Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preview of Technology That Will Soon Be Used On Citizens At Home

You're probably thinking that these robots will need a human operator to tell them who to kill and how. You're wrong. New software will simply identify troublemakers and mark them for death without any human agency involved.

Remember how people in the West believed it is okay to kill human beings for moving-while-Muslim? Well, these 'bots will get orders to kill human beings for moving-while-warm-blooded. We'll see how you like it then when all that tech that was tested on women and children in Islamic countries is perfected at home.


Solsys said...

The identification process will be extremely accurate, since all bots are going to be connected to The Databank, where he can reconcile the face he has seen with your identity.

The Databank has everything on you, including stuff you posted on the internet (Facebook, whatever) years ago.

Like in Terminator movies, these bots will imitate voices of loved ones (those you posted the picture of in your Facebook account). In a few years, its face might roughly morph into this fellow friend... !

Once the bot has terminated you, your record is automatically updated at Information Retrieval.

Ghostwriter said...

Cool picture.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah Necrons

Anonymous said...

sheeple extermination:

Anonymous said...

Kill it! Kill it with fire..., er EMP!

Let's see if these machines can out do sinister human cunning...
After-all, if there is one thing mankind is good at, it's destruction and violence.

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, tyrants need excuses to target their victims such as terrorism for Muslims or thievery for Gypsys.

But, what excuse will they use to target the Amish? The Amish are by definition non-violent. If a person doesn't use electricity, much less Facebook, how will these bots target him?

The Amish population consistently doubles every 14 years [1]. In less than 150 years, barring a natural or man-made catastrophe, most of the US will be Amish. In 200 years, nearly all of the US will be Amish. What happens to the predator drones and nukes when the population of the US just does not believe in things like war and revenge and violence?

In a historical repeat, will TPTB mercilessly send out their robot hordes to "solve" the problem of free-spirited Amish farmers?

-Melonhead Anon 6:51


Anonymous said...

Apocalypse approaching

US deploy SBX-1 super-radar that will enable South Korea and Japan to shoot down the North Korean test missile:

Anonymous said...

Sees the picture: 'omg omg omg omg'
Sees the video: 'trolololololo'

Anonymous said...

nd just wait for the 3D printers to come online and mass produce the bots and nanotechnology.

We'll all be rooned (Said Hanrahan) - seriously!

Skynet & Terminator Bots here we come. All has been forshadowed by the media and entertainment industries for a century.

Andhaira said...

Cute lil robot. Never thought I would live to see the day when Jump Jets from Mechwarrior 2 would become reality.

Drones are being used in Pakistan to kill hundreds of children, women, and the elderly. Oh yeah, and the occasional 'terrorist'. You know, anyone with a beard and a rifle. (Guns are extremely common in the Frontier province of Pakistan, due to the honor system folks there have which places heavy emphasis on self defence and swift justice) Sad thing is, drones are extremely vulnerable. Do not believe the bullshit that the Paki leaders spew about being unable to stop them, they are on the zionist payroll. Where do u think the aid money goes? The ppl sure as heck don't see a cent of it.

Mighty Russia proved in 2008 when they raped zionist proxy state Georgia that drones are very easy to destroy. There is a very cool vid on Jewtube that shows a Sukhoi fighter jet destroying an Israeli drone in the air via missile.

Still, there is only so much crap the average Paki soldier can take. If Kwa and NATO pull another stunt like before when they killed a score plus Pak soldiers, expect a mutiny in the army and a swift regime change if the Pak leadership does not immediately respond with a full on airstrike on Kwan and NATO bases in Afghanistan using hundreds of jets. Either way, that is when the party will really get started, as Pak may be poor and a developing country, but it has very powerful friends (China, Russia, and I dare say even India might join in on the fun. They are not retards after all, they know how dangerous and life shortening it can be to be a 'friend' of Kwa. Just ask Saddam, Usama, Mubarak, Zia Ul Haq, Bhutto and his daughter, etc etc.) Even if India stays out of it, taking on the second and third most powerful nations of the world is not the most brightest of moves. Honestly, I am pretty sure EU would kick Kwa and UK out of the NATO alliance
If they were stupid enough to mess with the dragon and bear at the same fucking time. Times are changing, EU doesn't want to be on the verge of annhilation again as it was twice last century, and especially not because of the jews and zionists yet again. In fact, I dare say I would not be totally shocked if EU allied with the east against the real axis of evil: Kwa, uk, israel. There is only so much bullshit, killings and lies europe can take after all.