Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Without Neanderthal, Mankind Would Be Nothing

Sapiens is loud, outspoken and chattering ... and unfortunately, has said nothing of value in the past 250,000 years.

Without the rape of the Neanderthal women, men would live in mud huts, eat their meat raw and rub dung in their hair to keep the bugs off.


Anonymous said...

It's still pretty shocking that Neanderthal were wiped out by sapiens in the first place. I wonder if it was less sapiens wiping them out rather than sapiens mixing with neanderthals living in the until sapiens were strong enough to wipe them out?

I couldn't see current primitive humans from Africa being able to handing anything more than random village raid without killing themselves through stupidity.

Rowan said...

This one is out of the ball park.

Anonymous said...

You think that humans have said nothing of value in the last 250k years? You mustn't have read many books!

To be fair, humans brought you your favourite source of information - the conspiracy theory blogs. Beats Neanderthal cave paintings!

Ghostwriter said...

Ano. Current ppl are NOT from Aflica. Difficult to say where we are originally from, possibly E.T test tubes.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 12:52

9/10s of all books are rubbish. The remainder are the refutation of that rubbish and all such books are written by Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

"The remainder are the refutation of that rubbish and all such books are written by Neanderthals."

Oh c'mon. Neanderthals have been extinct since before the written word existed. Those books you cherish were written by sapiens.

Texas Arcane said...

In addition to being embarrassingly mediocre in all things, Sapiens isn't much of an observer.

He hasn't figured out he is two species mixed together like oil and water with over 38,000 years to figure it out. Many Sapiens believe everyone has the same intelligence and physical limitations, despite that offering no explanation for the civilization they live in. Bears of little brain, the homos.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 10:17 PM

Just got finished watching ZULU with Michael Caine.

That's how.

If 1000-to-1 couldn't do the job, Sapiens just sent 10,000-to-1 the next time.

Anonymous said...

I know what Neanderrhals were like. Don't ask me how I know, given that they became extinct eons ago, I just know.

They lived in small family groups, were extremely distrustful of any source of information that didn't claim that civilization was immediately about to disintegrate, they scratched out small caves full of black mould, and they constantly procrastinated on all of their tasks.

Texas Arcane said...

You don't know what Neanderthals were like. If you did you would have reformed half your ideas a long time ago.

List your current responsibilities and I will list mine. We will see which list is longer.

Your list :

1. Smoke dope and be a sodomite in Belgium.

2. Post all day long to Codex despite the fact nobody has ever bothered to read any of my posts.

3. Repeat for duration of adult life.

My List :

(Double sided fanfold paper printed copy extends to Gold Coast, up to Sunshine Coast, wrapped around a tree, comes back down to Burleigh Heads, passes through underground culvert for 8 kilometers until it comes out on my driveway)

Anonymous said...

Look at the people from Eastern Europe. Very "nromal" in most respects except they tend to be bigger and stronger, mature younger and have larger bodies and heads for their size. For years they dominated the physical sports like football, hockey and boxing. Easter Europe had mountain valleys that were ice free pockets during the glacial period and was an ideal place for neanderthals to survive in large numbers.

Anonymous said...

That's your problem, too many responsibilities! You need to somehow tap in to your 99% sapiens DNA and learn how to focus on a task to completion.

Texas Arcane said...

That's a great idea. As soon as I get done mowing the back acreage, clearing weed growth around the hatches of Sparkgap, scrub the watertank down and spend another 8 hours doing decon work inside the shelter then I will have time to service the diesel generator and reinstall W2000 on the Sentry board and build a test platform for the daemon drivers that is cross platform and change the lock on the service entrance and then drill those holes in the PVC pipe for the hydro lab then I can cut those metal bands to fit the frame for the new vault door ... (collapses unconscious)

Guy, trust me, you have no idea. A person like yourself would basically be tasked to masturbate and surf the web. Fini. You'd have no end of spare time.

