Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why Don't We Find More Melonhead Remains?

I have a theory about this, you may find it interesting.

If we excavated a barnyard a thousand years after it was buried in silt and we knew nothing about the planet, say we were archaeologists from the far flung future, we might make quite a few mistakes about the organization of the place.

Our future fossil diggers might conclude that the farm was run by cows, chickens, dogs and pigs. After all, we would find their skeletons there.

We wouldn't find the farmer's skeleton, however. We might not know that is because when the humans who ran the barnyard died, they were conveyed away to be buried in a special place far away from the barnyard. The animals were buried there because they were beasts of burden but the farmer is regarded as special. He gets a special ceremony, a special suit of clothing, he is buried as part of a complex ritual to put him in his final resting place. Nobody buries the farmer on the other side of the fence as the animals are buried. The farmer is special.

I have a theory that when melonheads died throughout the ancient past, they were conveyed away from whatever place they perished in and buried in tombs specially constructed for them. Sometimes we find these places but they are very, very rare to discover compared to the far more common remains of their slaves.

Perhaps there are tombs beneath the ice in Antarctica that stretch for miles underground where the melonheads were buried, when this region was a tropical paradise that housed the melonhead capital. Maybe they are now submerged on the ocean floor miles down.

I think when a melonhead died, it was considered a "human" and due special respect and treatment as well as an elite resting place. Slaves and various worker species were not regarded as deserving of much beyond an expedient burial and therefore are far more common - we find them used in the dedication of tombs and monoliths, often buried alive simply as a token gesture to commemorate completion. I think the melonhead command structure was obsessed with seeing to it that no melonhead was ever buried alongside these primitive creatures and they went to great lengths to always spirit the body away to these special "other" places.


Anonymous said...

Hey look, melonheads! They are still around!

Anonymous said...

The skull of a Melon Head goes back very far. The skull of the Neanderathal goes back not as far, but much farther than a Homo Sapiens. Could the Melon Heads have been a very advanced gracile form of Neanderthal?

Anonymous said...

Interesting skeleton, for sure. For those who talk about brain size, it's really brain-to-body mass ratio that's the important factor in determining relative intelligence of a species.

It's why crows, for example, are highly intelligent, even relative to cats and dogs despite having a significantly smaller brain.

So this skeleton shows a creature with a huge brain capacity and a very small body--absolutely ideal for peak intelligence of a species; definitely seems to be the result of delibrate genetic engineering. They say it's a child, but for all we know it's a full-grown adult.

The hole at the top of the head reminds me of the parietal eye which many species possess (particularly lizards...are these the "serpent" people the bible talks about?)

And the over-sized eyes are definitely indicitive of a nocturnal species: a star-gazer. Makes sense if these are the people responsible for the Mayan calendar.

Sam said...

Someone need to test the DNA of the skulls in Peru and Egypt to see what these large skulls are. The results would be interesting.
I live near a large Indian mound. They did some limited excavation on it and only found basic Indian artifacts. I believe they've had to stop due to laws against disturbing Indian artifacts.I wonder if there is more deeper within it. When Hernando de Soto met the Indian chief of this area he was reputed to be very tall. Some say 7 or 8 feet.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Its a very interesting theory tex and thanks for elaborating.

As for "hydrocephalus" do you people even read the links or just make it up as you go along? Look at the things tex has linked to. These are not hydrocephalus babies.

Anonymous said...

Especially fascinating is how much people tried to make their children look like melonheads with artificial deformation. Like trying to get your kid into college, appears the melonheaded were the very upper class.

Texas Arcane said...


Codexian identified. Target engaged. Tranny neutralized.

You have your own board full of "people" just like you. I cannot understand why you would come here - unless you cannot stand being around a majority of people who are like you. I bet you will get tired of posting to threads before I get tired of deleting your posts.

Good luck and shove off.

Ghostwriter said...

Good post and interesting / good theory. Thats what it seems to be. I always tought that if some future archeologists found for example the Empire state building and some dog skeletons innit (sic) they would conclude that, shurely these beings created this building and all others like it. Dogs live around such places but didnt build them.

