Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up

Notice that Barry Soetoro was told from a young age that he was being groomed for the Presidency. This nobody was recruited at random and chosen to be a puppet for the regime that was being planned many years ago. He was probably the bastard of one of the many men who used his mom as a public mattress in the Communist Party.

The Ayers were well connected to the Illuminati and Freemasons long before their son was a convicted terrorist. They were literally stabling and feeding the down-low brother for the express purpose of producing a Manchurian Candidate.


njartist said...

This concept is hard to grasp: this grooming is prima facia evidence of a long term inter-generational conspiracy; this may even mean a manipulation of bloodline - did you know that most of our presidents are descended along royal bloodlines; and they know it.
Here is one of the most comprehensive explanations I've seen. Several other of Vieth's lectures in the Total Onslaught series are equally revealing.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not the problem.

The real problems lies with the electorate. The country is so far gone that it is able to vote for somebody like him.

And the only viable conservative opposition to the cultural Marxist establishment is also corrupt and will betray it's citizens without a second thought. Witness GWB's incessant pandering to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

What poppycock. The mailman talked to a young black man once and he's convinced it was Obama. And, further, he is convinced that the Ayers helped Obama with his education even though he admits he doesn't remember the name of the student Mary Ayers mentioned.

You can certainly see all the Marxist moves Obama has made in his first four years. Yeah, he's a Marxist alright. And my name is Moshe.

(Actually I'm related to the Rothschilds. I am slated to be the King of Prussia someday. You will all worship me and my elongated head!)

Anonymous said...

Yes anon 12:40,

and all of world history happened by accident. I love how brain washed sleeping people treat the rest of us who woke up as if we were sleeping, brain washed idiots.

"I'm smart. I watch tv and read the NY times. Conspiracy retards, ha ha ha".