Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Did Jefferson Purchase Scoped Rifles In France For His Own Personal Use?

Jefferson decided that rifles with scopes were way too expensive to stock for the Revolutionary Army but he still purchased a couple for himself and took them home to Monticello after visiting arms manufacturers in France. He knew the reason that the right to bear arms must not be abridged.

When a man gives himself the right to kill anyone at any time without due process he has moved himself outside of the law and the Constitution. As a self-declared tyrant he himself has lost right to due process.

The Presidency is not an emperor's chair. It's an executive office within a framework of carefully codified law. Barack has earned himself an impeachment many times over during the lunacy of the first four years of his term. Barry Soetoro is nothing but a modern Nero, monstrous and bloody with his record of vicious crimes and despotic corruption. A fit chieftain for a miserable Kenyan hellhole and qualified for nothing else.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, Lyndon Larouche recently said that Obongo is more insane, debauched and dangerous than Caligula and Nero combined. He should have included Elagabalus too given the extreme level of homosexual perversion involved.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, Barry O'Kongo is not White and the Constitution was written by Whites and addressed to Whites.

"to Ourselves and our Posterity"

The Whites that voted for Barry O'Kongo and installed him into power, are the ones who have lost the right to due process, as they have breached the Constitution.

Repeat, Barry O'Kongo is not subject to the Constitution, because it was not addressed to anyone like him.

Barry O'Kongo is just doing what any African would do, when power is given to him, on a silver platter, by idiot Whites. He is going nuts and is creating an African style dictatorship.