Friday, March 23, 2012

Wijun Infant Magic In First World

The barbaric practices of chopping up infants to use in voodoo rituals are considered abhorrent when people in the third world do it, but as you will see from this article, no baby goes wasted in the first world either. Grinding them up into sausage for medical experiments has now been validated as legal by the Obama Administration.

Seriously, the horror on this planet somedays is so far beyond the pall it is difficult to even talk about it. Nietszche was right when he said civilization is simply the refinement of human cruelty and therefore naturally inclined to slip back into barbarism with nothing but time and circumstance.

If God doesn't do something about the 'Stain soon, he is going to be vulnerable to lawsuits for reparations to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Remember that these practices always represent an incremental approach to reducing you to sausage as well, all within the full scope of the "law." Under this "law," you are as nothing more than meat whether dead or alive to international financial concerns. This is the "progressive" agenda they have been talking about for fifty years. It has progressed pretty far with the help and consent of so many useful idiots. I predict soon that the right to die with dignity will simply be shortened to the right to die, period. Many will be Kevorkian'ed whether they signed the paperwork or not.


Rowan said...

So this God thing, will it really stop me from blowing my brains out? I haven't quite made it past 25 yet.

Which version of the bible is the original version? Is there a church anywhere that conforms to it?

Anonymous said...

Just another commodity

Anonymous said...

Sit back, relax, and blame the next hurricane or earthquake on it. Like a good little 21st century fundie.

Texas Arcane said...

I say read the King James. It's not perfect, it's like the Model T of translations. It gets you where you need to go.

Look at how the modern church has been captured and always keep in mind ... Christianity is a private matter. These guys want it to be public because they make their living or derive their social networking from it. It is really a matter between you, Jesus Christ and God. This is another aspect that Krisschans really hate with a passion, the fact it is none of their business.

Remember Rowan, it's not always expected you will believe. I don't, frequently. I always comport myself as though I did. The people who claim to always believe are lying and in fact have never believed, ever. I'll bet you could do better hardly trying.

Anonymous said...

The KJV is a somewhat morally compromised version of scripture. Its pundits erased 7 books of the old testament that conflicted their theological reforms(They tried to erase two books of the new testament too but in the end didn't have the guts). It also distorts several passages to confort to certain doctrines(the most infamous being the passages dealing with divorce and marriage).

I would say the Douay-Rheim is the best english version, for its literary quality, for its completeness and for its loyalty to the original texts. Many resist it because it is considered the "traditional catholic version". Don't. Remember, before Vatican II and all the masonic and commnunist infiltration, the Catholic Church was for a good time the only true church. Millions within its communion still adhere to pre-vatican II doctrine, so it arguably still is.

If you know latin, read the Vulgate. The man responsible for it was not only a saint, but also one that had access to the original documents(unlike the copies of copies used more than a thousand years later).

Rowan said...

Thank you very much Tex, your comment really means a lot to me right now.

Anonymous said...

"It is really a matter between you, Jesus Christ and God."


"Christianity is a private matter."

Not so true. While faith and salvation are highly personal matters, the preservation of religion and its tradition can hardly be done by individuals reluctant to subscribe to universal values and work together.

The whole "just me and my personal and flawed interpretation of the version of the Bible that I own" has been an ongoing experiment for the last few centuries in many parts of the world. While it might work for a highly educated individuals raised in certain traditions,It didn't work as a whole. It failed completely as a whole.

What do we have to show for it? Thousands of bickering "denominations". The end of Christian unity. The ultimate debauchery in the likes of Jerry Falwell, "Krischans", as you call them. Just think of how many have turned away from faith in the face of such reality, and think of how many millions will never know honest religion because of it.

Every Christian hates to admit it, but many heretics had to be silenced to keep our faith from being defiled, many personal and ultimate sacrifices had to be made by our forefathers, and many wars had to be fought, all just for the right of having such a faith and preserving it through millenia.

Packing your shit and just moving from one church to the other won't work. Making your own church won't work. Belonging to no church won't work. These actions are a copout to the blood of martyrs and to what Christ built on earth.

My text is already long, excuse me if I don't quote the entirety of the gospels, but I really don't remember Christ mentioning "two", "three", "many" or "several" churches. His commandment to Peter was to build one church, HIS church. Do we have such a church now? We don't. Through our iniquities and our vanity, we separated and we weakened our faith. The irony of having thousands of Churches but NONE in good standing is overwhelming. Truly the work of the devil.

Anonymous said...

"Which version of the bible is the original version? Is there a church anywhere that conforms to it?"

The 4th century latin Vulgate. It was the first version of the complete Bible set as a "standard". Before that there were several separate texts and compilations in circulation, some of them original and some of them unreliable.

The Catholic Church and many schizmatic churches separated from it still hold it as the original scripture to some extent, but off course, since knowing latin is required to read it, it ends up being used only by the clergy and by a minority of classically educated laymen.

Since the Vatican II reforms in the 60's, the Catholic Church has mostly abandoned the text in favor of vernacular translations and the copies of the greek and hebrew originals that still survive, though they are many times unreliable. Traditionalist catholics(Schizmatics and Sedevacantists included) usually still hold the Vulgate as the one and only Bible.

Orthodox Churches tend to keep their ancient versions in use. Points to them.

The greek Septuagint is the oldest version of the old testament, and it is still used by many ancient churches.

Most protestant Bibles eliminated large sections of the traditional old testament, and their translations use a mish-mash of source material for originals that make the whole thing unreliable.

Most 20th century Catholic versions are quite shitty and unreliable as well. Many traditional versions are quite beautiful and honest translations of the Vulgate, but it is all case by case, depending on what language you are talking about.

I would make a case for the Douay-Rheim( any of the the 19th century revised versions of the 15th century original) being the best english version. It is a direct translation of the vulgate that used the surviving greek and hebrew texts as reference.

Anonymous said...

"The people who claim to always believe are lying and in fact have never believed, ever."

I couldn't say it better myself. God wants us to choose, and that includes doubting before believing.

Anonymous said...

Rowan: The original Bible was a collection of texts from different periods written in greek. hebrew and latin. They were considered "canonical" by the early church and assembled into what is now known as the Bible. Many texts didn't make it and are now considered "apocryphal".

I suppose you could argue that the "original" Bible was the 4th century latin translation by Jerome. But unless you know latin...

Even within churches there are conflicts concerning the ideal common language translation. I guess if you want to be a protestant, buy the KJV. If you want to be a Roman Catholic buy the New Jerusalem version(modern) or the Douay-Rheims(traditional). I am not sure what version english speaking members of Orthodox Churches use, but I suspect they use the Catholic versions.

If you don't care about either and want to be a non-denominational Christian such as Tex, I guess research, read and make up your mind. The truth is that there is not a whole lot of difference between most traditional versions, save for the old testament sections excluded from some protestant Bibles and maybe some differences in interpretation expressed in annotated Bibles. In the end, the ideal Bible for you will depend on what Christian denomination and tradition you embrace.

- Greenbean