Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vault-Co Soars Through Half-Million Mark

I've never promoted this site, asked anyone else to link to it or even tried to make any money off it. It's just a blog I started back in 2003 to give me somewhere to vent my village idiocy that would not get me arrested for creating a public disturbance. I didn't really think anybody was listening, over the years I've just posted whatever took my fancy that day without any regard for what was appropriate or most advantageous. The only thing guiding my subject selection was a consideration for what might be most beneficial to someone in preparing for an uncertain future.

More than anything else, I wanted Vault-Co to be a place I could say what I really think out loud. Everybody should have such a place. Bad, good, in-between, on Vault-Co I have tried to post the truth, no matter how bizarre or disturbing that truth might be.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tex! Congrats on passing 500K. I've been following you since the original Vault-Co which kept getting shut down (remember those days?). Anyway, here in the `stain we've got a new executive order signed on Friday that you might be interested in. You can get it at the site but here are some good discussions of it (and the order itself is included in the first article:


Can you say "Itz here" ?

Thanks for all you do.

Solsys said...

Don't forget your xriting style, pal. It's a huge component of your success.

Anonymous said...

Here's to a half million more before ITS HITZ

wolfe said...

Glad to hear it! Hope being on this list has helped spread the info you share.

- Wolfe

Anonymous said...

Thank You,for doing so.I read your blog daily.I have been awake for the last 15yrs.Reading your blog daily is like a massive espresso shot,it keeps my ass from being lulled back to sleep,like the rest of the worlds population....

Anonymous said...

well done


the numbers are escalating

folks rousing from slumber

Anonymous said...

This blog is the one site I visit every day. There is always something to keep you on your toes here.

Anonymous said...

You could probably factor in a million or so hits from aussurvivalist as well Texaroo, but who's counting, I had to look up xriting, I would describe Tex's writing style a 'sledgehammer', I've been reading for the last 10+ years and still look forward to every post..


Anonymous said...

I like this brand of crazy.

Rowan said...

You know I read your blog everyday.

Keep up the work of an honest man, you are helping many decent people.

Anonymous said...

Tex itz time to write a book with your ideas about the enkidu. If Icke crap sells imagine what your book could do.

Anonymous said...

anon 2 am

I agree! Hop on it Tex!

Anonymous said...

David Icke's research is not crap it is advanced. I admit he tends to postulate a little too much, but whether you personally believe in magic numbers and geomerty or not, the upper eschelon do.

Back on point I also would like to see Tex's thoughts printed in book format, I'd buy a copy that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

March 19, 2012 10:39 PM

The problem with David Icke, is he doesn't base his research on anything that is factual.

If he cited documents he had researched and found himself and based his theories on those, he might be credible.

The same kinds of people that put their faith in mediums, put their faith in people like David Icke. If you are a mediums kind of person, then you are a David Icke kind of guy.

Texas Arcane said...

David Icke and I have read the same mythological texts, seen the same obscure photos of murals and mosaics and read many of the same accounts of ancient civilizations and seen much of the same evidence for them.

Icke has concluded from the relatively same set of data that the planet is run by dimension-hopping reptilian ETs who feed off dark energy. I have concluded from that same evidence that there is a third type of hominid that has ruled the planet for over a million years, distinguished by a larger brain mass over 2000cc.

The difference between my ideas and Icke's is that Icke has absolutely no solid evidence that any of these deductions is supported by any hard evidence of any kind. My ideas require you to see literally what is in plain view in any catalog of the past, it's just that maybe it has been so obvious that people have stopped seeing it.

Big headed people in the ruling classes are not a far-out theory or wild conjecture. All you have to do is look at a few skulls, a couple hieroglyphics and sculptures and ask yourself why all rulers going back a hundred thousand years feature bigger heads than Neanderthals or any of the races of Homo Sapiens.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any difference between you and Icke. You are both "out there" in the realms of making up shit as you go along.

You are a long way off from a reasonable man that would split his faith between hard science and a King James Bible. You are putting your faith on made up and unproven baloney, and I am not the only reader noticing and commenting on this sad proccess of intellectual decay you are going through.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and thank you.

Anonymous said...

David Icke is a shill and Bill Cooper exposed this fraud a long time ago.

There are some fail-safe methods depending on the views expressed on certain subjects that determine if one is a shill or isn't. In a recent interview Icke was explaining how much evil all this "centralization" of power in the European Union was, with undemocratic non-elected bureaucrats using the financial crisis as a pretext to take charge of sovereign nations. So far so good. And then he drops the bombshell that gave him away to those who know. He said that resistance to this should not just consist of nations retaining their sovereigny but to further break-ups within those nations as to make "more voices heard" and allow more people to "express their opinions". Which is exactly the modus operandi of the globalist-bankster-Illuminati cabal. World government will not seek to incorporate massive geopolitical entities like North America and Europe at once with strong sovereign nations forming its core but will seek to further fragment, balkazize and reduce to rubble existing nations so that the local level becomes so insignificant and weak, unable for self-rule and in constant conflict with its equally small and insignificant neighbors, that the acceptance of world governmnent becomes the only option. What is happening in the Middle East and North Africa right now is the pilot program with the attempt to to "reform" Islam, fragment it and submit it to the New World Order.

Unless one is aware of the nature of this agenda it is impossible to understand current events and the recent animosity between America and Russia and the western elites' hatred for Putin with their affiliated press making even veiled threats of assassination. It's not just about Syria and temporary geopolitical gains. It's much bigger. There is no room in World Government for countries the size and superpower status of Russia and China that refuse to play ball and not conform to the globalist imperatives.

From one side you have the western globalist elite using America as the engine room of this process, and on the other side the forming Eurasian block aiming to halt its advance. The Western elites know by now that America alone will be unable to handle such a risky process and seek to integrate together the entire Euro-Atlantic region so they created the Euro and US financial crises to accelerate the process. The objective is to build an Atlantic block capable of effectively counterbalancing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization led by the Sino-Russian alliance.

Texas Arcane said...

I have suspected that Icke is a shill as well, put in place as the official fringe opposition for no other reason than to confused and obfuscate, the wilder the theory the better. Alex Jones is probably another one established purely to make it seem like there is spectrum of opinion on the subject, with all of them controlled by a central financier.

Melonheads gonna melonate.