Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vault-OS : Update On 8-03-2012

I have been working intensively on my IPhone game for the past two weeks, had to concentrate on finishing it before Vault-OS in order to get it up on the store. The ASP.NET standalone version of Vault-OS compiled together with it's own web server is looking good. Solved quite a few problems with the real-time thread processing messages over JSON both local and remote.

I worked some more on my hydroponics rack and am going to be drilling a lot more holes over the weekend.

As soon as I get the IPhone/Android game completed I will resume with Vault-OS. Sorry it was not up at the end of February but I just have a lot on my plate and have to work on this stuff after hours.

Hey, we will be breaking a half million hits here pretty soon, just since 2007.


Anonymous said...

speaking of smartphone/Android:

Anonymous said...

Can you compile it as Android too?


Texas Arcane said...

Taking it to Android as soon as I get it up on the ITunes store.