Wednesday, March 7, 2012

X-5 Knocks The Dust Off

Most powerful flare yet of this cycle. Notice the creepy, eerie periods of quiescence and virtual quiet suddenly interrupted by massive blasts with little warning? That's the solar engine shutting down for the Grand Minimum. Is it any wonder that magnetic reversals are most likely to occur during these periods of transition to and from Ice Ages? Is it any wonder these are periods of increased volcanism and tectonic movement?

Long before war breaks out, people will be fighting in the streets for food.

Unless they build the Vault-Co hydroponics lab and keep it in their closet. Otherwise, they'll be fighting in the streets for food.


Rowan said...

Interesting little article.

Anonymous said...


do you have plans available for your hydroponics lab?

thanks, gregg

Anonymous said...

Head of BBC: We will mock Jesus, but we will never mock Mohammed:

Oy vey, the weakness, dissent and unbelief among *former* christian nations has come full circle. Good job jews! A high five to decadent marxists everywhere!

Anonymous said...

According to BBC's head honcho, Christ is a free target. Jews and Mohammedans are sacred, multikult is verboten:

You were right. There is no turning back from this. Once a civilization reaches such a level of self-hatred and self-predation jumping off the cliff is the next step. Doom is imminent.

I pray to God that the good and sane among us live to tell the tale. I'm digging up my hole just to in case, to be safe in case The Lord deems me unworthy of having my prayers answered.

Texas Arcane said...

Gregg, I work on my lab and accompanying automation server nearly every day, both days on the weekends. I have a lot to do on it this weekend.

It's a very simple system built from very simple parts with very simple construction and when it is ready it is intended to be run by a very simple controller called Vault-OS. This is my proof of concept to show some of the things that can be done with Vault-OS. When I have it running sufficiently well to produce some plants I intend to release an E-Book on the subject but hopefully my software will be released for testing much sooner.

Mark Asher said...

So how much food have you been able to grow in your hydroponics lab? Are you feeding your family with it? No longer have to make trips to the grocery store?

Texas Arcane said...

So far, I think I could feed you enough lettuce to make you sick at every meal. However, the other crops are still under development. I am finishing my third racking system as of this week, my second rusted out and my first was submerged in silt which I don't believe qualifies as a good growth medium.

More photos of the racking system up this weekend.

Anonymous said...

great. sounds like a very interesting project. i'll stay tuned for more info. good luck.