Anonymous said...

Excellent theory. This site always gives you something to think about in a new way. A half million hits soon Tex.

Anonymous said...

Hydrocephalus cases rarely survive infancy into childhood.

Many melonhead skulls are mature skulls.

Look also at the diferences in cranial suture lines.

Some "alleged" melonhead skuulls have been deformed by binding. But when you look at the size and shape it is clear that you have to have a lot of cranial bone and innards to be able to sculpt such a conehead with binding.

More likely the few specimens "selected" for binding were done as an homage to earlier genuine "ruling class" melonheads.

Anonymous said...

Food for thought. There's certainly more to this than the mainstream dogma. Right or wrong, your ideas are connecting more dots than the "experts".

Anonymous said...

I pity the idiots who bother to post here because they cannot even stand to put forward a theory. I find this running thread of the origins of mankind to be one of the most interesting things on the world web. You should write a book cleve.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for discussing the ancient "melonhead" skeletons when so few people will discuss these and related artifacts.

My son and I have lots of recessive and uncommon traits. Some of these traits include short, gracile bodies that hide an incredible strength (at 2, my son can do handstands and I've deadlifted heavy equipment out of river mud), large skulls (my son is in the 3rd percentile for height and body weight, but in the 90th percentile for skull circumference without any cranial pathologies), and high intelligence. As far as I can discover, no one else in my family is like this.

In social settings, I actively simulate how a person should normally behave and have to actively restrain myself from training / manipulating the other people around me. We've had to warn and coach my son's nannies that he will try to train and manipulate them.

My whole life, I've known that I was different. My father has asked me if I am a space alien. My wife likes to joke that I have a cold, black heart. Now, I think I am beginning to understand how and why I am different.

And, I know that I am not just suffering from a "special snowflake" syndrome. This past summer, I had an MRI of my brain and it is not average. All of my cerebral lobes are larger than normal and include some atypical anatomical structures.

So, I just want to say, please continue posting your melonhead research. I am not part of some ancient melonhead tribe that has secret knowledge, but am a genetic throw-back trying to discover who I am.

P.S. Does any one have actual numbers on what King Tut's cranial capacity is? It is not in the first 15 pages of Google results, I have not been able to find it in the published literature about Tut's CT scan, and Dr. Hawass has not answered my email inquiry.

Anonymous said...

The ancient Aegean civilization, whose main repository was the Minoan civilization in Crete - the first advanced one in Europe, was predominantly the product of people with dolichocephalic (elongated) skulls. Some every interesting facts:

- The period marked with the rise of the Minoan culture and its continuous progression from Early Minoan to Middle Minoan is dominated by the long-heads.

- The revolution which brought an end to the Minoan civilization was preceded by a deterioration in the number of the long-heads from two-thirds to only one-eight of the population and a corresponding increase of short-heads and medium-heads.

- This marks the arrival of the Hellenes (who were Indo-Europeans). The great majority of the male old-inhabitants are massacred while the women are shared among the conquerors to found a race of half-breeds. Twenty one skulls dug up in the burial place of Kalkani show the men belonging to the Indo-European race and the women to the Aegean.

-The dolichocephalic type of the Minoan age persisted only in isolated heights in the western extremity of the island of Crete, most notably in a region called Sfakia whose geographical characteristics make it an impenetrable fortress. To this day, unlike the rest of the Greeks, the people of Sfakia are steadfast and unyielding, have a strong sense of family and tribal ties, they are suspicious and even hostile to strangers, and they are probably the only people in Greece (except perhaps for the very similar racial stock of Mani near ancient Sparta) to have a strongly-rooted gun culture and love for firearms.

