Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Australian Scientists Excel In Basic Research

Article neglects to mention that thirty million Australians are competing with a billion and a half Chinese.

If you deduct yobs, government employees and Queenslanders you really have a qualified pool of a couple thousand people competing with a billion and a half people. Consider it an awesome ranking for Australia as a nation.

China is likely paying 100+ million guys to just randomly do things in the lab holding test tubes while wearing white coats and hope something worth reporting on comes out of it.


Anonymous said...

Comedy gold. :)

Anonymous said...

Forget the claims of aliens, look at the facts. Atomic war before the time of Jesus?

Rowan said...

I'm in Sydney right now.

The CBD is nothing but shoppin and eatin (Hat tip to George Carlin) for children of rich chinese.

On the plus side, it beats the pants off London, food's better too.

No competition, Aussies are finished.

Anonymous said...

Has this been posted before? Cell phones cause brain damage:

Was this ever reported in the media? Probably not...

Anonymous said...

"On the plus side, it beats the pants off London, food's better too."

Want a hot meal from China? All it costs is the genocide of your race.

"No competition, Aussies are finished."

As soon as Whitey anti-White is removed from the halls of power,

"Austraria will no ronger be, the prace to bree."

Anonymous said...

Another Way to Kill U.S. Farmers: Seize Their Bank Accounts on Phony Charges

Anonymous said...

Tungsten-Filled 1 Kilo Gold Bar Found In The UK

Patriot said...

What brings you to Sydney, Rowan? I've been here for two years. Bloody awful place. Filthy. But I don't reckon it's at all like the rest of Australia - which the local populace have never heard of.

Andhaira said...

The old alliances are dead.

Now, the nations of the world are making new pacts, with nations they considered bitter foes just a decade or two ago.

All of this rearranging is eerily familiar to any student of history. The world, to me, seems to be on a precipice. Only America is really waging war, and even they have toned it down quite a bit. It is like a great hush...a great calm before the mother of all storms.

Honestly, WWIII is coming. When it hits, it will come out of nowhere, as a relatively small incident (to the world at least) will very, very quickly spiral out of control.

I am pretty sure it will start somewhere in South East Asia, probably in the Afghanistan-Pakistan shared region. Probably another attack on Pakistani soldiers, except this time Pakistan will scramble the jets. NATO will respond with jets of their own ofcourse, along with aircraft carriers. Then China will enter the fray, and then Russia, and then shit will really hit the fan.

The looks on the faces of Americans will be priceless though, when they realize how utterly useless their precious carriers and carrier battlegroups really are.

The Soviet Union used to have just as many Carriers as Kwa. Today, Russia has only one Carrier. It is not that they can't afford them, nor that they lack the engineering skill to make them. It is just that they realized back in the 90's that Carriers were made to fight WWII and the Cold War. With the invention of sophisticated, guided ballistic missiles carriers are now floating targets. For the price of one carrier, you can make thousands of missiles, enough to sink all the carriers in the Kwan fleet before they can launch a single plane.

L said...

That depends on the Chinese,and I'd they can keep their country together.They have a 3000 year history of going from featured feudal states too strong imperial government and back again in a few generations. Given the state of the Chinese economy and the struggle they are having maintaining order in the provences (and rooting out potential coup leaders in the rich, coastal south) I don't see that their current situation breaks that historical model. If they do manage to break it, then yeah, some Chinese historian will write 'The rise and fall of the American Empire', with us as a footnote. It remains to be seen.

Personally, my money's on Indian. Nationally, significantly less hot headed and proud, and much more flexible and able to withstand shocks. They also developed their modern academic and engineering culture when Britain was at the height of her powers. They have also managed too indigenously develop nuclear weapons, launchers and other high tech weapons without much in the way of foreign input until very recently. They are also more outward looking. I expect to see a resurgence of the Harrapan civilisation than I do an all conquering Chinese one.

Anonymous said...

China - infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters

Rowan said...

@Patriot Just here for a few Months to get a project finished, then I'm off to a great wilderness for a year.

It's a million times cleaner than London.