Oh, and I also have to finish my Iphone game Atomic War and as soon as it is on the store go back to working on Grimoire. I almost completed that 2D animated cutscene for the introduction.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and I also have to finish my Iphone game Atomic War and as soon as it is on the store go back to working on Grimoire."

Cool. Been waiting for that one for at least 13 years now. Where can I preorder?

Anonymous said...

Ha! My schedule is much busier than yours:

1) Wake up after 15 minute nightly power-nap

2) Elongate head

3) Start 3 conspiracy theories on random blogs, occasionally one sticks

4) Comment on a conspiracy blog, pretending to be from Mossad

5) Check if Grimoire has been released

6) Release a scientific paper obscuring the true origins of humankind

7) Plan a false flag attack

8) Polish my bunker

And that only takes me 5 minutes, due to my super-human intellect inside my melon-like cranium and my amazing physical prowess.

I pity you Sapien/Neanderthal hybrids...

Simon said...


And then you spend the rest of your day masturbating into a towel, sacrificing vats of your priceless melon-head semen.

Anonymous said...

I recently watched and HBO documentary about his life and according to the descriptions you have been giving on this blog he's the closest thing to a Neanderthal that I know of:

Anonymous said...

I would like to say.
I definitely believe that homo sapiens is an overrated species I also believe that neanderthals were underrated.

However, I also believe that the hominids of this planet possibly have been genetically altered by ET for their own gain. I have good reason to believe I am a hybrid. 

Now, evolution is not linear. Not only I am halfway between the endogamous directional view of evolution and the hybrid vigor school.

Under all circumstances I do reject matriarchal breeding. The Y chromosome or male gender chromosome is highly underrated as a driver of evolution. 

It it the hubris of both the Sapiens and Neanderthals fail to see that the whole free market slut topia in libertarian thought is what the slave masters were hoping we would evolve into.

Regardless of your race or species I have zero shame to announce that i would purposefully create a genocide of these matriarchal elements.

I believe there was a pure patriarchal neanderthal species that valued female chastity and was  replaced by an attention deficit disorder cad species of neanderthals. Same thing in sapiens. 

Why has there been so little detail about the 2d 4d finger ratio of the females in all these species?

Mind you, a monandrous society can create a polygynous one, but not necessarily vice versa.

That's the prime breeding pattern.

Honestly people, gorillas have more honor than hominids.

How come no one is talking about Denisovans and their culture?

So if anyone resonates with the patriarchal message of monandry and upholding female chastity (gangrape is disgusting, because it implies two males or more on a victim, which is basically a direct violation of chastity and subliminal homoeroticism) which is why I think gangrapist Muslims who are hypocrites and should be executed on the spot. Nothing I am saying is coming from compassion or feminism. I believe in Purity.

What none of you realize is that there are conspiracies larger than the Mossad and it does have a Freemasonic outline. They are worshippers of snakes and the ETs have been into their gangrape for a long time. 

Stop treating your women like prostitues and hunt your own game and fight your own wars.

So which are you Tex?
The moon loving, Momma's boy who is afraid to take care of his own young and can't create any sedentary culture worth of value and is brainwashed and brain drained by a large testicle that finds cuckoldry sexually exciting?

Or the Jealous, Solar, Patriarchal Neanderthal that realizes that his attendant partner a female has chaste loyalty and a developed left brain female?

Because that's what happened.
Neanderthals failed to continue a left brain female population and Sapiens never developed a true right brain male.

And a failure to develop a Masculine deity is a sign of failure and an Oedipus complex to the fullest.

Only the Purist Patriarchal Culture that upholds monandry will finally take down the snakes in the sky.

We will Hail a Fatherland.
Mind you that empty Communist China you refer to is called a Motherland. Mao Zedong has tops for deathtoll of all time.

American capitalism will not save us.
A united Patriarchal Europe will.

The balde eagle is a cuckolded animal.

