Saturday, March 17, 2012

The State Was Running A Baby-Kidnapping Scheme Under The Cover Of The "Law"

Think about how horrific that is.

It's worse than being preyed upon by ordinary criminals. It is being preyed upon in the most naked way by criminals adorned in the trappings of the government.

This was simply a baby kidnapping ring using pseudo-psychiatry to nab children from out of the arms of their parents.

Horrifying, brutish and barbaric practices. All by people pretending to be officials.

See why limited government is the only way to structure it correctly? Without limitations there is no limit to abuses to be suffered under such a government.

The West is run by madmen. Real, clinically nuts lunatics. They have absolute confidence in what they are doing. The kind of confidence only a madman displays.

One bullet, one Kwanstainian policy at DHS

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