Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vault-Co Weekend Update

I worked like a dog all weekend, Saturday pouring concrete and Sunday cleaning out the shelter and replacing the ozone generator bulbs. I brought up all sensitive electronics down there pursuant to completely detoxing the interior and cleaning up the remains of the black mold.

I was planning on Sunday night to drill a bunch of wide holes in the hydroponics lab for planters but I was so exhausted I just collapsed in front of the television and could not get up again.

It has taken me seven years to come to this decision but I am convinced now that a shelter of my design (taken from Oak Ridge laboratories plans released under FOIA) has to have exhaust valves on both the primary and alternate entrances that continuously pump the hot air that rises up these shafts to the exterior. Otherwise long term inhabitability is just an impossibility. From reading the original documents carefully I know now that this style of shelter was tested under live nuclear blasts in Nevada but may have never been tested for long term inhabitation. Luckily I purchased cheap blast valves years ago with this very modification in mind. If you look at the shelter layout it becomes obvious that however superb it might be at surviving an air burst, it is going to suck at habitability without serious changes introduced into the ventilation scheme like I have described. Otherwise after I complete this cleanup I am going to have the same problems all over again. I believe when not inhabited you could get by on passive air turbines to draw the air out but once it goes live it would need power fan exhausts running.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to those FOIA documents? All I've ever been able to find are those FEMA feel good ones, and Kearny's expedient shelters.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tex, been reading through your vault for a few weeks. I suspect I have a fair bit of Neanderthal ancestory. I have a large brow (almost Aboriginal like) despite my ancestory being English, Welsh, Irish, German and Viking. I have a few questions:

1. How do you explain Tongans, Maori, Pacific Islanders etc. They are extremely heavily built and very strong. I work in security and though I know many large white bouncers, they all started out lean and gained muscle, while Pacific Islanders are born bigger and are always massive and no matter how much weight you lift your legs and wrists will never be as thick as theirs? Don't they match the descriptions of Neanderthal and Nephilim build better than white guys?

2. Have you ever found it difficult to handle 9-5 society and jobs. I work in security because I can't handle routine and office jobs. I find hanging around places at night oddly natural and have very good night vision, much as you would expect from someone descended from those who guarded caves at night.
Also, I find my family tends to jobs such as farmers, labourers, tradesmen or truck drivers. Either they like working night, or they like working with their hands. Not too mention the natural rapport with animals, particularly dogs. I am curious about what you think are the best jobs for Neanderthal types?

3. I've noticed that men in my family start out very skinny (though broad shouldered and surprisingly strong) and then star packing on size once we hit mid twenties or older. I've noticed that Teddy Roosevelt in particular did this. Is this a Neanderthal trait?

4. In your archives you claim male baldness is not a Neanderthal trait. Wouldn't the loss of hair on your head allow you greater absorption of vitamin D in harsh, cold climates?

5. Is there any evidence of pre-1788 civilisation in Australia? Any relics or remains that suggest others besides the Aboriginals made it here? Or was Australia the one place Neanderthals and others didn't come.

6. Could you link to some photos of modern day people with strong Neanderthal traits so we can have some visual comparison between them and Sapiens?

- Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions?

Anonymous said...

Tex, Why don't you do an installation of 2-inch high-velocity ductwork, which is used in some building renovations. It would use regular power of coures;, but then your second modification would be to give it the capacity to run in a limited-system-mode with a limited alternative power source.

Vid, Space Pak:


It would be a good idea to fill the area around your shelter, before you back fill, with water to test for leakage. I have a friend who built a vault under his driveway. He opted for a waterproof membrane, rather than an admixture in the concrete. The following winter the area experienced very heavy rains, and he had seepage from between the ceiling and walls, and between the walls and floor. I was a mess after helping him caulk these with tar.

Texas Arcane said...

My first vault was the victim of flooding, built on a slope that water ran down. My second attempt is at the top of the slope, water runs off it and cannot collect there. In 7 years I don't think I have ever seen any evidence of groundwater in the shelter at all. The drainage underneath it is at least 8 slotted drainpipes emptying into a large culvert that empties out the side of the mountain we are on.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 6:59

1. Pacific Islanders have never set a powerlifting record in any Olympic style events. Despite appearances, Pacific Islanders are often no stronger than Europeans or even less so. The mythos in the media conveys an impression that the scientific evidence flatly contradicts. I was training with a Maori guy right beside me Friday night in the gym. He was twice my size and working out with around 20% of the weight I was using. I wasn't even making a face. That's because making a face doesn't make you stronger.

2. Yes.

3. Yes. Maturity at half the rate of Sapiens. Common for Mousterian to put on 100 lbs or more of muscle around the age of 27.

4. No. In addition to keeping your head warm, it helps to keep a Fabio look going in an exogamous matriarchy when the women remain fertile into their 80's.

5. I have heard of mooring rings thousand of years old in Sydney Harbor below the waterline and Phoenician script often found carved on rocks far inland. People have been traveling the planet for hundreds of thousands of years without much trouble. I am starting to believe Western ships are probably inferior vessels to prior efforts.

6. This is the only honest reconstruction of a Neanderthal I have ever seen done by science, with no comment on how radically removed it is from all previous "reconstructions."

Sam said...

Hmmmm... Might try to put a chimney on one side to get cross flow. Wouldn't be perfect but it might hold down the black mold without electricity. Spare chimneys could be stored inside in case they are blasted off. If you can't control the mold you're screwed. Stuff is toxic.
In the book "Nuclear War Survival Skills" they show how to build a blast resistant vent. I believe thick plastic mats that are used for shop floors would be a good material to make the blast vents.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious... how much does a shelter like your cost? It seems out of reach to all but those with lots of spare cash... and time. How do you balance family with construction?

ray said...

you should shelter in God bro it's a lot less expensive and complicated

Texas Arcane said...

My son and I spend a lot of time working on projects in the back yard. He enjoys doing it with me and learns about metalworking, concreting, using basic tools, wiring, electronics, computers, air conditioning, battery charging, food storage and many other things.

The shelter has been expensive but now I have to spend a lot more to refit and decon it. I really have learned a remarkable amount of information doing it wrong many times and I expect my book will be the definitive tome on the subject. The Packers and NUCLEAR SURVIVAL ISSUES are often thought to be the last word on these kinds of shelters but I reckon I know a lot more than the Packers do about long term inhabitation and outfitting. My idea about the twin exhausts is indispensable and very necessary, the Packers never seemed to discover it. I get the feeling most of their clients are in drier climates, use power air systems and do not stay long enough to find out just how difficult it is to keep the shelter environment stable. This is mentioned in Kearny and he essentially had no advice on the subject. The Navy decided these shelters could not be stayed in for longer than a few days.

Anonymous said...

Ray -

There's a reason God gave you a brain bro instead of filling your skull with wood shavings. Dont get all righteous bro about not taking care for one's children and wife, bro, because it is better for such a one that a millstone was tied around the next and they were thrown into the sea. Dont blame God for your failure bro.

Anonymous said...

It is very very simple

'God helps those who help themselves'

do nothing and the big man upstairs will do nothing to help you, if you do the best you can and in your heart of hearts he will be there if you ask and believe.