I ask those who hear my message to join me in resistance.

Email me if you are MAN enough to actually discuss the ideas that will liberate us. Not this existentialist, virtual reality bullshit of American greed.


Texas Arcane said...

Always keep in mind when you speak of the Neanderthal matriarchy you are speaking of a clan of females with genius that is uncommon in Homo Sapiens males and completely unheard of in the Sapiens female.

When females with IQs between 120-150 do the choosing and rejecting of males based on the criteria of their vastly superior minds, you are talking about a whole different order of natural selection driven by female choice.

These weren't the Jersey Shore girls rating studs. If you try to understand it from this perspective you won't understand it. The Neanderthal female was radically different from a Sapiens female. She had a deep soul, good judgement, the ability to value very abstract qualities and breed for the very best for a half million years. If these girls threw you out there was no court of higher appeal - you were out, on the long walk. It was brutal and discriminated heavily against all the traits you see present in modern people. All of them.

Texas Arcane said...

I was talking to somebody the other day at lunch about this difference in discrimination and they pointed out that the Sapiens female is fantastic at picking born losers in the long evolutionary view. This is why brain size has been shrinking for 20,000 years.

The Neanderthal system for male-female relations just plain worked. The Sapiens system just plain doesn't. You can't argue with the results. Dopey, confused males will end up dominating in these circumstances by sheer numbers, sooner or later. Sapiens is a dysgenic product.

Anonymous said...

I don't get how a Christian could maintain a believe in such a capricious and random universe as the one you're describing, Cleve.

Anonymous said...

"The Neanderthal female was radically different from a Sapiens female. She had a deep soul, good judgement, the ability to value very abstract qualities and breed for the very best for a half million years. If these girls threw you out there was no court of higher appeal - you were out, on the long walk."

You have absolutely no evidence to back this up. This is your gut feeling. You've created an entire mythology about the neanderthals out of thin air.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 7:30 PM

What you mean is, you are not familiar with the evidence.

The evidence is overwhelming.

Most people are born unable to draw conclusions. You should not be ashamed - the majority of all people can neither think nor reach conclusions. All they can do is consult the consensus.

If you lived another fifty years, you may hear this same proposal on the televitz. Then you'd take it seriously. Or you could assume I would not say such things because I just made them up out of thin air.

The majority of people don't read, don't think and don't reason. No cause to be ashamed, you're perfectly normal.

Remember, no neanderthal female or child has ever been found who died from violence at the hands of another neanderthal. Ever. In tribal battles we find bones of males way back in the Mousterian eras, but no females or children.

Homo Sapiens, by contrast, makes no distinctions. We find the bones of the young, the old, infants, male and female all mixed into common graves, all killed without prejudice by Sapiens males.

Sapiens is a killer. That's all he ever was and it is all he will ever be. Sapiens kills. Outside of that, he has never demonstrated so much as the capacity to walk and chew gum at the same time. There is that terrible vaccuum in the fossils for Sapiens. We find his bones but no artifacts. A spear chucking monkey with no soul. No soul. No soul. Nothing to be angry about because there is nothing there. Just the terrible emptiness and dearth of any evidence that Sapiens ever could think about anything.

For 150 years Sapiens has been claiming Neanderthal camps as his own. That's incorrect. His camps are the empty ones. Exactly like Africans except with smaller penises and no rhythm.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 3:08 PM

I thought the truth would set you free?

Why did God give me a mind if not to penetrate these mysteries and figure it out? With or without a consensus?

Anonymous said...

Correction: Tex revealed in this thread how he knows so much about Neanderthals. It's from watching movies like ZULU (with Michael Caine).

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 10:12 PM

Your problem is you are hyper-obsessed about me personally. You don't read the links or even bother to follow the stories that are posted here. The only reason you come here is to post irrelevant comments that target me personally, over and over again. I don't understand why you keep coming here.

Texas Arcane said...

