Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Reason That Babies Are Going To Be The Other White Meat

There is no way that agriculture can produce enough food in this climate to feed 7 billion mouths worldwide without a massive raft of innovation which is never going to happen. That means that people will be fighting in the streets over food.

If you study hydroponics and permaculture for even a little while you will start to grasp that nearly all the needs of a family can be produced in a very small area with minimal energy inputs, at a fraction of the costs that large agribusiness operates. This is why you will never see hydroponics promoted in the public sphere because it would mean the death of the big corporate food chain. Globalism and multikult are intimately tied up with the ideological framework that keeps these guys in the money year round. Once you have a cartel of supply outlets like the grocery store monopolies they have established in recent years you are essentially charging humans to go on living and they have no recourse but to pay you. Permaculture spins this whole process around and inverts it, putting you back in the drivers seat. This is why they are introducing the Codex Alimentarium worldwide now.


Rowan said...

I feel sorry for Bill Mollison, his insights are pure genius, worth looking through all his work. Spending decades tirelessly working in the field alone and all to no avail. Being rejected by his peers in academia, being used by ego maniacs in the green movement and his only followers are a bunch of hippies. And of course, most of the successful permaculture farms being raided and sued by big Ag/Gov.

The problem is the same reason oil supplies are tight. It just plain takes a lot of learning, commitment and thinking to build better systems.

For oil the do some seismographs, drill some test holes and see if the stuff comes out approach worked in the past, so let's just keep doing it, even if we have to invade a few nations. In agriculture the plough, seed and spray approach is so easy anyone can understand, and when it stops working well, cut down the Amazon, position some CIA snipers and convince people soy is healthy.

AJ said...

Any recommended literature/resources on hydroponics and permaculture, Tex?

Texas Arcane said...

James B. Dekorne's survivalist hydroponics masterpiece found here :

Sam said...

From the Grandaddy of survival Kurt Saxon said,"Buy tools, not to store away but to learn to use, now. You will gain valuable skills for an uncertain future.

Food is a big item. Learn sprouting. Read "You Can Survive The Nuclear Winter", pages 266-273 of THE SURVIVOR Vol. 1. Modify that greenhouse to occupy the whole sunny side of your house. Have a side door from your house leading to it. Instead of two sides, as illustrated in the first edition, have but one side and tuck the top of the other side under the eaves of that side of the house. The greenhouse will grow fallout-free vegetables.

Maybe you know nothing about growing things. Learn. Start out by raising African violets or something else commercial to pay for that greenhouse. As you learn, you'll understand hydroponics (THE SURVIVOR, Vol. 2, pages 594-650). Such a greenhouse would quickly pay for itself by saved energy costs. It would shade your house from the worst summer heat on that side and so save on air conditioning costs. In the winter it would collect heat from the sun and heat the sunny side, thus saving heating bills.

Being a food producer your greenhouse would be an asset to the neighbors. They would even protect you from potential looters."

I have them and they are good. It will save you some money. The hydro section has how to make your own hydroponic feed mix.