Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Terminal Madness of the End Times

This isn't just in the Kwanstain. I experience these things every day in Australia. I try to keep a straight face and show no emotion like Donald Sutherland in THE BODY SNATCHERS. If you react they will know you are not one of them. Crazy, crazy stuff. Gotta keep a straight face. Right, I see what you're doing there. Makes perfect sense. Okay, I have to keep moving along.

There were kids skateboarding in the carpark underground a couple days ago. I got out and told them they could not play there. I asked them, "Wouldn't your parents miss you if you got hit by one of these cars? It's dangerous to both you and anybody driving in here who may have to swerve to avoid you." A security guard came up to me and asked me why I was harassing the kids. I asked him, if he thought his job was to keep the private carpark free of kids using it as a skateboard park. He said, "They're not hurtin' anything. I like to board myself." He was in mid-sentence as a car entering slammed the brakes on with a rending screech and almost nicked a concrete column to avoid the kid doing tricks right in the entrance of the blind corner. I just sighed, got in my car and left. When does Darwinism kick in?


Anonymous said...

Another view on the "digital" front in the US-China conflict:

Solsys said...

Tex, you have saved a child's life today by your action.

Perhaps you are an angel but don't know it so you can work more on saving others (like making tutorials on shelters, revealing their stupidity to morons etc.).

Anonymous said...

morons prefer to be confrontational as opposed to being thinkers of logic. this not only includes car park attendants but most members of the police, council management and even members of the judiciary, in effect all tiers of government. know anyone who has suffered an injustice by their deeds? they always take the easy, cheap option. never the right and honest one. evil rolls off their tongues.

Anonymous said...

A trailer from the latest popular "movie" in the Kwanstain is worth a thousand articles like this one.

Hollywood sodomites conditioning the plebs to accept gun confiscation:

Notice the ever-increasing (Shutter Island, Inglorious basterds, X:men first class) jewporn scene in 1:43

Anonymous said...

White guy wanders into black neighborhood, gets beaten and stripped by black mob

Don't forget who is ultimately responsible, and who must pay, when this turns around:


Anonymous said...

First Steps towards alternative "World Bank"

I know where my money will go....

Anonymous said...

You did a good thing if those children don't grow up to become thieves and whatever. The value of you act-however noble at first glance-remains to be seen until those children grow up.

Meanwhile, read some Gurdjieff and see how he led his followers through the Russian revolution. Gurdjieff was a scamp but he knew how to survive and has a few things about conscious living you might find useful.