Note 9-to-1 is extremely conservative, with Trinkhaus and others suggesting 1000-to-1 is more like it.

Anonymous said...

You don't come across as a Christian, you come across as an atheist, complete with the expectation that physical reality has the answers you're looking for, that has thrown on a cloak of Christianity out of fear or pragmatism. If you have a relationship with Jesus, it's a condescending one on his part. The Bible never said "the truth will set you free."

Anonymous said...

Do you believe God is acting through man to carry out his plan on this Earth? Why do you feel qualified to despise humans if Christ wasn't?

Anonymous said...

Dig a little deeper, Cleve, and ye shall surely be as gods.

Anonymous said...

You are like a jew, always changing the subject matter when confronted and always resorting to personal arguments.

You were asked for evidence to your insane and unproven claims that Neandhertals lived in a complex matriarchal society. Instead you resorted to ad hominem attacks and posted links pointing to the fact that neanderthals were preyed upon by migrating sapiens(a theory well acknowledged by the mainstream since the 70's and proven by archaeological evidence).

That is why your credibility is becoming and more questionable. When you make wild claims and formulate wild theories without real base, you sound like a new age whacko. Actually, even though I continue to read your blog and find it useful, I believe you crossed the "new agey alternative loony" line quite a hile ago.

Anonymous said...

I would seriously question wether or not this neandhertal mythology of yours is compatible with Christian belief. A society ruled by women, where the sick and weak are cast out to die due to reproductive selection is far from the biblical ideal of morality...

Your personal beliefs(which are ascribed to this mythical pre-historic race of yours) sound more and more like those of a radical egenicist. Well, are you? What exactly do you advocate? Social Darwinism? Forced sterilizations and abortions? Euthanasia for the unfit? Or do you just really hope for the world to become a radioactive crater where only the strong and fit would survive? If so, how do you balance those beliefs with phony claims of being a Christian?

Anonymous said...

Tex we have no writings or tales of Neanderthals. We have bones, stone tools, cave paintings, and some camps where we can see how the camp was organized, or more accurately, disorganized.

You cannot ascertain the character and state of mind of Neanderthal women from the evidence at hand. You are making a conjecture based on feeling, not evidence.

Texas Arcane said...

For all of you lurkers, if you think I'm going to post ten thousand links from this board again on every thread where some idiot wanders in and says "Where's the evidence?" who has never bothered to read a single link up here, you're wrong. This problem with reading comprehension is a personal problem, it's not my concern.

Consult Trinkhaus for a discussion of matriarchy amongst the Neanderthals.

As for you Christians who ask bizarre questions like "Why" I would "want" to believe such things, that's something you probably would not grasp. I "believe" such things because they are true and the things you posit are false. The evidence says as much regardless of what you would "like" to believe in matters that scripture does not cover in any details although they are alluded to on nearly every page.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 12:25 PM

The alternative given human genetics is a society like the one you live in, where the sick, crazy, degenerate and confused rule the roost. Which would you rather have?

The great thing about these cyclic kingdoms of the botched and bungled is that they are self-limiting by nature. Looked at in this perspective, the modest means of the Neanderthals and their "long walk" are very tame in comparison. They didn't kill anyone, they merely sent them away. I guess for creatures with no means to fall back on other than leeching off social groupings this really is a fate worse than death.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 8:13

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

-John 8:32

... oh, those kwazy kwisschans and their scofield krappery.

Anonymous said...

A promiscuous matriarchal society were females have the initiative in choosing a mate? Sounds an awful lot like our modern decadent society. Sounds a lot like what bonobo monkeys have too. It is also in complete opposition to the customs prescribed in scripture.

No wonder these manapes went extinct. They were not of God. Funny you say "neanderthal society worked". It didn't, that is why they are all dead and burning in hell.