Then there is the case of Pierre Honore, the archaeologist claimed by mainstream science/media to be popular among "White Supremacists", who in his book "In Search of Quetzalcoatl" (original pro-peecee title was "In Quest of the White God") suggested that the White "Gods" of pre-Columbian America wrote Cretan script and that the South American cultures are connected to expeditions from Crete. In the light of your recent links and comments about sea traveling in the oceans being millenia old and on the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the American continent this becomes even more probable.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 6:51 AM

I believe the traits you are describing would be an exact match for a descendant of the melonheaded. I would expect all of these traits to be present in someone of this background.

I imagine they would be master social engineers, able to think circles around anyone they speak to and get them to do nearly anything merely through suggestion. It is likely their intellects would permit them to see through those around them like they were made of glass and predict in advance exactly what to say to them to manipulate them into obediency. You see it today in the cunning, diabolical propaganda on television in the media, seemingly transcendental in it's capacity to make people think they had ideas of their own volition.

This is why I think Neanderthals were not melonheads. The average Neanderthal was almost the polar opposite of a social engineer. They were highly intelligent, incredible problem solvers and extremely honest in addition to being xenophobic and inward looking. If you put them in charge of a group of slaves there would be an insurrection in about ten minutes.

I can however see them being sourced as royal guards and shock troops, as the "Nephilim." It doesn't take much social acumen to scream "Silence while the Pharoah is speaking!" or "Do as you have been told!" The Melonheads might prize them for their excellent ability to follow orders and otherwise not fraternize with the slaves because of this aloofness from anyone but their own kind. If you were a melonhead, you'd probably want extremely strong bodyguards who were social clods so they would be incapable of conspiring against you behind your back with the slaves or perhaps even other melonheads.

Anonymous said...

Maybe neanderthals are the wild descendants of those enforcer slaves and not the noble savages you imagine, Cleve, but you seem to dislike hypotheses that injure your pride.

Texas Arcane said...

I think because the Neanderthals go back at least 600,000 years now and are always found in this xenophobic, defensive posture that they predate the Nephilim by at least a couple 100,000 years.

I may be wrong but for this reason I generally formulated this notion that the Neanderthals were oddballs that the Melonheads tried to incorporate into their hierarchies for a long time, including developing the "Nephilim," possibly mixing them with other breeds to make them a bit more manageable. I could be in error but I have developed this general sense that the melonheads tolerated "those people" because they felt for some time that their genes might be useful to them at some point.

Then, judging from the Epic of Gilgamesh (itself a corruption of a much older legend, obviously) the Enkidu did something that really pissed the wrong people off and for the first time in history, the melonheads decided they were fed up with the strange rodeo clowns living in their caves and scheduled them all for extermination.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you think mythology is about real things but I think it probably has a lot more to do with the collective unconscious like we talked about in the other thread.

Anonymous said...

March 12, 2012 7:58 PM

I think there's definitely a hint of historical truth in these stories and almost every mythology on earth has stories about heroes killing a serpent or a god/demigod with serpent-like qualities and the melonheads, as we've seen, are associated with the symbol of the serpent. Judging by Tex's descriptions about their character, there's good reason why in the Bible the serpent is linked with evil.

Anonymous said...

Like Darth Vader, a clear reference to these Neanderthal/Nephilim, acting as an enforcer of melonhead Palpatine who seeing his potential first manipulates him, while the turning of Vader into a half machine alludes to this technique of mixing and genetic modification used by the melonheads.

Anonymous said...

Koanic said...

So it's just a random crapshoot of recessive gene expression. Makes sense.

In my case I got a double buckshot of neanderthal genes. Tex's description is me to a T.

What I find interesting is the possibility that certain koanic techniques can duplicate the melonhead capacity for manipulation.

The spartans had a rule: never war too long against one enemy. Only the enkidu had enough raw intelligence to use social engineering against the melonheads. Maybe lengthy exposure taught them to do so. It would be only natural for them to rebel; their natures are fundamentally contrary.

And that would be the one thing the melonheads absolutely could not tolerate.

Texas Arcane said...

There isn't a single scrap of mythology you can think of that I can't trace as a game of Chinese Whispers back to it's source. This oral history is worth much, much more than your society has trained you to believe. I know what the liberal mind is conditioned to think and believe me, it is very wrong.

