Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This Is The Reason No Decent Man Is Interested, Girls - You Sound, Act and Look Like A Man

There is nothing worse than a woman cursing this way in public. It is so repulsive it makes her seem like some kind of moist gray larval worm wriggling around in the open. I would be stunned that any man who valued a woman for anything other than 3 minutes of mattress time would be attracted to such a female.


Anonymous said...

Women swearing? Who cares. Seriously, it's not a big deal to me.

Anonymous said...

March 21, 2012 9:24 PM

And the chance that you are a sodomite, or sodomite apologist, is 100%.

Anything that attacks and degrades White society, you people are all for.

White and Normal people are growing weary of your kind and we won't put up with you for much longer.

Just remember, we don't need you at all.

You parasite from us.

Texas Arcane said...

They see them as sexual competitors and approve of anything that reduces their femininity and attractiveness. This is why they starve models until they have the bodies of 8 year old girls. Stop the hatin' sodomite.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your most ridiculous post to date. The difference between you lot and the Taliban is that you are the more assimilated zealots. Perhaps the Taliban might liberate you from western decadence. You have more in common with them than you do with your secular countrymen.

Take that shit back to the US. Australia doesn't need or want it.

Texas Arcane said...

I laugh at people who think their civilization is doing just fine when women and men have abdicated their biological roles and are now interchangeable.

Yeah, you're doing swell. Everything is going to be okay.

I'm laughing at you, because you're laughable.

How do you think a civilization that can no longer reproduce itself is going to continue existing? It's fading right now.

Texas Arcane said...

Wait, the Taliban, that's our enemy, right?

I know because I have a televitz device at home that told me about the Taliban.

Those evil Talibi. They're everywhere! Look, there's one now! Evil Talibites are attacking!!

Anonymous said...

It seems that you share the same fundamental desire to see certain segments of the population oppressed. Enforced by the back of your hand.

And this in a country you chose to emigrate to. Your misogynistic ideology might fly in Rick Santorum circles, but here we see right throughout that bullshit for what it is. Perhaps you can sympathise with (or admire) a Muslim immigrant who sees the honour killing of their daughter as a necessity.

Now that's a worthy enemy.

Texas Arcane said...

Your problem 10:25 PM is that you're not making any sense. It sounds like you are drunk or confused, maybe both at the same time. Sober up.

Some diatribe against the straw man of my desire to oppress women, etc. etc.

Read the post.

Women who act this way will never get a decent man.

Nothing in there about slapping women or sympathizing with the "Taliban" (are you for real?) or anything like that.

Sober up.

Texas Arcane said...

Of course, by saying they would never get a decent man, that didn't mean they couldn't get a man like you. So good riddance, you can have all those kinds of women to yourself.

Anonymous said...

"Now that's a worthy enemy"

But they're an even more worthy ally, as in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion, in Bosnia and Kosovo when they were killing Christian Serbs, in Libya and Syria for serving as mercenaries of the West by killing indiscriminately civilians in order to force regime change and violently remove leaders who were not aligned with the Jew World Order, or even the Taliban who until 2001 were US allies only to be betrayed, as is the norm with anyone stupid enough to trust the US and the West.

Islam is an invented enemy - much like "communism" was before - and militant Islamic fundamentalism is a creation of the West used to advance its geopolitical agenda. Only low IQ morons like yourself who subordinate to this lowest common denominator make it their yardstick for behavior and conduct and adopt anti-Islam and "freedom" as ideology. That's because you have neither real ideology or principles since in the post-modernist consumer unit environment that you live in "freedom" equals nothingness - the adoption of "universal values" that do not exist and the "right" to live in an absolute spirit of infirmity.

Anonymous said...

Most Western women are damaged goods. Period. Feminism destroyed them, leading to the resultant breakdown of the nuclear family. The divorce rate is now at ~50%, and single parents are becoming the norm.

Feminist Gloria Steinem was on the CIA payroll. Look it up. Sorry women, you got played and she got paid.

Quite ironic is the fact that, while single men love the easy, no-strings-attached sex with liberated women, they complain when they can't find a woman who doesn't have a sexual pedigree comparable to that of a porn actress, or a woman who can remain faithful once the man is legally (and therefore financially) indentured.