Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shoot The Messenger

Japan is a poisoned country of the walking dead which is trying to forbid anyone from using a Geiger Counter to discover how much radiation exposure they are getting. I wish I were dreaming this except it is the truth. Ten years ago this would have sounded too outrageous to even consider, nowadays it is pretty standard fare ... just plain crazy.

Watch for an amazing spike in radiation induced illnesses including cancers in coming years. When it has run it's course it is likely that Japan will be a deserted ghost town.


njartist said...

You appear to have missed the comment about Japan creating a draft - I didn't read deeply either so --add that to your thinking that Japan will be well night uninhabitable and you see a possible war to acquire arable land for its inhabitants; add to that mix a likely alliance with any major regional power(s) that would back such a move. So, where is the land - what nation - that has large tracts of arable and fertile land? I think they will be coming here: this nation is collapsing and will be unable to defend itself; especially if China and Russia do a pincer attack and bring Japan along as a land hungry ally.

The Japanese might enjoy the Washington/Oregon region.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. It's sort of funny in a way; wasn't Japan at the forefront of the alternative energy movement with the Kyoto Protocol? The ubiquitous argument of the global-warming trendies, that 'do what we say, because even if we're wrong, nothing is lost,' must be ringing a little hollow for them these days.

Fools are the only people who can always count on getting what they deserve.

Andhaira said...

How ironic, the only nation to suffer a nuclear attack (twice!) suffers a major nuclear accident.

Sam said...

Actually low level radiation is good for you. Homeostasis. There was an apartment building built in Taiwan that the steel was contaminated with Cobalt-60. It improved the health of the residents. Some people lounge in radioactive granite tunnels to improve their health.

Of course too much of a good thing is deadly.