Everyone Goes

Ever heard of the Samson Option?

Anonymous said...

Triple killing hate crime in North Carolina

A group of black thugs wearing hoodies massacred three Yemenese immigrants inside a convenience store in North Carolina. Police say that surveillance cameras show the victims cooperated with the attackers and gave them money. The attackers then killed them for the fun of it. The attack took place in the rural town of Farmville that is 50% black.

Anonymous said...

I want one!

The stuff of retro sci fi heaven.

Anonymous said...

The main truth that jumps out of this article is that the snow covers all.

Is this ( what the start of an ice age looks like? The experts aren't sure if all of Anchorage's snow will melt this summer.

For those interested in ice age self-sufficiency, the perfect ice age farm animal:

Their fur is so insulating that only the musk ox's breath shows up on infrared scans. And, their meat tastes like goat.