Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ron Paul Concedes Failure Of The Ballot Box

The American voting system is corrupted. It's that simple.

When we told you that you were never going to vote your way out of this mess, we weren't kidding.

The idea that a third party corporation can count the votes in secret without public oversight is so absurd it sounds like something out of Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY. Such a thing would be impossible if the citizenry could even walk and chew gum at the same time. A credible populace would never tolerate the situation.

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Anonymous said...

But hey, you got democrassy. The best system ever invented by the melonheads to create a smokescreen so they can hide behind their methods of exploitation and manipulation, and can be used as the best defense against any sheeple that has any objection. "Why do you complain, rube? You have democrassy!"

Movies like V for Vendetta are being fed to the poor stupid sheeple to make them believe that the real struggle is against the "regime", with negative emotional charge attached to it, so that the mass that has neither intelligence or knowledge will have the emotional response to it that it was programmed to have. It reminds me of your insight about the boogeyman government in the post about religious freedom.