Notice how the story of Jacob and Esau turned out to be the most accurate account of Sapiens and Neanderthal that could possibly be transmitted via oral knowledge. Science was claiming we had no Neanderthal ancestry until very recently, another fail.

Anonymous said...

Which is what you'd expect if your narrative was accessing the same archetypes as these myths, Cleve, but that doesn't mean either of the things actually happened.

Koanic said...

OK then here's my challenge to you Tex:

Turn on that big associative brain of yours and figure out how the melonheads went extinct.

Melonheads kill neanderthals, ? kills melonheads.

Texas Arcane said...

The melonheads did not predict the bottleneck at 80,000 years ago when there were less than 2000-6000 human beings remaining on the planet. Right around the time Toba erupted and blacked out the planet for at least 20 years.

There must have been a couple of these, a couple of those, surviving purely on their preps while they waited for the ecosystem to recover. All of them very bright people. Their descendants repopulated the planet.

Then accounts were settled between Sapiens and Neanderthals 38,000 years ago by which time Sapiens outnumbered him ten thousand to one. Was Sapiens acting on the final standing order from his master when the master himself had nearly gone extinct before the Neanderthal?

Koanic said...

Ah right. So the extinction event brought the melonheads below replacement density and devastated their great centralized empire(s). Plus maybe the hybrid sapiens were less amenable to total melonhead domination.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on melonhead disappearance from "Anon 6:51 AM", above, ...

I suspect that melonheads had low fertility rates for two reasons. First, it is hard to get big heads out of human wombs. Second, rearing a melonhead child would have been very involved because of the demands of that child's natural intelligence.

After Toba, the melonhead survivors would probably have been working night and day to rebuild whatever grand society they had previously. And, I imagine that it wasn't uncommon for descendants of the melonhead survivors to just say "screw it". I wonder if the stories of fallen angels come from melonheads defecting.

So, if you have low numbers, low fertility, and deserters, then your race will shortly pass into legend no matter how smart and capable you are individually.

Anonymous said...

Tex do you believe that the melonheads were practicing eugenics, killing at birth those they considered subhuman?

It seems that many of the ancient myths point to this fact. The identical myths of Isis and Demeter speak of the them acting as nurses to royal infants. In both cases during the night they used to place the babies in the fire in order to "burn the mortal parts" and make them immortal (ie worthy to be allowed to live):

The ancient texts point that it was the mother that was responsible to get rid of the unwanted infant and I believe the story of baby Moses being let to flow on the river inside a basket speaks of a mother risking the her death in order to save her baby.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh we read:

"Without the Great Mountain, Enlil, Nintud would not kill, she would not strike dead; no cow would drop its calf in the cattle-pen"

There were customs worldwide, from the pacific Islands to Ancient Rome, where a common "cleansing" ceremony was taking place, in different variations, where either a real human, a "scapegoat", or an effigy would be put on a vessel and left to be carried away in sea or river by the wind. The transition from using real human scapegoats towards using effigies depended at what period of time each particular culture became civilized enough as to not use real people. Therefore in Ancient Rome for instance they were already using effigies while in Africa humans were used up to the 19th century.

All this leads me to believe that the "Judgement" mentioned in ancient Egyptian texts has nothing to do with the afterlife but with the Judgement made by the "gods" on who would be allowed to live. So the Ancient Egyptian "afterlife" isn't life after death really, but the life granted after the judgement by the melons. I believe these practices date back at least 50.000 years.

The Golden or Saturnian Age seems to point out however that there was a time when humans were free of "Judges", if we are to believe Ovid:

"There was no man would crouch or creepe to Judge with cap in hand,
They lived safe without a Judge, in everie Realme and lande."

PS. I also happen to believe that the melonheads' remnants are about to re-establish this rule on the earth.

Heaviside said...

I've seen some photos of glacial horns in Antarctica that look an awful lot like pyramids...