Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why the Kwanstain Will Fail Catastrophically

Read this if you don't understand.

The fundamental underpinnings of American life are ruined. The prevailing orthodoxy rules with terror. The economic alternative of flight is no longer available to most of the cowards who would otherwise be asserting their moral superiority from a safe enclave in the suburbs. Those days have come to an end.

Quite simply, there is no place left to run to.

A civilization with citizens who kill 9 month old infants because there are not enough seats at a baby shower is not a civilization. It is deluded to claim as much.

An interesting review of THE HUNGER GAMES.


Ghostwriter said...

Jeeeeesus Fuck, that place is so very very OVER !! So long `Merica, u was a cool dream but too good to become true. The only thing that could still save something is probly separatism, black und white ja ?! Hopeless anyway. May them Hippies, Reds and such, burn.

Anonymous said...

Damn good article. It's basically white flight for dummies--i thought Steve sailer wrote this, it's that good.

Liberalism is unsustainable. That's why I advocate another 4 years of the Kenyan being in charge. Imagine if Germany had a more rational leader than hitler in WW2, there would have been no suicidal attack against the USSR. Thats why the kwa can't have rational leaders--it needs to die so that the west can rebuild itself.

Trayvon Martin is the multicult's Stalingrad.