Friday, March 23, 2012

Shake It Up, Start Me Up, I'll Never Stop

Adelaide gets monster quake luckily centered in an area nobody got hurt.

Dead Sea feels a little more lively.

Rockin' and Rollin' In Armenia

Montserrat, another old supervolcano site, starts to pop again

Arabs not spared the pulse puree setting in the earth's crust

USGS Confirms Vault-Co theory, refuses to send us cookie in the mail

Remember with any quake activity if people are avoiding the use of the word "swarm," it is because they are scared.

San Salvador blows. Oh, they also had a quake there.

It seems like all this stuff kicked off with gusto after the Mexican quake.

Get a globe (I have one in my study) and use a pencil to plot trajectories straight through the core to the other side from some of these quakes.

You'll see they are happening at the same time, just different sides of the planet. That means this is not a local phenomenon.

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