P.S: Scofield? I am Russian Orthodox. But since you are ignorant of our own religion, here are select quotes from your King James version(I suggest you read it):

1 Corinthians 7:2: Nevertheless, [to avoid] fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

Mathew 19:3: The Pharisees also came unto him, tempting him, and saying unto him, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause?

4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made [them] at the beginning made them male and female,

5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?

6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

7 They say unto him, Why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away?

8 He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so.

9 And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except [it be] for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.

Anonymous said...

"The alternative given human genetics is a society like the one you live in, where the sick, crazy, degenerate and confused rule the roost. Which would you rather have?"

Nah, you are putting genetics ahead of faith. If you don't believe God can save every man, you are not Christian at all.

Christians thrived for millenia without the action of eugenic loony bins like yourself. The truth is that a society has many roles to fill, you put your faith in God and everything will fall into place, even the dumb and the weak. All have their place as long as they are men of God and willing to work.

The cancers can easely be dealt with. Do with the rapists and murderers as our ancestors did and all will be fine. That is the only genetic selection you need in a Christian society.

Authors like Huxley speculated on what a society of eugenic randroidian supermen would be like. Their conclusion is that it wouldn't last more than a few days. The competition of individual powers would destroy it before it could ever structure itself into a functioning society.

Smithy said...

To the credit of dissenters, this is the first time I have ever seem Tex mention Trinkaus here. Anyway, his theories are based specially on these facts:

- Genetic testing of fossils shows that neo females mated with more than one male.

- Females on a give group were nearly always related, males were usually not.

- There is no evidence of violence against females.

Hard to deny they were indeed hominids that lived in a polyandrous matriarchal society. The one thing I don't understand(as many of you don't) is why Tex ascribes such superiority to these extinct hominids. Unlike Sapiens, they were never able to advance in craftsmanship, migration and social organization. That is why they went the way of the dodo and that is why our ancestors were able to kill them by numbers. We bred faster, we were more organized and united, and we were also smarter and more inventive.

Tex "theories" are mainly not his own, he assembled facts that have the backing of science and he can post links to prove it.

(continues in next comment)

Anonymous said...


I don't know why tex tolerates so many retards on these threads he should delete 90 percent because they are by morons who think they have an idea of what they are talking about.

Its clear tex is just rephrasing Trinkhaus but these idiots come up and attack him like these ideas originated with him. Youre stupid people and thats not for tex to fix.

Stop posting stupid things on this blog. You can disagree with texs interpretation of the facts but claiming he made them up is just so stupid on your part you should be ashamed. As he says you don't even know what you don't know.

Texas Arcane said...

"Unlike Sapiens, they were never able to advance in craftsmanship, migration and social organization. That is why they went the way of the dodo and that is why our ancestors were able to kill them by numbers. We bred faster, we were more organized and united, and we were also smarter and more inventive."

Your vanity speaking. No evidence for it.

Sapiens outnumbered Neanderthal.


There's no other reason.

Zulus prevented any exploration of deeper Africa for decades until the invention of the air-cooled gatling gun. It didn't matter that the individual zulu had less brains than a shiny red button. There were hundreds of them chucking spears. Nothing to argue with. Too many zulus to fight, period.

All creatures lower on the evolutionary scale have higher fertility rates. They have no choice in the matter. They die easily and are individually cheap and of uniformly low quality.

Sapiens outnumbered Neanderthal.

This and only this was the reason they overran them. In every other metric that can be ascertained they were subhuman, mindless scum - monkeys that walked on their hind legs and could throw a spear.

Smithy said...

Second part of my comment is not showing up for some reason... can you check it out?

In reply to you, I must say it is not my vainity speaking. Not at all. The world back then was entirely unlike our own. no welfare checks and socialist healthcare. "Multiplying"(as in surviving and having offspring that survive) actually necessitated biological value. Your comparison to monkeys is ignorant both because monkeys are not known for breeding in large quantities and because they are not a very successfull species. Were did you take this fac-simile from?

