Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scientists Confirm With Research What Vault-Co Has Said For Years

The idea that all people should have the right to vote is insane, especially in a country where a large portion of the population survive off government largesse. Obviously, such people will simply vote to tax those who have more, in order to increase their own profit at the expense of those who actually have day jobs.

As for the idea that people with IQs hovering around 95 can make intelligent choices for their leadership, that notion is just plain self-destructive. It is national suicide to believe such things.

This is how the West got into this mess. One vote from the hoi polloi at a time and no opposition to ridiculous concepts that only the most feebleminded would entrust in.


Anonymous said...

More like what Hitler said in 1925 scientists confirm today:

"The masses find it difficult to understand politics, their intelligence is small. Therefore all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points. The masses will only remember only the simplest ideas repeated a thousand times over. If I approach the masses with reasoned arguments, they will not understand me. In the mass meeting, their reasoning power is paralyzed. What I say is like an order given under hypnosis." Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf

Anonymous said...

In the IQ Tests that started over a century ago it became evident to the scientists that people, generally, are so stupid that they could not solve the simplest mental exercise and were devoid of even basic common sense.

They deduced that these individuals only work through mimicry like bots taught to repeat what has been exemplified. From the perspective of the ruling elite, it was necessary that this state of low intelligence for a large portion of the population to remain confidential so that it would not be exploited by anyone other than themselves.

So they facilitated universal suffrage and the democratic system, to enable the cretins of every country to validate the choice of the elite's chosen leader or leaders. It goes without saying that these decisions would always go against their own interests but because they are too stupid to realize it, it doesn't matter.

This practice since then has generated a plethora of previously unthinkable injustices and massacres of every kind (like "war for peace", "humanitarian" bombings etc), but now, finally, their stupidity caught up on them, as they're forced to repay debts virtually inextinguishable.

Slavery is the ultimate fate of morons. So we are witnessing the end of the story as Nietzsche had prophesied.