Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shabbas Goy Needs A Good Washup

The all-night firing squad has its work cut out for it.

AIPAC must be perpetually disappointed at this sorry lineup of substandard goyim it has to work with to achieve its policy ends. It must be like cleaning up the cages in a zoo, having to come up with apologists for its roster of kosher ass-puppets. They're a pathetic column of sexual deviants, depraved liars and impulse driven manbeasts. They have to work with what is available and these idiots constitute the best of the gentiles they can find to employ as their tools.

Remember, AIPAC would have no capacity to manipulate politics at all unless other stupid goy voted for these idiots or else avoided voting altogether.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the masters are doing it too

Anonymous said...

Zionist fascist demon mass murderer Sarkozy makes it a criminal offense to visit "terror" websites after Toulouse false flag attack:

Andhaira said...

Look for Vault-Co to be banned in France soon.