You seem to ignore that we are talking about a species that not only suceeded in the darwinistic sense I mentioned above, but also as a society. Migrating and spreading throughout the globe required cooperation and planning. Actually, the success of sapiens was due to cooperation, and that resulted from innate intelligence.

Compare to the neos you describe, who were unable of such ambitions. There was no resistance, no "last stand" akin to the Zulu flick you mention. It was a sophisticated, numerous and organized society of humans against cave dwelling hominids who lived in tight knit groups of about 10 or more people.

It is quite a stretch for you to claim there was a war, or even a massacre at all. I imagine it was something akin to the advanced europeans colonizing the backwards native americans. You know the truth yourself: neos didn't die, they were simply mixed in with their conquerors.

Smithy said...

Anom 3:49: I never claimed Tex made it all up, quite the contrary. Well, at least not in my comment that is showing up. On my continuation comment(which for some reason disappeared) I did question his theories on "Melonheads" and his self proclaimed neo descent.

But you couldn't have read it since the comment didn't make it through, right? Unless you are Tex posing as an anonymous commenter and that for some reason you both deleted my comment and responded to it... I am confused. Why would somebody do something as pathetic as this because of a simple and unassuming argument? I thought you were a man capable of appreciating reasonable dissent Tex, that is why I read your blog and always reccomend to my friends. Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

"Zulus prevented any exploration of deeper Africa for decades until the invention of the air-cooled gatling gun. It didn't matter that the individual zulu had less brains than a shiny red button. There were hundreds of them chucking spears. Nothing to argue with. Too many zulus to fight, period."

First, you're talking decades, not centuries. That's nothing on the historical scale.

Second, despite their superior numbers they never advanced. If it was all about numbers a Zulu would be the Queen of England now.

Neanderthals were out competed. Sapiens were better.

Texas Arcane said...

Sapiens demonstrated no "better" in the 160,000 years we know of, until they undertook the rape of the surviving Neanderthal women.

Until then, nothing much worth mentioning in any regard. Their camps are so sterile and barren that they seem more like the habitations of animals than human beings.

Texas Arcane said...

I deleted your comment, Smithy, because it was a series of personal insults in which you recommended me to psychiatric help.

I deleted it after reading a post that followed it suggesting it was rubbish. I didn't post that comment, I agreed with it. I don't feel obligated to keep diatribes against me personally up here. Go somewhere else for that.

Anonymous said...

The better race never loses. Nature is ruthless.

You need to have your head way up in that place in order to believe "animals" were able to dominate the pre-historic environment and cooperate in crossing continents and conquering the whole world. That is not how it works.

Remember, africans only left africa when we took them out of there with our ships.

Anonymous said...

This is where the Neanderthal hybrids talk eachother into erections with fallacies. Neanderthal genetics are failing and have been failing ever since this mixture began. Insanity is part of the Neanderthal/Human hybrid problem. That coupled with aggresive behaviour as well as narcissism. I would get into some facts but it is clear that those here are more concerned with talking themselves up in order to reinforce their infalted egos. I guess when no one else tells you that you are beautiful or smart, you just got to say it yourself. For those of you who really want to understand the truth, start with source material from geneticists and anthropologists. Stop quoting hollywood movies and the video games aren't helping your difficulties with reality either.

Texas Arcane said...

Everything is relative. Failing as compared to what? Have you looked at the world around you? Do you think Homo Sapiens is a roaring success?

What little separates Sapiens from animals comes from his Neanderthal heritage.

It sounds like you are the one having difficulties with reality. Are you sure you understand this correctly or are you just skimming the blog?

Introversion and introspection is Neanderthal and it is the same as the capacity to reason. It also carries the risk of insanity, as intelligence goes up the risk increases.

This hardly means that the Neanderthals were all insane. It means that the admixture of races means that people are torn between two modes of existence. The winners are the ones who exhibit more Neanderthal than Sapiens.